7 Ways To Turn Instagram Potential Followers To Paying Clients

by Jack
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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Modern tech-savvy people spend more and more time on different social media websites. In their free time, they often take out their smartphone to look out the latest developments in the social world, chat with friends and strangers, exchange information, and update their status. Instagram is one of the most important social media websites for which users are crazy about. They upload their images on this platform, follow celebrities and companies and perform other activities.

For companies and business organizations, Instagram is a significant social networking website to promote a brand, maintain contact with customers, attract new ones, and generate leads. If you correctly use all its capabilities, success will come to you sooner than later. But, how to turn Instagram followers into paying clients? Let’s find out.

Perform Preliminary Actions First

You need to perform some preliminary actions before starting business marketing on Instagram. Have a look at them.


Preliminary Actions
Brief Explanation
Develop a clear Strategy for brand promotion on Instagram.Before you start attracting subscribers, determine how the use of advertising materials. Think about the main theme of your account and the goals that you want to achieve with it. Create a definite plan for brand promotion on Instagram. Write down briefly what you say in posts and see their impact on users.
Explore Your CompetitorsNow, it’s time to find out what is already written on your topic. Conduct research and find out 3-5 main competitors and study their activities carefully. This will help you know the effective tips to success in the Instagram Marketing campaign.
Profile DesignA profile is a first and foremost condition to get in touch with new subscribers. Complete your profile with a brief introduction about the company, proper image, and logo, contact information.
Account Integration With Other Social Media websitesJust Integrate your Instagram account with other social media websites to get more business opportunities & generate leads in bulk.


High-Quality Images Are Path to the Desired Success

You must always keep in mind that Instagram is your electronic photo album which is open to all users of this platform. While promoting your brand, you must keep some important things in mind. Post content from your life. Motivational pictures and various jokes entertain users. Click HD images with a camera or your mobile device, upload them on the PC, trim their shape and size, and customize the appearance. Upload images on your profile with a text message. People are crazy about interesting images. They will like your images, share it further, and help you get premium customers who are ready to buy from you. Make posts regularly & respond to user’s comments on the posts to increase user engagement with your brand & boost lead generation chances greatly.

Advertise on Online Communities

Actively use your profile ad in related online communities. Take care of the competent design of the posts to quash the allegations of SPAM updates. The main advantage of this unobtrusive way of advertising is the fact that users decide to subscribe to your account willingly. Show all your ingenuity, resourcefulness and insight in the preparation of posts. Always remember that the placement of publications with hidden advertising in fairly large communities requires financial investments.

Use hashtags

Do not forget to use hashtags to design the text part of posts on your page as they allow users to stumble upon your profile easily without knowing its exact address. Hashtags mark the publication and contribute to thematic filtering of information. Apart from this, add related topics to hashtags in several popular posts so that your publication is visible to the maximum number of users. Never abuse the use of tags. You should use a minimum of 20 hashtags at one time. Using too many tags absolutely not worth it. The garlands of tags scare visitors and repel them away from your website.

Make Posts Regularly

You must know that Instagram allows you to publish up to 30 stories daily. So, you should publish various cool photos and videos on a regular basis. Publish interesting stories on your profile & take all possible measures to trend it online. The more likes, shares, and comments you get, the more business opportunities will come your way sooner or later.

Use Promotions and Pranks

Always keep in mind that people love freebies. This weakness of them can be a powerful incentive to replenish the army of subscribers of your Instagram account. Launch a variety of promotions on your page regularly and offer bonuses to new subscribers in the form of discounts on products or services of your business. The procedure for determining the winners must be carried out using a random number generator to remove allegations from customers.

Use Intermediary Services

It is the easiest, but costly way to promote a business account on Instagram. There are a considerable number of firms and individuals who are professionally engaged in the promotion of pages and groups on social media websites. Depending on your budget, hire them to attract a different number of subscribers in the stipulated time frame.

Be careful as this always a chance to run into fraudsters and lose your time and money. Before contacting a particular intermediary, find and study all the available information about them and choose a suitable company at the end of the day. You will get tangible results by choosing the right IT firm that specializes in social media optimization.

Go Live

These days, social media live streaming has become a new trend among entrepreneurs, public celebrities, news channels, and business organizations. They conduct social media live streaming from time-to-time to communicate with customers face-to-face, take questions from them, answer their questions and concerns, and introduce new products and sell them.

So, go live on your Instagram page at regular intervals and communicate with fans and followers. Always keep in mind that people love to talk to people behind famous brands and share their ideas. They become pleased the way you communicate with them and love to buy from you. Never force them to purchase premium products. Instead, educate them on how your products and services can make their lives better and more comfortable.

Influencer Marketing

Regular shoppers and common individuals trust the words said by popular celebrities about products and services. They buy and use the products and services advertised by public figures. So, to increase the popularity of your products/services & make people go crazy about it, join hands with a public celebrity and ask him to share his/her experience (of using your products and services) with the audience. When popular individuals promote your brand, people trust their words and buy your products and services in bulk.

Final Words

Instagram is a powerful platform to promote your business, attract new customers & generate leads/sales. Use these methods to make your brand a hit on Instagram and convert potential followers into paying clients. Best of Luck!




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