5 Minutes a Day for More Pinterest Followers - Infographic

Tips to Increase Pinterest Followers Free

Do you need more followers on Pinterest? Off course! Here is 5 minutes a day recipe for growing your Pinterest followers fast. Pinterest is a huge traffic booster and gives an instant visibility to your brand and helps increase profit from your business, blog or website.

Call it a social media network or a bookmarking website, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing communities out there. The beauty lies in the beautiful interface of Pinterest that has made people fall in love with it. 

Increasing followers on the social media networks and bookmarking websites is a sure shot way of increasing traffic to your website or blog and results in more sales and profit.

There is no shortcut to get more followers on Pinterest but there are simple ways to continuously increase the count.

We have done thorough research on how to utilize Pinterest effectively and getting more followers, below is the Infographic from Who is Hosting This that summarizes it all.

It gives a great insight on effective usage of Pinterest and presents the best compilation of tips for getting more Pinterest followers. Pinterest is coming out to be more effective for generating traffic and sales when compared to other social media platforms like Twitter, the infographic below talks about that as well.

The tips are simple to understand and easy to follow. Many of the tips are as simple as repinning existing pins (almost 80% of pins on Pinterest are repins), following others to mark your presence, sharing good quality images as fresh pins, crafting board titles and descriptions - SEO Friendly, leaving comments on other's pins, linking to your Facebook and Twitter profiles and many more.

Double Your Pinterest Followers in Just Five Minutes a Day - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

Source: WhoIsHostingThis.com

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