Angular for Web Apps: World’s Most Leading Websites Built with the Framework

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Updated: Mar 01, 2020

We all know the power of JavaScript as a technology to transform the web. Among all the JS frameworks Angular has already achieved the reputation of being the leading framework in terms of capabilities and features. Angular is also the framework behind the cross-platform Ionic platform and it has been used for developing many of the world’s most popular Web apps.

Some of the key features of Angular that made it an ideal technology for web development include the following. 

  • Angular supports MVC architecture (Model, View, and Controller) allowing a developer to divide an app into these components to help easy management by the framework. 
  • The platform offers “Two Way Data binding” feature that helps to reflect any change in the code in the model in real-time. 
  • Angular allows developers to use templates to make easy access to the information in between the model and controller.
  • Angular Directives that work as crucial elements actually help to boost the functions of HTML with the addition of new functional elements. 
  • In Angular, the expressions work much like the code snippets placed within the curly braces. This helps in getting free from the use of conditional statements or loops 
  • Angular also allows using the scope, a typical JavaScript object within the model that is capable to play an intermediary role for controlling the data flow between controller and view.

Now that we have explained the key advantages and characteristics of Angular JavaScript framework for web development, let us have a quick look at some of the most popular Angular based web apps. 

The Guardian

The Guardian, one of the most well-known web-based publications, has global popularity with millions of readers and users. The publication already received the industry’s most coveted awards for its outstanding contents and journalistic feats. Based and originated in England, The Guardian is followed and visited by people from all walks of life and all over the world for their well researched, informative and expert-written articles. The Guardian website is built with Angular framework. 


Paypal is regarded as one of the leading Internet payment brands in the world with almost all e-commerce and business websites using the platform for processing payment and accepting payment from their customers. PayPal is built with Angular framework and gives us a nice example of how large and multifaceted web services use Angular as their core technology. PayPal as the leading Internet payment company is present across 203 countries representing 26 different currencies. 


Netflix, the leading video streaming platform headquartered in California, US doesn’t need any introduction. The platform that brings TV shows and movies to the comfort of your drawing room thanks to its streaming service relies on Angular framework as the core technology. 


UpWork is a web-based service for allowing employers to find employees of various skills. Thanks to this platform employers of all niches can find employees and workers of their required niche skills at any time. The platform allows employers to carry out interviews, hire and communicate regarding the job with their employees. Upwork platform is built using Angular framework. 


Google is known for its high value and reliable web products for a variety of purposes. Gmail email service has been built using Angular and the mobile app for the service has been built for two different platforms using Angular JavaScript framework. 


IBM is one of the world’s most reputed tech companies which is well known for its pioneering innovations that added value to modern life in an array of unprecedented ways. It has also relied on Angular framework for building their websites and to provide most advanced analytics and data services for various mobile platforms through their website. 


Walmart, the biggest retailer brand with 260 million customers and 11,500 stores spread across 28 countries all over the globe hardly need any introduction. As Walmart continues to grow and expand across more countries and regions with their retail brand presence, the company also embraced the online shopping channel to take on the opportunities in the e-commerce front. Thanks to the Angular framework, Walmart website now enjoys superb and customer-centric user experience along with an array of sophisticated features. 

The New York Times

The New York Times, originally an American daily newspaper from the house of New York Times Company, recently garnered global popularity thanks to its news website and mobile app. Since it is a data-rich website with a focus on clean user experience and great readability, Angular as a framework perfectly fit their web presence. 


Jetblue, the leading airline services from the US has its operation spread across 12 different countries in the North and South American continents. As a leading airliner and a growing brand among the highly competitive international airliners, JetBlue offers a highly useful website focused on the ease of use. No wonder, the website of the airliner used Angular framework. 


If you want to build a mobile app of your choice with the least knowledge of coding and any technological knowledge, MobileRoadie provides you the ideal platform. Thanks to this platform you can build mobile apps for both iOS and Android platform without any coding knowledge. Highly popular among mobile app developers around the world, this web platform is built using the Angular framework. 

Freelancer is regarded as the world’s most well-known marketplace for outsourcing developers and skilled workers of various niches. All that employers need to do is to post their project with specifications and requirements and the developers get in touch with them. A whopping 15.7 million registered freelancers use this website. 


There is no dearth of leading websites and web apps that are built using the Angular framework. We only could pick up just a few representative ones to explain the effectiveness of Angular for various niches. 


Chirag Mudsa


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