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September 15, 2019
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The online game genre is on the fast rise and there are no two ways about it. Long gone are the days when one downloaded the games with patience and then played it all together. With the advancing technology, the genre and the way, people play games have changed as well.

If you are an avid gamer, you would know that the spectrum of gaming has changed a lot. More and more people are inclining towards online streaming of the games. These are not just easy to handle, but quite accessible too, thus making them a better option.

You must be wondering what it is better about the online games, right? Well, apart from the fact that the majority of them are free, they are also easy to access. All you need to play them is a good laptop or system and a working internet connection.

All you need to do is find some free time from your schedule and you are way better to go with the prospect of getting your time sorted out. But, in order for you to be able to play the best games, it is important that you know of the best online game genres too and here you need to spend some time on TheBingoOnline.com to get accurate information.

In here, we have listed out all the game genres available online that are a must know for all the enthusiastic gamers.

Board Games

  • This might not be the very first choice of an avid gamer, but these are amazing to play. If you want to open up your creative mind and get in some kick to your brain, this is a good option. Not only are they interesting to play, but they have also become quite interactive too over time.
  • There is basically the animated version of each and every board game that you could have possibly played as a child. Ensure that you look through the reviews to get your hands on the best game online. There are amply available which is why looking through the reviews is a must do.

Some of the most basic yet popular games under this category include the ones like Life and Monopoly.

Massively Multiplayer Online

  • Also often termed as MMO in the gaming world, this is one of the most popular genres of online game that the gamers are hooked onto. These are often played via a good working Wifi connection or via a Local Area Network.
  • What the players do under this is that they interact with the other gamers using the same connections or network in the virtual game room. This allows you to play against people from all across the world without any kind of glitch whatsoever.
  • Additionally, the games that people play around these networks are often developed with hours and hours of programming. This allows the player to have a one of a kind experience that they couldn’t get otherwise if they are playing around alone.

Some of the popular games under this category include World of Warcraft, Matrix Online, Guild Wars, etc.

First person shooters

  • These are the category of games which are for the gamers who are just at a beginner level with their experience. These are often actively played on gaming consoles or even a computer for an unparalleled experience.
  • There are a number of games developed under this genre which has proved out to be a very effective one around in the lot. If required, these are also amazing to play if you wish to improve your concentration or such.

Some of the best examples of games under this category include Counter-Strike, Quake 4 and Battlefield 2 are some of the best ones that are currently available to play.


  • The simulations have taken the gaming world by a storm owing to the kind of real-life experience that they provide the players with. This form of the online game mainly deals with the handling of the real world equipment, be it the objects around or even people.
  • These form of games are helpful in making you understand control and even help in aiding the professionals to learn something new through the process. They are often also used for training professionals, especially in the field of medicine.
  • These kinds of games are also quite prevalent in the aircraft industry in which the professionals are given a brief rundown of everything with the applications and games that are designed for the same.

Arcade games

  • Yet another form of the available online games is the arcade games. This is one of those types of games that help you strategize a plan and then execute the same for the best results.
  • There is an abundance of such similar arcade games available on the internet that you can get hold of. It is important that you look through the kinds that you will like and then proceed forth with the same for the best results altogether.

Some of the best arcade online games available include Pac Man, Q-Bert, etc.


  • Adventure online games don’t require any kind of introduction because these are often the most sought after genre of game that people show interest in. These kind of games are often single players.
  • If you have always been good in reeling things round in fantasy and set in unlocking treasures and adventures, this is the genre of game that you need to opt out for. In this type of game, all you need to do is complete the task in hand to proceed to the next level.
  • Often times, these kinds of adventure games come with a complete backstory of the main character playing the game which is definitely an added bonus. This is also a hint at what kind of mission you are set onto.
  • As you cross through the levels, the mission tasks get tougher and the goal becomes bigger which is why you need to cross them one after the other.

Some of the best adventure games include the Beat Cop, Another Eden, Crashlands, Evoland 2 and so on and so forth that you can play online.

Casino Games

  • Casino games like one of the best ways to channel in some cash to your bank account. These games do come in with risks but if you have the money to spare and not have to worry about the consequences altogether, these are actually good enough options to look into
  • Much like how you play through the games in the real-life casino, you get to have a similar experience on these online games as well.
  • You are assured of safety and genuineness when it comes to BonusesOnline.com while getting a review about best online games. But, ensure that you always go through the reviews of the sites before delving into them.

There could very well be a number of online games online but for your safety on the internet, use the trusted sources only. Be very careful with the games too if you don’t want to end up losing all your money.

Real-time strategy

  • Yet another genre of online game that is a treat to play has to be real-time strategy games. These kinds of games require for you to have a good knowledge of the basic of the game.
  • All you need to do is plan everything around and even look around for the inventory of items and the armies that you have around you. It is best suggested to ensure that you put your strategy into action.
  • Much like the simulation games, even this one happens around in real time which ensures that the players can indulge in the games all at once by taking turns through it.
  • It is quite important to use your brain and thinking power while playing such games because of the kind of accuracy it needs to be played.

Card games

  • These are the type of online games mainly for the intellectuals. If you like playing card games in real life, you are definitely going to love playing them just as on the digital means.
  • There is an abundance of card games available online which you take most definitely take a peek into. If you like things your way, it is best suggested that you try your luck with playing these card games too.

They do include some of the most popular shades of gaming, especially the one in poker, spades and the whole lot.


  • Just as the name of the game suggests, all you need to do is solve the puzzles that are thrown your way. These kinds of games are actually quite amazing in terms of opening up your brain and helping you solve problems better.
  • There are puzzle games for every age, from beginner to the advanced levels which you can select from. These are basically brain games that test your observational and execution skills altogether.

Sports games

  • Very basic but sports games are the basic sports that you play virtually in front of a screen. These are amazing for the gamers who love to indulge in normal sports but don’t want to step out of the comfort of their own house.
  • They do come in a number of variations, some single player ones and some multiplayer depending on where you are playing the game.
  • These are amazing for gamers who love competition in the game that they are playing. It definitely does bring out the competitive side of themselves that you couldn’t get easier. You can play real time with other actual players or if you are a lonely soul, you can just play against your computer.

Stealth shooter

  • Stealth shooter is yet another genre of game which is gradually gaining popularity after being disconnected for quite some time in the middle. If required, you can get your hands on the enemies or declare war on their back.
  • This form of game dates back to the time of Virtual Cop 2 when the video games just started pouring in. With the growing popularity of technology and better access to the internet, the same has changed over time.
  • These are basically the spy based games wherein you make use of your feature of stealth to defeat your enemies.

Shooting games

  • Now, we did talk about the stealth shooting games, but it is important we suggest the general shooting games too.
  • These are mainly categorized under thrill and action and to bring in a lot of excitement while playing. You need to be very swift and efficient with these games because a lot of things can occur within a fraction of second.
  • These do offer a lot of options that one can look into and explore without any issues. There are also basic to advanced level games which you can then look into to gain better experience over time.


  • Just as the name of the game suggests, combat is the fight and action-centric games. These are perfect for gamers who like to endure the virtual thrill of violence and war against their competitors.
  • In order to score well and sustain yourself in such games, you need to have a very good reflex. It is also important to ensure that you do fight back well and don’t subject yourself to the back end of the defense.
  • Sometimes, it is important to bring out your weapons and take a risk in this game. That is what ends up mattering at the end of the day in such war-centric games.


  • Yet another one of the simulations like games is the role-playing games available. If you love to live in a world of fantasy, you are most definitely going to like this specific one without a speck of doubt.
  • You can live out your dreams and fantasy in such a game and yourself get to play the main part in the game itself. Not only that, you have full access to the prospects of making decisions which is an added bonus.
  • It is very important to keep in track with the storyline of the game because that is what matters at the end of the day. Majority of such role-playing games do come with a narrative guide for you to understand it better.


  • The last but not the least on the list of online games has to be the educational ones. They can be anything ranging from the basic games for the toddlers to help them learn to the cooking games as well.
  • There are a number of such educational games that help you and your kid learn through the process in a very interactive and gamified way.
  • The quizzes and such similar games are one of the best examples that are categorized under this specific category. You will get a number of similar games to look into explaining subjects like maths, science, etc.


There are a plethora of online games available for free on the Internet. While downloading all of them might sound enticing, it is always best to look through which genre of gaming that you love the most.

This is what helps you get the best game for your recreation and instead of playing on it for 5 seconds, you are actually addicted to the same.

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