5 Effective Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location Secretly

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Updated: May 12, 2020

5 Effective Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location Secretly

Whether you need to find out if your spouse is really at office, or your children are at school where they’re supposed to be, there could be a million reasons for wanting to track someone’s GPS location in real-time.

But the most important thing when tracking someone’s live location is secrecy. After all, if you really want to find out where your partner or child heads to while claiming that they’re somewhere else, letting them know you’re virtually following them could lead to a change in their behavior, and thus spoil all your efforts.

In the tech-savvy times of today, you can track someone’s GPS location by discreetly hacking into their phone, thanks to nimble phone monitoring apps. Such apps not only let you keep tabs on a target device’s location, but also on its call history, SMSs, social media usage, and a lot more.

So are you ready to discover the top 5 apps for tracking a cell phone location secretly? Well, read on!

Part 1: Spyier – Ultra-light Stealthy Location Tracking App

Tracking a cell phone’s location is a function that several apps offer. In fact, there are plenty of apps that are built for this sole purpose. But such apps can often come at a hefty price; and you should never make the mistake of opting for free ones since they would steal your data.

What if we told you that there was a way for you to not just access the GPS location, but everything that happens on your spouse or child’s phone for a fraction of the price that dedicated location tracker apps charge? Would be amazing right?

Well, the app that we’re about to introduce lets you track the live GPS location of your target along with advanced 3D street view so that you can get an actual glimpse of the environment your family member is in!

The app we’re talking about is called Spyier, and it is one of the most technically superior phone monitoring solutions currently available. If you start using Spyier to track phone’s location, we guarantee that you wouldn’t need any other app to know what’s happening in your spouse or child’s life!

Spyier has been ruling the phone monitoring market for close to a decade, and needless to say, the app has millions of happy customers in over 190 countries around the world. Business giants like Tom’s Guide, The New York Times, Forbes, and BBC hail Spyier to be one of the best phone tracking apps out there.

Making remote and stealthy phone monitoring possible, Spyier works smoothly on both iOS and Android devices. Without rooting or jailbreaking the target device, you can easily set up Spyier to collect and relay real-time information from the target device to an online dashboard which you can easily access from any web-browser.

Spyier for iOS

On iOS, Spyier needs no installation. All you need to provide are the iCloud credentials used on the target device and you’re good to go! The app syncs all data from the iCloud backup of your target into its online dashboard making live location tracking and complete phone monitoring possible without you having to be anywhere near the device.

Spyier for Android

On Android, Spyier needs to be installed only on the target device. It is lightweight (2MB) and runs in the background without consuming much battery. After installing you can remove the app’s icon from the drawer to activate its stealth mode. The app can’t be detected since it doesn’t raise any red flags.

Key Benefits Spyier Offers

  • Spyier is a 100 percent secure app which doesn’t expose user data to third-parties. It has been designed using cutting-edge technology and doesn’t need to store user data on its servers making data theft impossible.
  • The app is very affordable. You can select a suitable subscription plan based on your need. A single subscription purchase gives you access to over 35 handy features.
  • Spyier comes equipped with an interactive UI which makes its operation very simple. Even people with no prior technical experience can use the app perfectly.

Part 2: Minspy

Another leader in the phone spy arena is Minspy. Working stealthily and discretely on both Android and iOS, Minspy offers a wide spectrum of features using which you can not only track your spouse or child’s cell phone location but a lot more.

Some of the best features that Minspy offers include complete call history tracking, text message tracking with deleted message recovery, social media account hacking, website history tracking, and more.

Minspy doesn’t need you to root or jailbreak the target device to access full features. All you need to do is configure the app in the required manner and give it the necessary permissions to get it working.

Part 3: Spyine

Next up on our list is Spyine. This brilliant and efficient app makes Android and iOS Smartphone spying possible and ultra-simple. Working on a simple 3-step approach, Spyine is your best bet if you need to track your family’s GPS location through their phone in total secrecy.

Spyine allows people who wish to monitor their spouses and children, or employers who wish to monitor their employees the chance to view everything that happens in their targets’ lives from a safe distance.

The app has several customizable subscription plans to offer, each of which is bound to fit your budget. It is secure and hassle-free, and gets your job done with finesse.

Part 4: Spyic

One of the most widely used phone monitoring apps by parents and employers, Spyic is a great solution if you’re looking to break into someone’s phone without their knowledge. Making stealthy and covert phone spying possible, this app is just what you need to keep a 24×7 check on your target’s activities.

Spyic can be used on both iOS and Android platforms without jailbreak or rooting. Along with anonymous GPS location tracking, Spyic comes equipped with an advanced keylogging feature which lets users capture keystrokes used on the target device, and then utilize them to log into their target’s social accounts.

Hacking into social accounts was never easier!

Part 5: Cocospy

Ranking high among parental control applications is Cocospy. The remote phone tracking solution gives parents across the world peaceful sleep where they know exactly where they are through anonymous location tracking.

Working without the need of human verification or any useless surveys, Cocospy makes stealthy phone monitoring possible 24×7. With this app in tow, you can virtually be with your kids round the clock.


There you have it – our top picks for the best cell phone location tracking apps in 2020. All these applications are absolutely easy to work with and don’t break your pocket. One purchase of their subscription can grant you access to over 30 unique features.


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