5 Vital Points for Efficient Mobile App Design

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Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Creating a new efficient mobile app is challenging as it requires a lot of time, resources and efforts; it’s crucial to pay extra attention to its design. Implementing the best UX/UI practices is of paramount importance to provide the best experience to your mobile app users.

In this article, you will find out 5 effective tactics that will help you get your mobile app design to the next level. By following the tips described below, you will be able to create a positive impression, so people enjoy using your app.  

Thumb Friendliness

Whether you are creating a financial, educational, healthcare, or meditation app, you have to make sure you follow the rule of a thumb. According to the latest research, 49% of people hold and use their cell phones with one hand. Therefore, it’s imperative so that a person can easily use and navigate your application with one hand.

Most importantly, you should place the buttons and icons used the most in the green zone for fast and convenient access. Other less frequently used buttons can be placed in the orange zone, and it’s recommended not to put any icons in the red zone as it’s hard to reach. People don’t like to strain fingers, so in case you neglect this rule, they won’t use your app for long.

Right Button Size 

Another important factor for creating an outstanding mobile app is to make the buttons of the right size. Buttons are one of the core elements of an app, so taking care of the appropriate size is truly crucial.

If you place small buttons close to each other, it will be difficult for users to tap them properly, and chances are people won’t be using the app at all. Tapping one button instead of another one work can be pretty frustrating and even irritating.  

Keep in mind that mobile users have an average 14-15 mm finger span, and you have to use this info while designing app buttons. Come out with the most convenient size and padding space between buttons to ensure the best experience. Padding space won’t allow activating other buttons in case a user misplaces their finger.

Reduce Clutter

In the modern world, people are so busy with their lives – they have no time at all to figure out what your app is all about. The main thing to do while designing a new app is to reduce the amount of redundant text and include more images instead, as well as a few subtle animations.

Include only core elements that your users will definitely read. Giving too much information to people will increase their cognitive load and, therefore, they won’t be reading about or using your app much. 

Opt for a minimalistic design and remember that less is always more. And don’t forget to include only unique high-resolution images that will make your app design pop out. 

Simple and Well-Mixing Colors

The color palette is essential for the user interface as we all know the power of colors is to affect our mood, sensation and even decision-making process. Before choosing your color palette, you have to understand who is your target audience. A rich wide color palette will be more convenient for the broader audience, whereas simple pale tints will be appropriate for B2B apps.

Choose main and secondary colors, determine proportions in which you will implement them in your app design. For the main colors, 40-60% of all space will be enough, and all left space can be colored with secondary hues. If you have a website, make sure all colors are consistent with the web version.

Clear and Readable Fonts

Though fonts are crucial for mobile app design and can make it more eye-catching, you should still use readable, simple and clear fonts. Your users should easily read all the information in your app with no efforts at all. Also, don’t forget about the appropriate text size. It’s better to reduce the amount of text and make the font bigger rather than making the users suffer from eye strain.

Try to keep the font size not less than 11 points and adjust line spacing. It’s also essential to break text into chunks and spread it consistently throughout the app so that users can quickly flick through it. Ensure the app has an appropriate amount of contrast between the background and the font itself to make the reading easy.

Final Thoughts 

These tips will make your mobile app design much more efficient and eye-catching. There are numerous mobile apps available today, so it’s not that easy to stand out from the crowd of competitors. By implementing these tricks, you will easily create a powerful application that will set you apart and will make users enjoy it. Keep experimenting to achieve better results. 


Sophia Rodreguaze


Sophia is the contributing editor at noeticforce.com. She writes about anything and everything related to technology.

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