12 Perfect Tools of Photoshop for Website Layout

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Today, in most of the professions the more time you spend on your job, the more you become adept in your ways. But for web developers and designers, resistance to change is not an option simply.

Since clients demand better and bigger websites layouts working across the complicated ecosystem of devices, from VR to voice, working with latest techniques is not an option rather it is a necessity.

Adobe Photoshop is exclusively used by web designers to demonstrate their creativity while designing web platforms. Sometimes, using this software can be really difficult, time-consuming and complicated when you have different web projects pending with you.

However, sooner or later every web designer needs some Photoshop resources or tools in order to save important time, speed the routine work and perk up productivity substantially. Below is the list of some essential tools that can be used by web designers  in Adobe Photoshop to their advantage:


If you are a designer who often feels the need to rename different layers this tool will help you save a lot of time. Renamy is a wonderful tool that lets you select various layers and rename them all in one go. In fact, you may also find and replace for layer names.


CSS Hat perfectly generates CSS code for the selected layer so that you do not need to. It measures layer sizes, detects font-family, font-size, font-weight, etc. and there’s a live preview so you can immediately see how the code’s going to look in the browser.

Using CSS permits web developers to manage web pages easily during web control and development. However, for this, developers have to do lots of coding manually to demonstrate all the layer styles in the code.

But they may also use CSS Hat 2 to accumulate coding work. This tool automatically brings on CSS code for the chosen layer within a few minutes. This also permits you to turn on or off the vendor prefixes, comments, and many other useful things.

Photoshop Move Tool

When creating designs, web developers need to move objects from one place to another. For this, they may use the photoshop move tool. This helps them in moving objects easily. They may select layers also if their objects are on some different layer. Just click and drag some objects to move them.

In any case, there is more than a single object on a layer, initially, you need to select them while using the Marquee tool and then move it with the use of move tool. For this, you need to switch tools or press the command key. Simply, to copy a selection, press command, and option key. In any case, you wish to move straight, and then press the shift button.

 Guide Guide

Using the Guide Guide tool you may create different photoshop guides for the web in just seconds. The plugin creates guides from different selections that you make. You also have the choice of template guides for your layouts. This is, therefore, one of the helpful plugins saving you time.


This is one of the important tools to have in Photoshop. Specking creates specs of your designs rapidly. It is an elementary tool to have since it creates measurements in the entire documents.

Measure Tool

When it comes to website layout, it is measurements that help you make little transformations and perfect drawings. Measure tool is a useful Photoshop tool which permits you to measure the location, length, angle, and width of your image. In any case, you find irregular or some improper angle in your images, it is important that you use this tool to know the perfect angle and make a correction in rotation with the assistance of rotate canvas.

To measure this all, select the measure tool from the toolbox, draw a single line and pay a look at the info palette to check out the angle, coordinates of line and more. However always make sure that when you double click on the page, the line disappears. In order to retrieve the line, go to image, rotate the canvas, go to arbitrary and then click OK.

Ditto Tool

A Ditto is an editing tool that lets you use variables for different elements like colors, font sizes, text strings, x- and y positions, line heights, and in fact its visibility. It is not important for everyone editing the PSD file has Ditto installed, but this is the safest choice if you wish to keep your variables updated.

Web Zap

Web zap is an exclusive Photoshop plugin that helps its designers design high fidelity web design mockups quicker than you would have ever thought. While combining one-click options with the robust customization options, this is the tool making complete layout process not just painless, but absolutely fun.


When it is about closing groups and layers, duplicator is your real pal. All you need to do is choose the number of copies that you want to have and the vertical as well as horizontal spacing of the duplicates. This is the plugin that works with the Photoshop CC and CC 2014.

Pen Tool

There are different numbers of selection tools in Photoshop but a pen tool is an individual tool giving you clean and sharp selection without any vague lines or even soft edges. This is because the pen tool uses vector technology.

Therefore, if you wish to cut any object with some clean sharp edges then you should possess some knowledge about Pen tool. Therefore, start with it.

Photoshop offers multiple pen tools in order to suit your use cases as well as creative style.

  • The freeform pen tool offers you to draw paths like you were drawing with a pencil on a piece of paper.
  • The curvature pen tool offers you intuitively draw some curves and erect segments
  • The standard pen tool offers you draw some straight segments and curves with perfect precision.
  • The magnetic pen option offers you draw a path snapping the edges of some particular areas in your image.

Canvas Tool

Many times you would find yourself not having a lot of space around the edges of a print to cover it around a canvas frame, for example when some person’s hand is very close to the edge. Canvas is a script for stretching a print for mounting around some frame. Casually, it is the thickness of the frame that determines how much a canvas needs to be stretched.


Craft is a free plugin again helping you streamline your design workflow while automating clear actions and pulling in realistic sample data. There are many craft tools available for photoshop.

Final Thoughts

Web designers often need some appropriate tools in order to perk up their web design and development work. Adobe Photoshop is broadly used for this cause. If you wish to save your time and finish off the web designing assignments quickly, then all these Photoshop tools are highly beneficial for you.


Sophia Rodreguaze


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