7 Proven Reasons You Need Angular for Your Next Development Project

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Web app development is making waves in the present marketplace. Even though applications have been around for a significantly long time, they are getting to be imperative over the long haul and the two organizations, and customers acknowledge how essential it is for them.

This is the reason every association is quick to build up a web-based business using a web app to make an impact online. This way has intensified the interest of designers and their abilities. However, one difficulty that engineers face is about the platform they should use for app creation.

Since there are various platforms accessible for web-based application development, the decision isn’t in every case clear. Luckily, one platform you can choose to ensure you’re going the correct way is Angular. This framework previously showed up in 2009 is an open source web application platform.

It was created by Google alongside an individual community of engineers and is about HTML, CSS, and JS. While this framework is utilized for apps by just 18.55% of the business and industry class, websites, for example, Google, Sony PS3, and YouTube use it as their primary platform.

The Angular is ideal when you need to make a dynamic web app because it causes you in expanding the HTML vocabulary by actualizing features amid runtime and making the code progressively neat for quick development.

The open source framework is additionally based on JavaScript which is notable for its flexibility. In a gathering of structures that are frequently excessively mind-boggling and trying for engineers to work in, the Angular is a complete bundle you can use to construct an excellent app.

Considering all, since you know precisely how prominent the Angular is, so below we collected 7 point which shows you why to choose Angular programming language for your next project. And we also considered some of the world famous websites which are designed using Angularjs

Angularjs Development Minimizes the need to write code

A typically misguided judgment which encompasses engineers is that they adore writing code and can go through their time on earth doing it. While the facts confirm that programmers do win a fair living by writing code, not every person is partial to it.

With Angular, you can get the edge off because, with its rich list of capabilities, it makes development simpler because it diminishes the need to write code. Since it utilizes an MVC architecture, it isn’t as complicated as others, and you don’t have to write endless lines of code to actualize the data models.

Also, because mandates aren’t a piece of the app code, Angular makes it feasible for other parallel working groups to deal with the framework.

Customizable with mandates

Since Angular utilizations HTML as its example language, it makes utilization of mandates to design new punctuation and includes code information regarding the respected conduct. This is a star for the platform because these mandates make it feasible for you to concentrate on creating logic that will enable you to work all the more productively and effectively.

Also, by changing the conduct of the HTML labels, you’ll be creating customized labels and reusing them to make the code progressively discernible. This predominant element, when utilized accurately, can help you not just in developing a glitch-free web app, but likewise, one that doesn’t set aside a great deal of opportunity to make.

Simpler to discover help with large community

Maybe one of the especially favorable circumstances of working with Angular is its generous community support. The framework is supported up with individuals from the center development group, just as the individuals who contribute because they’re searching for some fixes or need to recommend a couple of minor improvements for the framework.

This large community is valuable to the customer since it encourages them to find the best development services for their app and is ideally appropriate for engineers since it offers a few arrangements and online resources.

Angular is famous to the point that gatherings are held worldwide, and it is even examined at hackathons. The community gives an opportunity to clients and engineers alike to associate with one another and locate the ideal responses to every one of their necessities.

Utilizations MVC Architecture for development

Like we previously clarified, the Angular uses MVC architecture for developing individual web apps. The MVC abbreviation represents the Model View Controller and makes app creation so a lot easier. This example parts application logic, data, and see and once you do that, whatever is left of the activities will be dealt with by Angular.

Through this architecture, you can make single page applications as well as utilize the XMLHttpRequest, and JSONP asks for from speaking with remote HTTP servers. The JavaScript object is additionally changed naturally into JSON string when you’re exchanging it to the server.

Offers channel flexibility

You should likewise consider seeking after and utilizing Angular to build up your next web app is because it gives excellent channel flexibility. Concerning an app, a channel helps in refining the incentive before showing the outcome.

Regardless of whether it’s changing over a string to capitalized or changing the decimal spot of a number, channels will enable you to remain over the amusement. These channels work as independent features which are committed to data transformations. Additionally, not exclusively would you be able to utilize the previous channels given by the framework, but likewise, make your own.

Utilizations a particular strategy

Another advantage of utilizing the Angular framework to build up a web app is that you can make it by joining separate modules. When you split the whole app into different modules, you enhance the app’s architecture as well as improve its flexibility and usefulness.

The modules you make will rely upon one another or be autonomous, as indicated by your inclinations. The systematic method will help in improving the work processes, and efficiency, so better outcomes are accomplished inside a brief timeframe.

Direct testing

At last, while each element of the Angular is as essential as the other, one which you can’t overlook is the testing stage. No application is finished without testing, and if you need to make sure that you’re giving your customers a blunder free app, it is something you’ll have to invest energy and exertion on.

When you place parts of the apps inside the framework modules, they wind up simpler to control, and this split enables you to stack the services which require testing separately. Also, because the whole app that is worked with Angular is connected by reliance infusion, you can easily infuse the example data into the controller and measure the yield amid testing.

Let’s have a look at the world four most websites which are designed using AngularJs


YouTube is known for its Video Streaming and broadcasting.

It is the most well-known video sharing platform which is possessed by Google. It is the most massive traffic website on the planet.

Individuals can communicate by creating a free channel and offer their video worldwide.

Its worked with Angular JS parts. All the more specifically, YouTube’s PlayStation 3 app is constructed altogether with AngularJS.

Approx Traffic in November 2017: 24 Billion


Yahoo is progressively known as a search engine and related specialist co-op platform like email, News, messenger and so forth.

They are utilizing the Node.js as the first technological stack for the server side development.

Where do they use Nodejs?

Reid Burke – Sr. Programming engineer at Yahoo clarifies:

” We have made  Hosted apps and Websites using the programme which helps us to achieve massive traffic” According to stats in 2017 they reach around 5.43 Billion users attendance

Amazon.com | Nodejs ( 2.91 billion)

Amazon is universes most great web-based business website with 300 M+ dynamic users worldwide.

The primary motivation to pick node.js for some core segments of the website is cutting edge.

Amazon has presented Alexa an AI-based framework that encourages its customers to shop online utilizing voice direction.

Nodejs has an occasion-driven, non-blocking I/O display.

It is appropriate for Alexa as it has trigger based information and it is one of the most significant biological communities of open source libraries on the planet.

Alexa can work consistently with Nodejs and AWS Lambda to deal with the trigger based occasion.

Approx Traffic in November 2017: 2.91 Billion


Netflix is a new pattern that is assuming control over conventional Television.

In the time of comfort, it gives video-on-request to the users as per their requirements at whatever point and wherever.

It is one of the world’s largest online media streaming suppliers conveying right around 7 billion hours of recordings to about 50 million customers in 60 nations for every quarter.

According to statista.com, Since the development and extension of its streaming administration, Netflix has gathered a vast number of streaming subscribers worldwide.

As of the central quarter of 2017, Netflix has nearly achieved the 100 million imprints for streaming subscribers, in this manner dramatically increasing its supporter numbers from the beginning of 2014.

Why Netflix Implemented the Node.js?

Yunong Xiao, Principal Engineer, Netflix says,

“We loved execution that Node.js offers. From a 40 minute + startup time they went to under a moment.”

Approx Traffic in November 2017: 1.7 Billion


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