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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

AngularJS: A complete overview

Before you move to AngularJS tutorial you show know the practical side of it, here is a quick overview of what you should expect from AngularJS.

AngularJS is a structural framework. It is meant for developing dynamic web apps. It allows you to use HTML as the template language while at the same time it permitting you to extend the syntax of HTML to express the components of the application clearly.

It is an open source web application framework, originally developed in the year 2009 by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. It is now maintained by Google. Its latest version is 1.4.3. Take a look at the official definition of AngularJS put forth on their official documentation.

AngularJS is a structural framework that is used for developing dynamic web apps. It lets a user to use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML’s syntax to express your application’s components clearly and succinctly. Angular’s data binding and dependency make users free from code that you currently have to write. And it all happens within the browser, that makes it an ideal partner with any server technology.”

With that clear and neat definition, take a look at some of the features of AngularJS.

  • AngularJS is a powerful and effective JavaScript-based development framework that lets you create a RICH Internet Application(RIA).
  • It also offers developers options to write a client-side based application by making use of the JavaScript in an MVC(Model View Controller) way.
  • Applications written using AngularJS is cross-browser compliant. It is skilled to automatically handle JavaScript code that is suitable for each of the browsers.
  • AngularJS is an open source software. It is available free of cost, and is used by thousands of developers all around the world and is licensed under the Apache License version 2.0.
  • The best feature is the easy use ‘feature’ that will facilitate quick learning and grasping.

The application is useful to build large scale and high performing web applications, while at the same time ensuring that they are easy to maintain.

Some of the core features it contains are exemplified below. This quick overview will give you an idea on AngularJS and what makes it robust.


Data binding is the automatic synchronization of data between model and viewer components.


Scope is what the objects that refer to a model. They hold together the controller and view.


Controller is a JavaScript function that is used to bind to a particular scope.


Filters select a subset of items from an array and subsequently returns a new array.


Routing is a term for switching views.


Directives are the markers on DOM elements (such as elements, attributes, etc). They are also used to create custom HTML tags that serve as new, custom widgets.


Templates render the view with information from the controller and model. These can be a single file (like index.html) or even multiple views in one page using “partials”.

Model View Whatever

MVC is a design pattern that is used for separating an application into its different parts (called Model, View, and Controller), each with distinct responsibilities. AngularJS does not implement MVC in the traditional sense, but rather something similar to the ground of MVVM (Model-View-View Model). The model is called Model View Whatever on a lighter note, or humorously.


AngularJS comes with some built-in services. For example, $https: to make a XMLHttpRequest. These are singleton objects which are instantiated only once in the app.

Deep Linking

Deep linking lets you encode the state of an application in the URL in order to be bookmarked. The application can then be restored from the URL to the same state as entered.

But why AngularJs at all? Here are some reasons that tell you why you should move to AngularJS and learn it from AngularJS tutorials to become a good developer in AngularJS.

  1. AngularJS provides the atmosphere to build a Single Page Application in a very clean and easy way. The best of all, it is easy to maintain.
  2. It provides the much necessary reusable components.
  3. AngularJS code is unit testable.
  4. AngularJS uses dependency injection and makes use of the separation of concerns.
  5. With AngularJS, the developer needs to write less code. Better functionality is however not compromised.
  6. AngularJS provides data binding capability to HTML user and therefore gives the user a rich and responsive experience.
  7. In AngularJS, views are only HTML pages, and controllers that are written in JavaScript do the business processing.

The bigger bonus of AngularJS is that its applications run on all the major browsers and even on smartphones that includes Android and iOS-based phones or tablets.

The components of AngularJS can be broken down into three main parts:

  1. ng-app: This one is a directive that links an AngularJS application to HTML.
  2. ng-model: This binds the values of AngularJS application data to HTML input controls.
  3. ng-bind: This directive is used to bind the AngularJS application data to HTML tags.

So how much has this excited you? As a passionate reader, it is understandable if you want to delve in further into the details to get a hang of working with it because the picture gets complete only when you actually start learning it. For learning AngularJS you have to move to AngularJS tutorials. There is no lack of tutorials on AngularJS but it is important to find the right set of tutorials so that you can become a master in AngularJS without wasting much time on low-quality content. That is why we have listed AngularJS tutorials and learning resources that will help you to become a pro in AngularJS.

So it actually does not matter if you are a beginner or an already advanced professional, we have curated a list that will cater to the different learning status of each of you. The sites below are mostly tutorial guides, some of which are video learning, blogs or even articles. They are designed kept in mind the target audience (beginner or advanced learner) and made justice to, by means of ample, examples, tips, and interactive charts that will facilitate easy learning. Some of the sites may be free while others may be charged depending on their conditions and terms. However, some sites are extremely helpful in the sense that they offer grounds for discussion.

Tutorialspoint.com- Online, Interactive

Here is a site that will give you a complete picture of AngularJS designed for beginners and advanced learners. Their interactive charts and tables will take you to step by step into learning. They are divided into sections for easy learning and quick access.

Weblogs.asp.net- Video Tutorials

This Website focus on AngularJS video tutorial that is a good place to start your learning. The video teaches you the fundamentals and gives you an overview of the fundamentals, concepts, resources and a demo.


So if you already are familiar with the basics, take a direct leap to this site that is designed to teach you the next step in line. Just be sure of the basics.

Codecademy.com- AngularJs Tutorials

Codecademy incorporate AngularJs tutorials from basics, controllers, services, and filters. The tutorial by Marcin Wosinek is the right site to learn Angular by coding. Get access to the explanations and instructions on each topic covered at length.

Codementor.io- Beginners, Interactive

This site is ideal for beginners. The site is loaded with resources and helps to get you started on the right note.


AngularJS: Learn with Expert Online Training is another site you can crash into for systematic training in the subject.

AngularJs.org- AngularJS Tutorials for Beginners

Have no clue what we are talking all about? Well, then here is where you need to look into. The site is complete with demos and tutorials and is ideal for those have no slightest idea on AngularJS.

Code Academy- Beginners, Interactive

This site is suitable for both the beginners and experienced learners. The site has codes and examples to explain concepts and challenges.

Mindmajix- AngularJs Tutorials

Get started with this preliminary site that discusses the fundamentals of AngularJS with examples and demos.

Designermag.org- Interactive, Online

This site is dedicated to telling you the kind of mistakes you need to avoid when learning or implementing AngularJS. This could be ideal when you have already learned the basics and you are trying it on your own. Keep this handy!

Encodedna.com- Online Beginners Tutorials

For those beginners, this blog contains articles related to AngularJS. The blog contains demos and examples that are explained in simple terms. The examples too are basic and targeted for the beginners mostly. The basics of directives, AngularJS properties and how easily it can be used, are all given here.

AngularJs- Intermediate, Online

Another blog to the rescue! This one blog is aimed at AngularJS tutorials in innovative ways. This excellent tutorial is a guide to creating more excitement in you to learn.

Campus Select- AngularJs Tutorials

Take a quick look here to know why you need to learn AngularJS at all. For those of you wondering the benefits of it, this will clear your doubts and will get you started the right way

AngularJS Video Tutorials

The AngularJS tutorials on YouTube are another great way to start. For those of the learners who prefer learning through videos, this will be a great start. While it is interactive, it will also prove to be effective by way of demonstration and examples.

Yearofmoo.com- Beginners Online AngularJs Tutorials

Year of moo will teach you the very basics of how AngularJS works and what its use. It covers all the primary areas that are important of Angular: Modules, Dependency Injection, Routes, Services, Directives and more.

Egghead.io- Advanced, Interactive

Egghead is the best learning center for AngularJS. There are over 150+  AngularJS video tutorials for learning Angular easily. Codes, discussion, and summary are also available below the video. If you would like to advance your learning, PRO subscriptions are also available.

For those of you who prefer to read and learn, here is a list we made based on the books that will prove to be useful.

Pro AngularJS

Authored by Adam Freeman, the book is ideal for those developers with knowledge and experience on CSS, HTML and Javascript. The book is replete with examples and is explained brilliantly. It will also help you understand the way to extend HTML using declarative syntax and how each feature works. If you have some basic knowledge of AngularJs then this book will be best suited for AngularJs tutorials for pro.

AngularJS Programming by Example

The book is authored by Agus Kurniawan that has some solid illustrative examples and helps you to learn AngularJS programming by offering a sample code illustration. The book contains all the required explanation relating to AngularJS starting form preparation of a developmental environment for AngularJS programming. The basic of AngularJS programming and the development tools are well written and described. The demo and examples prove very useful to the readers.

Learning AngularJS

Written by Brad Dayley, Learning AngularJS gives you a complete picture of this innovative and most exciting newly invented technology used for web development. It requires a good knowledge of web application development and therefore Learning AngularJS is the right book to lay hands on to learn to programme from scratch and all the way up. Get to know the secret of creating a powerful and interactive web application, one that well-structured with reusable codes. It helps you become a good developer by following the basic design and the rules of structure.

AngularJS UI development

Written by Amit Ghart and Matthias Nehlsen this is probably one of the best books on AngularJS for tutorials for intermediate that will help you enhance the boundaries of learning by way of teaching you the skills that you will require while designing, customizing, building and delivering the real-world applications built on AngularJS. The book is considered to be the best book for AngularJS due to its beautiful and detailed explanation about even the smallest details of AngularJS programming.


There are ample online resources available for learning AngularJS in the form of videos, eBooks, PDFs. But to learn AngularJS it is necessary to find out the pack of best tutorials or course and then focus on that AngularJS tutorials.




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