11 Best Apps That Can Be Used Safely in the Car

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Updated: Feb 22, 2022

There is an app for everything in today’s world, and there are plenty of available options that can be used safely in your car. If you wish to have a dashboard camera in the event that you have an accident, there is an app for that.

There are apps to find the nearest gas station. There are also apps that can assist you with regular vehicle maintenance. They can help you find parking well before you reach your destination. You can also check in on your child if they have just recently received their driver’s license.

Read on for a handpicked list of the top 11 apps that can be used in the car.


Waze is one of many different GPS mapping apps that you can easily find in your app store. For starters, Waze is completely free. It is a social app. Users help one another by posting their locations as they come up to traffic problems. Waze can recalculate your route depending on various traffic hazards so that you are always on the fastest route.

It can also send your friends a notification so that they know when you are on your way to meet them. If a road is closed on your route, it can help you find a way around it. Waze can also look for the cheapest gas on your route.


This app allows you to completely control your smartphone while using your hands and eyes to concentrate on the road. A completely hands-free system can help cut down on many potentially dangerous situations while you drive. This can assist you in controlling music players in your car. The app can also make phone calls for you without having to touch your phone.

If you are on a long trip and need to find somewhere to eat, you can ask the app to give you a list of nearby restaurants. There is also a night mode option so that the change in screen light can reduce eye strain.

This is a great option if you have a smartphone that operates off of the iOS operating system.


DashDroid is an app that is very similar to iCarMode except that it is available for anyone who owns an Android smartphone. This app can show the time, as well as the weather and the speed that the car is currently traveling. The driver can also speak to the phone so that the app can type text messages and make calls.

DashDroid is a free app. You are also able to customize this app in such a way that you are able to reference some of the most-used apps on your phone.


This app is another great tool for those users who prefer for their smartphone to run off of Android software. By using AutoMate, you have instant access to Google Maps.

You can speak text messages and have them written out for you. This app can also make phone calls for you. It can link to and control the music in your vehicle. If you set up this app properly, it can also control various other apps downloaded on your smartphone.

There is a free version of the app, but you are going to be missing several features. If you pay $3.17 for the premium version, all of the features are unlocked for you. By using AutoMate, you can actually use an Android tablet to replace the stereo in your car. All of this can be done by using voice controls.


This is a free app that everyone needs to try—whether you own an iOS device or an Android device, GasBuddy works on both platforms. GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas nearest to you. It will send you a list of the 10 closest gas stations. You are able to search by city or zip code as well.

If you assist with submitting gas prices for the app, you can win a $100 money prize. You can also be entered to win a number of other prizes. This allows Gas Buddy to operate on a social level similar to how Waze works.


Spotify is one of the many apps that allows you to stream content directly to your car stereo. Usually, all you need is a Bluetooth adaptor or a cable to connect your smartphone to your car stereo.

Spotify is a free app, so you can use it to find an album or a specific artist very quickly. However, if you wish you can subscribe for a monthly fee and be able to listen to ad-free music. Also, with a subscription, you will have the ability to listen to music offline by creating different playlists.


This app is able to track your vehicle fuel and alert you when you will need to stop and fill back up. You are also given the option to set parking reminders so that you do not need to wander aimlessly around a parking lot while you try and locate your car.

Automatic can also analyze your fuel efficiency and offer advice on how to adopt different fuel-saving habits. It can even figure out how much your last trip cost you.

Also, if you have a bad habit of braking too hard or too often, Automatic can help you fix this issue. It can also help you analyze any engine light problems that may randomly occur.

Best Parking

This is a very helpful app if you have a job working in a city where you need to utilize a local parking garage. By using this app, you will be able to see different rates of the various garages that are located near to where you are traveling.

You are also able to get a fixed price for the parking garage of choice before you ever arrive there. This app can even help you find reasonable airport parking.


This app helps you manage your vehicle maintenance. This can be helpful and can help save money over time by preventing some very costly repairs.

AutoCare also keeps a record of your service history so that you do not have any long overdue services to keep track of. It can also chart your vehicle finances so that you are able to see how much money you are consistently spending on your car. This app can be synced with Dropbox so that none of this information is lost or deleted.

Max Speed

This app is useful for parents or guardians with a child who has recently become a new driver. Max Speed uses an internal speedometer to check speed constantly. It keeps a log of the vehicle’s speed every five minutes.

This can be used to check on your child and see exactly how they are performing in their car. This app is also capable of providing location history for the vehicle. You can go in and set defined location perimeters and be notified when the vehicle leaves those areas.

Closing Thoughts

There are many apps that can help make your road trip safer and more enjoyable. There are even apps that can allow you to keep an eye on your child to be sure that they are operating their car in a safe manner. These apps can help you to have a hands-free driving experience.

They can also help transform your car into a “smart car” of sorts. You can have a car that is basically voice-activated. You can also practically change out the radio in your car with a smart tablet.

Some apps can help you with the maintenance of your car, and give you information as to how efficient your car is. They can even give you advice about how to become a better driver and get better performance out of your car

Word of Caution – Using mobile phone while driving is not safe and is illegal in few countries.


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