10 Powerful Plugins to Drive Sales to Your Shopify Store

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Are you getting ready to start your first online shop?

Or have you already sailed into the waters of e-commerce?

No matter what your answer is, there’s always room for improvement, right?

We’re all aware that the creation of an eCommerce store has never been easier. Shopify has made things much simpler for a large number of digital shop owners and developers. However, setting up an online shop means nothing if you don’t know how to get the most out of it.

That’s why we’re giving you a special insight into our list of powerful plugins that help you make sales at your Shopify store. Read on and find out more about the best CRM software, live chat for Shopify, SEO tools, and other useful plugins that will help you both increase the number of visitors and turn them into customers.

1. Plugin SEO

One of the first things to deal with after you’ve created your Shopify store is its visibility. The easier potential customers can find it, the greater chances you have of selling your products. And that’s where Plugin SEO can do its magic, helping you improve your website ranking.

Essential features

Plugin SEO comes with an efficient SEO problem fixing feature, which lets you timely spot the critical aspects of your shop. Apart from constantly scanning your website, it also accurately sends email notifications when new SEO issues appear. Besides, it comes with an SEO checker for blog entries, keyword density monitoring feature, as well as broken links scanner.

Why is this plugin a perfect match for your Shopify store?

Owed to its constantly active checking systems, Plugin SEO represents an efficient way of continuous monitoring. Practically, it lets you fix SEO problems as soon as they appear. And this leads to stable traffic, consistent conversions, and, therefore, organically increased exposure of your online shop.

So, having in mind that 70 to 80% of search engine users don’t even bother looking at paid ads among search results, Plugin SEO gives you a great chance of increasing webshop visibility organically, with no investments.

2. Outfy

Outfy is a plugin that you should consider when increasing the visibility of your online shop. It represents an efficient way of handling all your social media accounts from a single yet pretty intuitive dashboard.

Essential features

Apart from the fact it has an incredibly large list of covered social networks, Outfy also comes with a diversity of great features. Automated posts, customizable professionally designed images for promotional posts, product collages, hashtag builder, versatile caption templates, and so on. These are only some of the perks provided by Outfy.

Also, this tool lets you connect all your stores using a single Outfy account. Not to mention that you can rely on their 24 x 7 customer support system as well as use a special Autopilot feature when scheduling your posts.

Finally, even though it’s a paid plugin, it doesn’t include monthly fees or automatic payments. Instead, it’s based on a flexible pricing system that lets you pay the plugin according to the actual use.

Why is this plugin a perfect match for your Shopify store?

Helping you manage your social media accounts more efficiently, Outfy lets you save your precious time, improve social reach, and stay connected to your customers.

At the same time, it also provides you with great templates that can help you take your social media promotions to a higher level. And that’s particularly important having in mind that attractive visual content is more than 40x more likely to be shared than other types of content.

3. Salesforce CRM

There’s no better way of organizing your Shopify business than using a reliable cloud-based system that will let you manage payments, reports, contacts, products, and other essential aspects from a single dashboard. And, this precisely is what Salesforce CRM plugin does. Salesforce CRM lets you manage both eCommerce and CRM data from a single platform.

Essential features

What makes Salesforce CRM highly convenient asset in eCommerce business is the fact it comes with a diversity of organizational features. Some of the most important ones are contact, sales team, and lead management tools, but you can also count on:

  • an automated Shopify Salesforce synchronization;
  • a large number of customizable reports and dashboards;
  • a sales forecasting feature;
  • a responsive mobile version;

and many other highly convenient options.

Why is this plugin a perfect match for your Shopify store?

This real-time data synchronization and management leads to simplified interaction between two systems. Practically speaking, Salesforce CRM for Shopify can improve the efficiency of your store on many different levels, both improving customer experience and enhancing staff satisfaction by eliminating mistakes caused by human factor.

4. ProProfs Live Chat for Shopify

ProProfs live chat for Shopify doesn’t only let you get in touch with visitors but also capture potential leads and improve customer experience. Providing you a stable real-time communication system, this integration lets you get the most out of your eCommerce business.

Essential features

ProProfs for Shopify offers a lot of new communication possibilities for your business. Some of its most important features are:

  • Lead capturing (using pre-chat survey forms that let you collect customers’ data before the chat session initiation);
  • Real-time visitor monitoring (providing access to relevant customers’ details, including location, browser, etc.);
  • Chat transcript archive (saving all chat sessions in a database that you can access whenever you need to).

Why is this plugin a perfect match for your Shopify store?

ProProfs live chat for Shopify isn’t just a great tool for helping customers but also a means of improving business reputation and providing advanced service. With this integration, live chat agents get to proactively address customer queries, capture the potential leads using a pre-chat form, and walk the customers through the sales funnel, which all leads to boosting profits.

Solving the customers’ issues efficiently and providing a stimulative environment for making a purchase, it’s not surprising that ProProfs live chat can improve your conversion rate on the Shopify store.

5. Checkout Boost

Checkout Boost is an awesome tool that successfully deals with the bounce rate reduction. What this Shopify plugin does is try to get the most out of the potential sales by encouraging shop visitors not to give up on their purchase. In other words, offering special purchase conditions, Checkout Boost increases upselling, promotes repeat purchase, and, accordingly, makes your customers spend more on your products.

Essential features

This plugin lets you create different types of offers owed to its wisely developed features, including:

  • timer feature (the countdown mechanism that helps create a sense of urgency)
  • conditional mechanism (making customers share specific content to get a gift, a discount, or anything else)
  • immediate offers (received by customers as soon as they click a call to action)
  • last-minute intents (presented through exit-banners that should change customers’ mind and make them purchase some of your products)

It also comes with detailed performance reports, mobile responsive version, as well as customizable and pre-designed themes that will make Checkout Boost feet perfectly in your eCommerce environment.

Why is this plugin a perfect match for your Shopify store?

Apart from stopping your customers from leaving your online shop, Checkout Boost also lets you gain social referral traffic. Also, it successfully deals with cart abandonment, letting you create attractive offers in no time.

Having more than 9.000 online shops using this plugin, it represents a reliable way of incentivizing customers and, therefore, reducing losses caused by a high bounce rate.

6. Countdown Cart

We all know the sense of urgency makes people make decisions faster. And Countdown Cart represents an awesome plugin that points this out and increases your sales.  Practically speaking, this plugin adds a countdown timer to your webshop, showing how long a special offer lasts and how many items are still available in your shop stock.

Essential features

Some of the most important features that make this tool popular among Shopify store developers are its responsivity on all types of mobile devices, highly customizable widgets, and free holiday themes that will make your webshop more attractive during the special seasons in the year. Also, the plugin comes with optimized UI/UX that makes the app easy to use.

Why is this plugin a perfect match for your Shopify store?

Owed to its well-developed features, this simple yet efficient tool definitely helps customers speed up the purchase, reduces chances of cart abandonment, and, therefore, significantly impacts the sales level of your Shopify store. And the best part is that you need no investments since it’s a plugin available free of charge.

Accordingly, with more than 445,000 users all over the Internet, Countdown Cart is a trusted plugin that can help you save customers, eliminate costs, and efficiently increase sales.

7. Personalized Recommendation

Personalized Recommendation is a plugin that aims to increase your sales level by boosting cart value. Simply put, monitoring previous purchases of your visitors, the plugin ’makes conclusions’ about products they may be interested in.

Essential features

To be able to make this type of prediction, Personalized Recommendation offers different types of widgets that provide a more personalized experience. Some of the widgets featured by this plugin let you monitor and suggest:

  • The most popular products in your Shopify store;
  • Complementary products (based on other customers’ purchases);
  • Products with recent views and fresh recommendations;
  • Products that customers may like based on the content of their cart.

Finally, Personalized Recommendation also offers customizable templates, a diversity of layouts, responsive mobile version, and a popup widget that calls to action. This way, not only does the app increase customers’ interest in similar products but also increases the chances of upselling and cross-selling.

Why is this plugin a perfect match for your Shopify store?

Giving you a chance to approach each of your prospects individually, offering them only what they need, Personalized Recommendation is pretty likely to convert your shop visitors to customers. Not only is it incredibly easy to install and activate but it also lets you adapt the widget style to your eCommerce environment.

As you can see, Personalized Recommendation increases your order value by taking your customer experience to a higher level, while also perfectly matching your eCommerce visual identity.

8. Mobile Converter

According to Econsultancy.com, mobile conversion rate equals just a half of desktop conversions. And dealing with mobile conversions represents a major headache for online shops. However, Mobile Converter deals with this issue with no effort. This widget provides a sleek customer experience simplifying mobile purchase and shop navigation.

Essential features

This plugin comes with two important features that provide an outstanding customer experience.

In the first place, there’s a conversion driver which practically represents a fixed CTA bar that can be positioned either on top or bottom of the screen of your mobile device.

Secondly, the plugin offers a well-developed mobile gallery that makes your products easily visible in full-screen view no matter the size of your mobile screen.

Why is this plugin a perfect match for your Shopify store?

Mobile Converter is a tool that helps your business improve mobile conversions by making the product pages less complex, reducing them to the essential content, yet including detailed information.

The plugin scans the content of the desktop version and transforms it into a simpler and more concise presentation of your eCommerce on a mobile phone. This way, it eliminates the users’ frustrations and allows them to purchase in no time.

9. Better Coupon Box

If you want to increase your sales by building a strong mailing list, Better Coupon Box may be precisely what you need. Activating this plugin, you can turn your webshop visitors into long-term followers and customers by making them follow you on social media and subscribe to your newsletter.

Essential features

To be able to match the right incentives with the right visitors, Better Coupon Box comes with some great features, including:

  • visitor’s navigation tracker,
  • the theme designer and several highly customizable ready-made templates,
  • multiple trigger system that lets you mark the pages that you want to be included in your pop-up campaign.

Besides, activating Better Coupon Box, you only need a minute to set up your pop-up. You also get the option of an easy email service integration, as well as responsive design that perfectly fits both desktop and mobile devices.

Why is this plugin a perfect match for your Shopify store?

With Better Coupon Box, you can easily offer exclusive purchase conditions, freebies, or anything else, to those of e-shop visitors who decide to subscribe to your mailing list.

Using this plugin, on the one hand, you’re providing special conditions to those navigating through your website looking for cheap deals. On the other hand, having them subscribe, you’re also building up a powerful sales funnel, with new chances of selling more products. All you have to do is think of high-quality incentives that will make your customers interested.

10. ReferralCandy

Did you know that one happy customer can lead to up to nine referrals? It’s amazing and it’s true. Still, it doesn’t happen a lot since the customers normally are not that motivated to share their experience. But thanks to ReferralCandy, you’ll be able to get the most out of your happy customers, using the automated referral system for your Shopify store.

Essential features

The marketing system offered by ReferralCandy is based on a diversity of highly convenient referral features, such as loyalty program, affiliate marketing, referral partner list, and reward distribution. Besides, it also comes with great features that facilitate contact, campaign, and lead management.

Why is this plugin a perfect match for your Shopify store?

Above all, ReferralCandy is simple to use. All you have to do is activate the widget and choose the reward that your customers are going to receive once the referral links are activated.

Using this tool, you’re practically increasing your sales thanks to previous great customer experiences, which leads to two major changes. On the one hand, you’re dramatically increasing your sales. On the other hand, you’re also significantly expanding your customer network, which can help you improve your market position.

Summing Up: Must-Have Shopify Plugins That Boost Sales

As you can see, there is a diversity of plugins that can help you dramatically improve your Shopify store sales. While some of them can help you increase sales by improving the technical and organizational aspects of your website, some of them focus on increasing customers’ engagement.

So, if you think you could increase your sales by making your Shopify store more visible, you should consider activating plugins such as Plugin SEO, Outfy, and Mobile converter. For a simpler and more thorough organization of your eCommerce data, consider installing a CRM plugin (such as Salesforce), while your communication with your customers can be taken to a higher level using ProProfs Live Chat for Shopify.

Finally, to make your customers purchase more, you can also motivate them using different techniques applied in different types of plugins. Some of the most efficient ones are Checkout Boost, Countdown cart,  Better Coupon Box and ReferralCandy.


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Jared Cornell is a part-time writer at UK Assign your writer, a customer-support specialist, a marketing evangelist and a book lover, associated with ProProfs Chat.

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