9 Effective Tips to Get More Pinterest Followers Fast

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

I call it a rock solid social media platform when it comes to brand promotion and leads generation. It is more than a fact that Pinterest is the perfect place to connect consumers to businesses. One simple reason for Pinterest’s popularity among brands, bloggers and marketers is that it is a platform that deals in visual media which is appealing and perfect for marketing.

Pinterest has become one of the main targets for every brand’s social media strategy and everyone is trying hard to get more Pinterest followers fast.

We all know that Pinterest is relatively new and has much smaller user base in comparison to Facebook, Twitter or Google+, but it is on the great growth path ever since it came into existence. It has become a go to place for every brand, start up business and blog to get quick promotion and recognition.

To promote yourself on Pinterest and drive traffic back to your blog or website for more sales and conversions, you need to get more and more followers, multiple repins and likes to the content you Pin on your profile.

In short, you need to establish your brand identity on Pinterest among its user base leaving behind your competitors.

But How Do I Get More Pinterest Followers Fast?

There are shortcuts for everything and of course shortcuts never work in the long run. One such shortcut is to buy followers by spending money, there are many online agencies selling such deals. However, that does not really help you in conversions, such followers are merely a count on your profile and doesn’t result in any traffic to your website or blog.

It is in fact quite simple to get more Pinterest followers fast, those follower who are actually interested in your content and in long run result in more traffic to your website and increased sales. Here is the list of latest and the greatest tips for building a huge Pinterest fan following.

1. Power Up Your Pinterest Profile

Irrespective of whether you are an individual trying to promote and establish a personal blog or website on Pinterest or a much bigger established brand or seller, the first thing to work on is your Pinterest profile.

Your Pinterest profile should be setup in a right way and must speak out loud about what your business, blog or website is all about. It must represent your brand in a crisp and catchy manner. 

There are few things to setup in your profile that includes username, profile picture, “about you” section and link to your website, if any.

For an individual blogger with relatively new blog which is not yet established as a brand, it is always better to set personal photograph as Pinterest profile picture whereas for an established blog or brand, setting up the brand logo as profile picture is a better option.

Frame the “about you” section well, this is what appears on the profile page and you can write maximum of 160 characters to describe your brand. Sell yourself well within this character length constraint, use words sparingly and ensure to capture the essence of your brand in these 160 characters.

You can check out my Pinterest profile here for a quick reference.

2. Artistic Board Names

Boards are the containers for your Pins. Give name to your board as if you were writing title for a piece of art, Pinterest is a beautiful marketing media and every board name should complement it. Think creatively and give names to generate a wow factor while maintaining relevance of board category.

An example name for a board related to shoes can be “Best Foot Forward” instead of just “Shoes” or “Shoes For You”. Another creative example can be “Power Your Feet For Heat” for running or sports shoes.

Ensuring a catchy Pinterest board name that has relevant keywords influences others to follow it. Once someone follows your board, it gets exposed to the followers of your followers and presents exponential growth opportunity. 

3. Search Friendly Descriptions

Although Pinterest is about visuals and infographics, however, your pins appear in searches based on the keywords used in the Pin descriptions and probability of getting view or repin is much higher when relevant pin is presented to the users for search terms they use. 

It is more like search engine optimization and you should utilize it to the full extent by adding relevant keywords in the pin descriptions.

Catchy Pin description that complement the infographics influences others to click open, repin and follow your profile. In short, it carries good enough weight to get more Pinterest followers fast.

Pin descriptions should include your target keywords to rank better and board descriptions should be self explanatory and crisply talk about what the board is about.

4. Niche Pin Boards

Make it simple! Ensure that others see only what they want to see. People do not connect fully to the generic Pin boards that cover many Pin categories and it is less likely to get Pinterest followers on such boards. Creating niche boards always work, and works like a charm.

Take example of a Tennis lover, it is much likely that he would follow a board covering Pins related to Tennis rather than following a board related to Sports in general. Even though sports board carries more pins but all are not relevant to a Tennis lover.

Add multiple boards and make each board specific to one type of pins. This way People know what to expect from a board and are aware that anything that is pinned on the board is relevant to them.

Niche boards spare your audience from seeing overload of irrelevant pins, provide a personalized experience and influence viewers to follow the boards.

5. Quality Pins and Repins

Set high standards and ensure that only quality pins live in your boards, others recognize it and will follow your profile for this single reason. You can not create new quality pins all of the time, so repin existing pins.

Look for of highest quality Pins and get your boards in shape, each of your boards should have quality pins and repins.

It is important that you repin only the relevant pins to the boards to ensure that board remains a niche board.

A quality pin essentially means an infographic or an image that is visually appealing and covers the topic well. Click here to see one such pin in action.

Almost 80% of the pins on Pinterest are repins. When you repin an existing pin, you get noticed by the originator and his followers which gives you a great exposure to other users. This is a sure shot way of attracting more Pinterest followers to your profile.

6. Follow Others – Beginners Special

This is not one of the greatest or recommended tips for established brands but a sure shot way to get more Pinterest followers fast for beginners.

When you start afresh on Pinterest without any followers, the best way to get noticed is to start following others. Look for other pinners who share similar interests and follow them.

Once you yourself start pinning high quality pins, chances are high that people you followed also start following you back and repin your pins. 

Another benefit of following others is that you start seeing relevant Pins on your landing page, you can easily pick up best in the lot and repin. One point of caution is that you must follow only relevant folks, following each and everyone is not of any use but a waste of time.

7. Leave Comments

No rocket science here, we do this all the time. To get noticed on any blogging website, on any social media platform or for that matter in any discussion forum, you have to say something. Commenting on other’s pins is the same thing.

When you comment on someone’s Pin, you get noticed not only by the pinner but by everyone else who looks at or comments on that Pin.

Search for pinners who share your interest areas and have a huge count of followers, pick up pins in the area where you have a great command and comment something meaningful. It just works wonders if your comment actually complements and adds further value to the pin.

Ensure only meaningful comments or interesting one liners since no one is interested in you or your comments that mean nothing more than “yeah great Pin”…”a good one” or anything else like that. 

Make a routine to post comments on at least 10-15 pins everyday and see your audience grow steadily!! 

8. Tag Others and Use Hashtags

Tagging others seems to be an effort and repetitive work in the beginning but it has great impact, It is a task but you can always convert it to a habit. Once you develop this habit, it becomes a standard practice, results are phenomenal because you start creating personal connect with people on Pinterest.

You can tag anyone by prefixing the username with @ symbol… like @noeticforce.

Hashtag is a shortcut for making search on many social media networks today, Pinterest is one of those, of course. An example hashtag is #SEO, if you use this in the Pin description, it becomes a searchable link. Anyone can click on #SEO link and search Pinterest for Pins that use similar words and hashtags in pin descriptions.

Use of hashtags is a best practice to make your pins more searchable and searchable for relevant terms and it absolutely complements Pinterest’s functionality.

9. Be Active

This is the last one in my list but by no means the least. Being regular and active is one of the most important points to get more Pinterest followers fast, people who already follow you will look forward for next great pin from you so that they can repin it further.

Target to make your Pinterest profile a go to source for your followers for finding something new everyday, like a social hub of quality content that everyone looks forward to.

More the number of repins you get, more is your profile noticed by the followers of your followers which in turn will get you more audience.

Make a daily habit of spending 5-10 minutes on Pinterest to Pin quality pins. Of course, you can Pin throughout the day whenever you find something interesting to share but setting up a specific time helps you track your efforts on Pinterest and your followers also know the time to find the new content on your profile.




@noetic here, the founder of noeticforce.com. I love coding, quantum physics, and working on my brain to manipulate time.

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