6 Effective Methods to Increase Your Instagram Followers

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Updated: Feb 28, 2022

As an online entrepreneur, you might be so excited about starting your online business. Perhaps you are even fascinated by how you will be selling your products on online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. But the reality might be different, as you might find things a little different. 

Online business depends entirely on the number of people who can see the products you are advertising. As you plan to market your products on Instagram, you will first have to come up with a strategy on how to get and grow your list of followers. You might find it challenging to make a sale, simply because no one knows who you are at first.

To help you understand how to get followers for your Instagram profile, here is a post that provides clear tips and methods to get them.

1. Join Instagram engagement groups

The fastest and perhaps easiest method to get Instagram followers is to join Instagram engagement groups. This method works best for the beginners, who are still struggling to get their first 1000 followers on Instagram. 

To get more results from Instagram engagement groups, it is always advisable to stick to your niche. It is not surprising to find most people going for engagement groups that have thousands of members. This is simply because human beings tend to go where there are multitudes.

By sticking to your niche, even if the group has few members, you can be sure that those who will be interacting with your profile, or reading your posts, are people who belong to the same niche as you. It is, therefore easy to get loyal followers of truly interested people from such groups. 

2. Reposting others’ content can help you get more Instagram followers

Another simple way to get Instagram followers is to learn how to repost other people’s content. This is a tested and proven method of growing your list of followers on Instagram.

But in order not to be flagged, you will have to credit the original poster in your description. With the Instagram repost app, you can repost almost everything you want, as long as you ask permission from the original poster. 

Instagram reposting is a common practice among many users. This is because there are instances when someone’s pictures and videos are incredibly good, and maybe you have bot no means of producing such content on your own. You can use such content on your profile, and keep it interesting for your followers. 

3. Learn to invest in Instagram marketing

Every marketing strategy needs investment. And this is not just time investment, but a financial investment. You will be surprised by the size of budgets that most brands invest in their marketing campaigns on Instagram. There are many vendors of Instagram growing services online, one of them being Insta Growing, where one can buy Instagram followers at a low price. This site provides quality, active, and real Instagram followers that will help you grow your online business. 

Recently I stumbled across another good website called Niterio. You might want to try and increase your Instagram followers with Nitreo as well.

4. Stick to your style

Most people lose the trust of their prospective followers by simply posting every other style on their profile. This makes it hard for users to predict what you are likely to post next. 

To get more Instagram followers, you have to allow your existing followers to be able to predict what you might post next reliably. This way, they will not unfollow you, and might even refer their friends to follow your page.

5. Connect your page to other social media accounts

The fact that you are selling on Instagram means that you have accounts on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. You can utilize these other platforms to grow your list of followers on Instagram. All you need to do is link the Instagram profile to all other platforms so that those people from other platforms can click your Instagram link and be able to see what you do on your page.

6. Follow other people and like their posts

For you to get followers and likes from users, you have to give first. Marketing is given and takes exercise. For someone to follow you back, or like your post, then you have to also do the same for them. What most people do, however, is waiting for them to be followed first before following back. This technique can take a very long time before you get substantial followers that can help you grow your business.  


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