11 Most Exclusive Web Design trends for Upcoming Year

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Any web designer worth his salt knows that being on top of the latest and the most fab design trends is a necessary evil. Check out this list of 11 most exclusive web design trends in 2019. This collection of the best and the cool website designs of 2019 will surely give you a fresh perspective. Here is a hint for the curious; the best websites of 2019 showcases everything from split screen designs to brutalism. Never heard those before? Read on to find out.

Did you know that the average attention span of a person has decreased now 12-8 seconds? That means you get a short period to grab the attention of a visitor who lands on your webpage and be interesting enough to keep it. Your website’s design can help you out there. Use the tips below to create your fresh web design. Without further ado, let us jump right in.

The end of the Pop-up era

Web trends are influenced by the algorithms that Google implements. Now with Google starting to punish websites, and this will no doubt force sites to get rid of pop-ups and interstitials. Google has announced recently that it will begin penalizing sites that are using these annoying tactics in search results — for instance, blocking most of the content on a page until you click the “X” button.

Thanks to Google’s algorithms, we will see fewer popups, as sites become worried that they could take an SEO hit when it comes to Google. But not all interstitials will disappear — websites where they require you to verify you are above a certain age or signing in before seeing content will still need them.

Broken grid layout, sharp diagonal section breaks, and Bold & Centered Text

Leading the list of our 2019 web design trends is the broken grid layout. Tired of seeing the grid layout, which is extremely predictable, now we have texts that overlap images and. Designers the world over know that the grid layout restricts creativity. Graphic designers love this layout allows you to think outside the box. Hello, 2019, and web design is slowly bidding adieu to the grid layout, which is too rigid that it stifles creativity. This layout blends in well with the scrolling website design.

Following this trend, we find the sharp diagonal section breaks, adding a punch to the aesthetics of the design while also helping focus the attention of the viewer by marking the boundary of a particular section – unique.

If the focus was on the hero image in the past, now it is moving on to the text with some designers placing Huge Bold text in the center of the webpage using a contrasting image background and using bright colors. This focuses the viewer’s attention to what the website design tries to convey.

Consultants, design agencies, use this layout to keep portfolios to the minimum.

Illustrations and animations

Do you think that the future is flat? Think again. Check out the pitch website, which use 3D Illustrations to add depth and life to the images bringing the digital world closer to reality.  It is a beautiful mix which showcases the contrast between the digital world and the world of humans, which makes it more pleasing to the eye and gives a new dimension which flat designs can never provide – provide a real-life feel to cartoons. Thanks to jQuerry and CSS3 animations can now be used in the web design. Scroll animations add a layer of visual interest, grabbing the attention of the viewer while not taking away from the message.

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When you thought the future is Sans Serif, we see a new-old-fashioned trend coming up. The fresh, simple, and soft sans serif is giving way to the bolder serif fonts. The serif fonts render a vintage, classy look to the overall design. Do we see a go back to the good old days?

We recommend using a serif font as well as a san serif font together on your website. However, care should be taken not to go overboard with the fonts and use too much. You would end up cluttering your design and confused visitor who turns away without giving you a chance to build a connection.  For inspiration, check out the Kickstarter website, where they use serif fonts in some parts. Notice how it adds personality to the overall design layout?

On the other side of the spectrum, we have brands completely redesigning their brand identity.  With brands like MailChimp and Marketo move away from their playful logo to more serious fonts. Is this a case of, you have to wonder if this shift to monotonous corporate mumbo-jumbo from a beautifully playful is catering to the expectation of the general population to go back to the comfortable lifelessness which we’ve experienced in the big brands.

Could be it be that to play along and compete with the biggest, most familiar brands all of which boast sans serif logos, a step in that direction is seen as the hallmark of a company attaining maturity. I expect to see this trend we over and over again gain momentum in 2019, with more and more adaptors.

Another trend in the typography scene is the use of the outlined type. This type draws in the viewer begging to fill in the gaps, rather like a puzzle. At the same time, this gives a sense of variety.

Bold colors and gradients

Have you ever tried to come up with a color scheme? Yes, we know it is hard! Not to worry as 2018 is coming to a close we see a lot of bold experiments with color schemes that don’t seem to work so well together in the first glance, but they do. We are sure that we will see brighter color schemes that don’t hurt your eyes.

Moving on to gradients, another new trend that is starting in 2019. Sharp different angles add a visual punch, while not taking away from the overall message. Both naturals, as well as digital gradients, are used by designers. Some natural photographs have gradient built into them so that they can be used as website backgrounds and sliders.

Latest web design example

Want to give an oomph factor to your website design? Use gradients and watercolor combined.

Rounded Corners

In the current web design trends, rounded corners are making a comeback in the modern web design. Or did they never really die? Either way, they are back. It started with Twitter’s new (in 2017) tweet box with that elliptical button, is it just me or are you reminded of a sure purple candy? Blueberry anyone? 2018 saw many more follow suit. I expect that in 2019, we will see many more Buttons with rounded corners.

Left/Right Content Blocks & the Full-screen Footer

It seems that everyone loves the left/right content blocks! We see this design and layout style used a lot. It allows the user’s left/right eye movement pattern and also creates a continuous loop, which grabs and keeps the viewer’s attention. We are creatures of habit, and the more we do something, the more we expect to find it everywhere. It is no wonder that users keep scrolling easily given the flow this layout lends your content.

Time was when footers were boring, and nobody paid any attention to them. Footers displayed copyright text and a few social media icons pointing to the Social Media accounts associated with the website for users to visit and follow. Nobody thought about them much. But modern web designers pay more and more attention to the footer area of sites.

The difference becomes apparent when you note that footers used to take up about an eighth (maximum) of the screen size. Nowadays they cover almost half of the screen, thereby grabbing the visitors’ attention.

American Eagle uses its footer to display options to purchase gift cards, accessing your rewards account, and tracking orders. It also takes up the whole screen!

Full-screen Video

Another of the current web design trends the full-screen video backgrounds are here to stay because a lot of designers still love and use it.

According to research by Search Engine Watch, videos have a whopping 41% higher click-through-rate than just plain text. No wonder why notable brands such as Spotify and many web design and development companies use it on their homepage. Hey a little bit higher conversion rate can’t hurt, can it? They connect with your audience and make them stay longer on your site. The longer they stay on your website, the higher your relevancy goes up (think SEO). Couple this with the fact that a short one to a two-minute video can convey foot long text worth of content; it is a great way to minimize the length of time taken to come to a decision. A video is a must if you want to tell your brand story.

Use of Whitespace (lots of it) and Two Options (buttons) above the fold

White space is clean, minimal, and blends into the background. Not only that but also white space helps focus your user’s attention on essential parts, the message of your website. Which is why it is always a good idea to use it on the homepage as well as the landing page of an e-commerce site or a consultancy or even a design agency? White space lends an air of luxury and class that is perfect for a fashion brand.

In UX design trends, we talked about how keeping the most important action you want your visitor to take above the fold. This next trend in the modern website design aligns perfectly with the UX trend.

Giving only two options make it easier for your visitors to choose a course of action according to their preference as well as their level of acquaintance with your business. This is suitable for a consulting agency or design agency because you can provide a link to the portfolio section of your website and a contact form. Keep in mind that this design is not meant to be used if the user is given tiny details regarding your services and products. It is imperative to note this because you are at a disadvantage here if you would like to highlight a particular feature or a product or if you want to provide upsells, cross-sells and downsells.

Notice how MailChimp makes use of the Two Options design with the Sign Up Free button aimed at new or first time visitors who are not yet ready to buy but wants to try the platform. Note also that the prominent button immediately takes you to their Subscription Plans.

Split Screen Design

Split-screen web design is one of the best new web design. Many designers are now abandoning the hero image and going for the split screen design instead. This website trend of 2020 celebrates asymmetrical web design where two images take over the entire screen real estate, split vertically down the page.


As the name suggests brutalism, brutally cuts out all the aesthetics of the design. It is a rebellion against the cardinal rule of UX design where you are advised to keep your design simple, clean, clutter-free. It breaks all rules of Web design in that it is unpolished and raw. These websites have their own aesthetic and are stripped down. It isn’t clean and minimal and isn’t friendly, or cutesy either.

Interestingly enough, the word “brutalism” isn’t from the English adjective “brutal.” It is taken from the French term “béton brut,” meaning “raw concrete.” It looks somewhat like this:

Brutalist architecture

Brutalism, being the champion choice of the extraordinary and the rebel is here to stay. One that we can expect to see more and more adaptors as the year progresses.


To conclude, you create a fabulous website, and getting web design right involves a combination of risk, creativity. The website that will successfully communicate a brand’s story and generate great results for your clients.

We hope we have helped save time for you and inspire you with these responsive 2019 web design trends for your next web design project.




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