7 Best Tips to Promote Your eCommerce Business

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Updated: Jul 27, 2022

The market for eCommerce surely has a lot of potential. If it were not this way, we would not be seeing so many startups appearing so often. The market of online business might seem infinite, but in order to succeed, you have to adapt individual strategies for each business case because there is no such strategy that would work for all businesses.

But with more and more new businesses entering the market, the market also becomes more competitive. Which makes it more difficult to generate bigger profits and drive big numbers of traffic to your website. The companies are coming up with new ideas every single day so that they could survive in this competitive market.

Businesses always need advertisement, but eCommerce has never been in such need of effective and smart promotions than today. As mentioned before, there is no promotion strategy that would fit any business, but today we will share a list of 7 best tips for online business promotion, and we are sure that you will find some effective ones to try out.

Use Personalized Targeting

The first step to start planning a promotion campaign is to determine what your target audience is. But to really target your audience effectively, you should try out personalized targeting by using the most powerful free google ads tools, like Clever Ads, for example.

Personalized ads are much more effective than the ones you use to target an audience, which is determined by a few different factors. But each person is different, right? Therefore when there is an ability to adapt an ad to a specific person according to his shopping behavior and interests.

Such type of targeting lets you send personalized messages to these customers that vary from the ones that have been sent to other ones. If you know what a person is interested in buying, it is easier to come up with an offer or a limited-time deal that would catch his attention and motivate him to make a purchase.

Include Influencers 

Influencer marketing is striving nowadays, and the statistics show that it is very effective because of the sense of a personal touch. Who could promote your product better than a person who is trusted and loved by your target audience? To find influencers, you can use websites such as Upfluence or AspireIQ. 

Do Flash Sales on Your Website

A flash sale is a perfect technique to create a sense of urgency for the visitor of your website. If it was a regular sale, the visitor would feel like there is no rush and that he has time to think if he really needs it, and if he does, he can come back later.

But when you present a potential customer with a flash sale, he knows that it is a great offer, and it might disappear soon. So this encourages the person to purchase an item faster. And of course, if there weren’t a flash sale, he might not have bought it at all.

Start Displaying Reviews

Reviews are very important for today’s online shoppers. How else are you supposed to have a clear view of the quality of the product, customer service communication, delivery time, and all other factors? If you used an online website builder for your online store, you could easily install a plugin for the review section.

Use a Cross-Selling Technique

Cross-selling is very effective when your website visitor is already interested in buying a specific product. To adapt the cross-selling technique for such potential customers, you need to analyze your product assortment and find products that could come as a cross-selling item next to the one that the person already wants to buy.

For example, if you own an online store that sells sunglasses, a cross-selling product could be a special wipe that doesn’t damage the surface of the glasses, a case, sunscreen, o a hat.

Include Interactions to Your Advertising Campaigns

Marketing nowadays is all about being interactive. Why use boring still images when you can offer something way more interesting and engaging? An interactive ad makes your website visitor more interested in your products. More to it, the visitor spends more time on your website, which is great for your search engine optimization rating.

Offer Free Shipping

As you know, the disadvantage of an online store is that the person who wants to buy something cannot touch or try on the product. Which might demotivate him from buying it online. So to eliminate this doubt, you need to offer something that would motivate you to make a purchase online.

For example, it could be free shipping – it is something that you do not find in every store, and it might strongly motivate your potential customer to convert or choose you over your competitor that has paid to ship.

Also, the credibility of an online store increases when you deliver your orders safely to your customers. You can offer them out-of-home delivery options with Stowfly. It is a package receiving service done by a network of stores and shops. Here, your orders are safely received and handed over to your end customers using package lockers. This totally avoids someone stealing your orders from a customer’s porch and passing on the blame to you.


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