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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

If you’ve been programming for some time, you might already have an idea about what it takes to do it well. On the other hand, you’re just starting out and you’re unsure know what’s involved. Knowing coding language is a must, however, there are other facets of programming you need to learn as well. Below are items every programmer should know.


If you want to become a better programmer, you need to know about data algorithms. In fact, questions about algorithms and data structure are almost always part of an interview. If you can’t answer about a list, map, or array correctly, you might not have the skills to write real-world code. There are online coding boot camps you can join to learn the basics. Alternatively, you can consider getting a degree in programming. If the cost of tuition is holding you back, private lenders offer affordable rates on student loans. In addition, the interest rates are usually lower as well.

Control Systems

If you want to be a developer or programmer, you also need to have a clear understanding of the source and version controls, like Git. If you’re a beginner, GitHub is a great place to learn. Focus on mastering merging and branching, two control concepts used in Git.


Even though it’s around 30 years old, Linux commands are still used today. Linux helps you search program files, checks CPU and memory usage. As SQL, it’s important to have a working knowledge of its command line.


Love it or hate it, you do need to use Microsoft Excel. You’ll need this program to perform data analysis, track progress and reconcile data collected. Especially if you are working from home these spreadsheets are necessary tools for collaboration with your remote team and clients. Don’t let the interface fool you, as Excel is pretty simple to learn.

Text Editors

There’s probably not one day you won’t need a text editor. In fact, it’s an important tool every programmer needs to have. There are a lot of options to choose from including NotePad and Sublime. Both of these offer IDE functionality, which offers productivity tips and keyboard shortcuts.


When it comes to programming languages, JavaScript is a programming language you must learn. There are others as well, like Python and C++, but Java is a good place to start. As you become more familiar with different languages, you’ll be able to shift into higher learning and master more advanced skills.


If you learn program languages, then why do you need to know scripts? The answer is simple in that some OCD coding requires it. In today’s market, knowing Java just isn’t enough. Individuals who also know Perl and Python not only bring another skill set to the table, but also have a better chance of being hired.

Things to Think About

Even if you’re a seasoned veteran, programmers never stop learning. And although it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, pacing yourself will help. Break down new information into blocks and give yourself enough time to learn it. Don’t move on to the next building block until you feel confident in your skills.


Sophia Rodreguaze


Sophia is the contributing editor at noeticforce.com. She writes about anything and everything related to technology.

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