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Updated: Nov 23, 2019

New trends in mobile app development impact incrementally its growth, and wearable technology is one of the primary ones. 

Hence if you own a company or start-up interested in developing your own mobile application or, maybe, you’ve built one already, then you should be aware of this trend in mobile development. As wearable technology can transform the user experience to the next level and open a full range of opportunities to be used for. 

Benefits of Wearables 

Why is it to your benefit to know about this new tech? 

Consider this: in 2018, the total revenue generated by wearable technology was around $27 billion US. In 2020, that figure is expected to rise to $44.4 billion under Statista

With this in mind, you can see how wearable technologies present a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds. An integral driver of the wearable tech market is the applications that fuel these gadgets. They go by the term “wearable apps.” Android Wear OS  app development is a practical example of how a company has used its tech to enter this new marketplace. 

Still unsure about whether your company should invest in this technology? This article might convince you. Let’s talk about the best wearable app ideas and how they can be integrated into your mobile strategy moving forward.

What Exactly is Wearable Technology?

Wearable technology is a category of devices that are worn by a user. That could be direct, as an accessory. The tech could also be a part of other items, such as clothing. These gadgets connect to the internet directly or through a smartphone to perform many different functions. It is the exchange of data between a network and the device which allows that to happen.

Wearables apps have access to the device’s hardware. That might include sensors, receivers, etc. First, they collect data from the hardware. Then, with the help of the network to which they are connected, the desired output is transmitted to additional devices, like a smartphone or a laptop.

Now, let’s discuss some of the specialized areas in which this tech is rapidly becoming more prevalent. 

Wearable Technology in Healthcare and Fitness

Fitness wearables are already popular, but some developers believe that companies have only scratched the surface of this particular market. For the moment, the typical wearable health tracker is limited to the number of steps walked, user pulse rate, time of inactivity, etc. The wearable Apple watch has all of these features, but newer versions promise more. 

Soon, a smartwatch app will be developed that can measure the total amount of calories consumed, the number of calories used, the energy utilized during a workout, and overall health metrics. All of that data will be recorded, and then assessed. The app can then recommend changes in lifestyle, workouts, diet plans, eating habits, etc. The users will receive that information through their smartphones to achieve their aim. Think of the potential applications for athletes or those who are working toward a fitness goal. 

Another application of wearable devices is health apps. For example, you can develop a symptom checker app or telemedicine app with such features as measuring heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, etc, that connects with the patient’s wearable device and records to the doctor. 

Apps that Can Deliver Security Alerts

One untapped area for the wearable tech and app industry is security. At the moment, not a lot of work has been put into this market. It certainly has plenty of potentials, though. Apps can be developed for wearable devices that have tracking and location purposes. They can also record a live feed and send alerts to clients or customers if there has been a security breach at a facility that is being monitored.

They can be useful for pet owners, as well. A user can track where their pet is on their property, or watch a live feed from the device’s camera to make sure that the animal is not in danger or getting into trouble. This needn’t apply only to pets, though. Young children can also be monitored if the parent is in another part of the house.

App Development for Data Storage, Management, and Display

These days, much of our data is spread out and stored in a variety of places. It is sometimes difficult to access all of this data whenever we need it. 

A wearable app can extract data from any source as specified by the user. This information can then be accessed and even shared through the device itself. 

Wearable apps can aid users in displaying essential data in situations where they need immediate access to it. For instance, during surgery, a doctor must give their undivided attention to the task at hand. Apps for wearable tech, like Google Glasses, can display critical information during the surgery, such as the patient’s vital signs. They could also render an augmented view of the organs inside the body, making the whole procedure considerably easier and safer.

These apps can also be used to send bulk notifications and messages to employees. The employees can respond through the app if need be. They can also be used to measure employee productivity. Over time, this can help employers to improve the overall efficiency of their organizations and refine any industrial processes in which they are engaged. The Android Wear smartwatch app shows great promise in this area, as does the Wear OS messaging app. 

GPS Tracking Apps

Wearable technology in the form of GPS tracking apps is another area worthy of exploration. For instance, those who are on expeditions in inhospitable parts of the world might use such devices to keep track of one another if they are out of sight during harsh weather. Law enforcement might also use this tech one day soon to better monitor and protect their officers when they are out in the field. 

Payment Processing App Development 

With technology as it is presently constituted, wireless transactions are quickly becoming more popular. They offer improved security measures and are a lot easier to process. Individuals feel liberated through use of this tech, because they no longer have to withdraw and walk around with large amounts of cash. The same applies to coupons, discount offers, and tickets as well. They have all gone digital, rendering paper versions nearly obsolete. 

A wearable app allows the user to carry out all transactions with a single tap or swipe.  You can get coupons or exclusive discounts via this same small gadget when you walk in the door of your favorite store. All your wireless payment options can be synched with the app as well.

Entertainment App Development 

Wearable gadgets and their accompanying apps have the potential to offer a completely new experience to gamers the world over.

Think about the Samsung Gear S3, which is an upgrade to the Samsung Gear S2. It can be worn on the wrist and used not only for fitness but also for various entertainment applications. Virtual Reality (VR) headsets such as Google Smart Glass, ChipSip SiME Smart Glasses, and STARVR can take video gaming to a whole new level.

These apps can be installed in VR headsets or similar devices. These headsets change the user’s entire environment according to each individual game. A controller can be used, or motion sensing can be employed. Such an app would deliver an entirely new experience within a thrilling simulated environment.The benefits and importance of wearable tech should now be evident to you. The app for wearable devices that you create can make a real difference to your company. They might be considered exotic or superfluous now, but that will not be the case for long. As this sort of tech is normalized, most companies will begin to develop it as a matter of course. With the right app development team, you can get ahead of the curve and deliver an exceptional experience for your users with the wearable app.


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