15 Advance Web Designing Trends To Follow – You all need to know

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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

The year 2019 is all set to give you breathtaking experience in web design. With a couple of advancements, vibrant colors are splashing over a screen to design your online business.

With this article, we will follow 15 advance web designing trends of 2019. Scroll down to study one by one.

1. Asymmetric layout

Nowadays, maximum websites are grid-based and the grid is made of imaginary lines that create a proper layout. To reflect unique appearance, many website owners are using a split grid technique to bring more visitors on a website.

This technique will help the website to look creative and be part of the 2019 trend. As we all know in previous years, symmetric layout we want to show on our website but this time an asymmetric layout is gone viral. A broken layout has the power to bring an audience’s eye on the screen.  

2. 3D design

Use of 3D elements is the most stunning trend of the year. Moreover, 3D graphics is overpowered in the film industry and gaming zone so why website designing is lacking. The use of 3D design is more alluring and engaging fact these days.

The 3D design looks interesting when you have to explore different pages of your website and it automatically attracted you towards the design. The whole concept should look like you are telling the story of your brand.

3. Split content

Days are gone when the whole page is wrapped up with content. This time split content is a more practical trend in the market. This will help you to deliver a message by posting split content on a single page.

If the content is split, it doesn’t mean you can post it anywhere on a web page. It should be in a well-organized manner to stick a user on your website for another couple of minutes. A website will look appealing if you arrange split content correctly.

4. Full-screen forms

Instead of adding a form on a small portion of a web page, go with a trend which means the full-screen form is the biggest change in designing world.

It will look simple yet attractive. This way, customers easily fill the form and submit it without scrolling here and there. This is a simple and easier way to access a website.

5. Voice reorganization

The voice reorganization is never being so popular in the website designing. It allows a user to interact with the website through voice commands. Although it is not fully connected with a design format, it’s effective as a new feature.  

This is one of the best ways to access a website if a person has any kind of physical disability. In such a way, all the website elements are easy to access. Don’t ignore it, it can bring heavy traffic to your website.         

6. Responsive design

We have already entered an era where mobile is overpowered and it is leading to online businesses too. According to reports, 52% of all web traffic is existing because of mobile traffic and at the end of 2019, the figure is going to extend.

Several financial web design trends have been on the floor and every year it improves by adding some new aspects in the existing ones. 

7. Playful wordmark to serious logo 

When we look back, a few logo designs seem funny whether designer puts great efforts to emit real identity of a brand. Maybe it’s a changing trend that makes them look so. Presently, a serious logo is in more trends.

The world’s biggest brands are boasting serif-less logos as it leads to professional logo to reflect in front of the public. 

8. Micro animation

The name micro animation is a bit clear to explain the idea behind its work. It means a small animation. But we cannot count small animation as insignificant. It plays an important role to guide users by interacting with websites.    

Animated things look more attractive than a stable format. Nowadays, website designs are more in favour to use micro animation in order to enhance user experience. With micro animation, the audience can connect themselves with your business website.

9. Simple design

What’s the use, if a user won’t be able to understand the design? Simplicity is the best tool to interact with the audience. Here we would like to discuss simple design doesn’t mean boring and dull. Obvious, it will look more color and sparkle than other design but with this pattern, a user will have a clear idea of where to click to explore the services of your brand.

The complex design is very hard to understand. Suppose a client wants to take action but they are misguided by complex design. There would be a chance that they will turn to another website instead of wasting time on your brand. Eventually, simple is more classy to enhance the website traffic.

10. Bold color scheme

Highlight different section of a website with a bold color scheme. In fact, the color goes hand-in-hand with the trend. The bold style will help your brand to arise from the crowd. This trend works really well against neutrals which have chosen by the companies in previous years.

11. Hand drawings

The handmade drawing adds a unique sense to your website page especially when something pops up on a web page. The sophistication doesn’t always come with printing and online creation; hand drawing too has the strength to attract more visitors to your website. The hand creation is more original to interact with human and the best way to express emotions. You can use this trend to enlighten and engage more and more visitors.   

12. Brand values with visual designs

We always talk of color, image, content, and styling but what about visual design which is important to add some value to your brand. Explaining product and services is good but don’t forget to throw some light on brand identity.

Think how a brand interacts with the world if you take all the impressive things away from it. Represent a good visual design to highlight your brand identity in the audience.  

13. Outlined style

Outlining is a very old fashion in drawing and other designing activities. But you must be glad to know outlined is all set to put its contribution in website designing too. So when someone says the outlined style is new, we all jump up to look at how it appears.

An empty space between lines is a beautiful visualization to leverage potential customers. This type of text will immediately draw your eyes and hold them for another few minutes. It looks natural and clear. This technique is easy and memorable. It reflects the traditional feel with the addition of modern elements. You can call this style revolutionary and trustworthy.

14. Screen dominating text

Content writer and content specialists have special importance in designing a website. In the meantime, content comes at a first position in the designing process. The content should be small but it must have the strength and power to convenience the world to understand the value of your brand.

The text must be unique, relevant and informative to dominate the screen. We always start a website by evaluating a text. While reading a text, if a user feels bored and shows no interest to explore other pages of your business, it means you need to create more dominant content.

15. Movable Cursor design

Playful cursor design sounds good. A humble cursor is a foremost tool to share a connection between a computer and a human.

When you move a cursor, it automatically throws light on a specific portion to reflect the clear image of that limited region.

The bottom line

The above is a list of top trends a designer is going to follow in 2019. Undoubtedly, quality matters a lot and designing will appear more graceful when you add new or relevant features to a website to attract maximum users.


Sophia Rodreguaze


Sophia is the contributing editor at noeticforce.com. She writes about anything and everything related to technology.

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