7 Reasons to Spend Your Dimes on Push Notification Marketing

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Updated: Dec 24, 2019

 As we know that to get the user’s engagement and re-engagement with mobile is a challenge. We are always in search of one tactic to reach our online users.

 The push notifications are considered as the fastest and efficient way to communicate with the users and audience. Why push notifications are so powerful? Let’s find out the reason behind it so that you can also have an understanding of the push notification marketing to bring it to your business.

Stimulates user engagement

The Push notification always helps you to draw more customers at certain touchpoints. It sends real-time reminders and updates that get engage your audience with your brand even if they’re not aware of it. According to a survey by Localytics, users or subscribers were willing to receive push notifications than users in 2015 before disabling them. That clearly states that marketers have a great opportunity to communicate with customers through mobile push notifications.

Now a day’s Android and iOS push notifications have increased the functioning area of getting in touch with your users. It has helped in providing timely messages and helpful and relevant information like rewards descriptions and special offers in a non-intrusive way. Push notification also provides an interactive way of getting users to engage in new promotions or features.

Increases the conversion rates

Do you know? Timely marketing messages are the best way to raise your conversion rates. It is because they can alert or update the users or create a sense of urgency. For instance, Sarenza was having a problem with abandoned carts. People started to add items to their carts but they left the store before completing their shopping. To solve this problem and retrieve the lost customers, The Sarenza began a push notification campaign where users were alerted if by chance they left the store with any item still in their cart. By using push notifications, the company increased and regained the retargeting click-through rate by 2-3 times compared to other classic mobile ads.

The use of push notification service can also trigger immediate purchases. You can send your informative messages to the users and let them know about special offers and discounts or any limited-time offers running in your online shop. At last, in addition to this information, push notifications can offer your serious instant purchasing with a single tap or touch.

Targets the right users

Mobile apps usually ask for a user’s permission to access their location. If people select yes to it, then they can have a great opportunity for personalized customer experience with location-specific push notifications. In this tactic, a mobile app sends offers that apply to users in a specific region and their time zones. By using it, you can target users according to city, state, and country. For instance, waze does an extraordinary job by reminding its users regarding the nearby traffic situations with gas station updates like gas price and availability. Also, you can alert the users to discounts or special offers when they’re in a particular location or area. The Push messages are mostly based on a user’s location can help you to engage your users with a high level of personalization treatment and relevance.

Getting users to re-engage or engage with mobile apps is a straight challenge. The one tried and proved an effective tactic to reach online users is push notifications.

The push notifications are considered as the fastest and efficient way to communicate with your potential audience. You should ask yourself, why the mobile app push notification service is so powerful. It is because the digital era has given the computers to everyone’s hand. And people can use it from anywhere and anytime, which ultimately increased the functioning area of a push notification, whether it is a mobile, smart TV, smart watch, iPad or iPod you are surrounded by the digital gadgets, so why we shouldn’t use this golden opportunity?

Track actionable metrics

One another significant benefit of push notifications is that it helps to track the user’s behavior and patterns. With it, push notification also offers complex analytics with data on delivery receipts, engagements, open time, open rates. The use of push notifications can get you the valuable insights of the user’s behavior, including his/her interaction timings and (click-through rates to see which messages are more likely to be opened. Based on user behavior data, you can launch campaigns that connect better with users.

Enhance brand consistency

Alerting customers for last-minute deals, special offers and coupons is a powerful way to get an additional touchpoint in your marketing strategies. It generally forms a complementary marketing channel or route where you can give extra, value-added information about your brand. Moreover, mobile app push notification offers a strong and long-lasting recognition by enabling the use of the logo in the notification’s message. Due to all these factors, users are more likely to remember the timely push notifications, which ultimately increase the essential value to your brand.

Improve the customer’s care strategy with useful content

Push notifications can be a considerable element that enhances the customer experience. Being less intrusive than any other form of user engagement, it can effectively drive traffic toward your landing page and help the users by providing them with useful information. It also allows your users to get updated with the latest feeds, offers, and promotions. Push notifications are a great option to draw the attention of a huge audience in one go. To achieve the high number of conversion rates you should make your notifications time-sensitive and valuable with a friendly and personal tone. According to leanplum, individualized and personalized messages have four times more open rates than any generic messages. Moreover, the more relevant and personal your notifications will be, the better the results you’ll achieve.

Enhance brand consistency

The customers are always excited and fascinated by the offers system. Hence, to alert the customers about last-minute special offers deals with coupons delivery are a powerful and effective way to get an additional touchpoint in your marketing funnel. The Push notifications form a complementary marketing route where you can provide extra, value-added information about your brand and company. Also, to conclude, the push notification offers the strongest recognition by allowing you to use logos in messages (notification), which helps users more likely to remember timely push notifications.

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