20 Best Tutorials and Courses to Learn Python Online

September 18, 2020
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Python is one of the most elegant and complete programming languages and comes packed with tons of features and is used in web applications, desktop apps, data science, machine learning, algorithms development, and much more. 

Python is a high-level language, simple to learn, and comes with multiplatform support. The depth of Python makes it specifically useful in the education and research sector, and that is one key reason for Python’s popularity among students.

If you do a simple google search, you will find that there is no dearth of Python tutorials and courses out there in the wild that train you on the fundamentals of coding in Python, but finding the right set of tutorials is crucial to master the concepts fast with lesser effort.

One can learn Python basic concepts within an hour by following a good Python tutorial or spend hours struggling with low-quality learning material. In an attempt to make it easier for everyone to find the right Python tutorial or course, I have listed down various Python tutorials and learning resources, each labeled by complexity and delivery media.

Furthermore, the Complexity of every tutorial and course is marked as beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. Delivery media is marked either as online reading, downloadable pdf, video tutorial, or interactive Python tutorial and or course. 

Many of the Python resources and tutorials mentioned in this article are absolutely free, while rest can be subscribed for a nominal price.

1. Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3 (Beginners, Interactive)

This course is created by Jose Portilla and is one of the all-time bestsellers, the popularity of this course can be gauged from the fact that it is enrolled by almost a million students since its launch, and the average rating given by students is 4.5/5. 

This comprehensive Python Tutorial cum course covers depths of Python and includes steps from scratch to create applications and games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Blackjack. Any tutorial that provides you step by step instructions to create a fully functional project is bound to cover in and out of programming.

2. Introduction to Python for Data Science (Advanced, Online Interactive)

If you are new to programming and are looking forward to becoming a data science expert then look nowhere else than datacamp. This course is the stepping stone for your mastery in the world of data science. 

Apart from Python basics, you would learn to play around with data using Python, various functions, and packages and learn scientific computing using NumPy. This is an interactive course, should take you around 4 hours to complete, comes packed with 11 videos and 57 exercises. This course is created by Hogo Bowne-Anderson who is a data scientist at Datacamp and loves amateur comedy too.

3. Python for Everybody Specialization – Interactive, Beginners

This is Python specialization offered by the University of Michigan and consists of a set of 5 courses ranging from Python basics for absolute beginners to data visualization in Python for intermediate to advanced level learners. 

The 5 courses are as below – 

  • Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)
  • Python data structures
  • Using Python to access web data
  • Use Databases with Python
  • Capstone: Retrieving, processing, and visualizing data with Python

Why should you go for this course? No pre-requisites required, this course is among the highest-rated with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5,  and is created by the very respected clinical professor named Charles Russell The author is a very respected clinical Professor named Charles Russell Severance.

4. Google’s Python Class – Free eBook, Intermediate

Tutorials from Google developers on Python are well written and cleanly organized. It is all about theory though, without any practical step by step instructions to build projects. Python tutorials from Google developers are Best suited when you want to read through while on the go and/or for those who already have some basic programming background.

This entire Python tutorial set is organized in three sections –

Python Course – This section talks about Python setup, basics of Python like strings, lists, sorting, regular expressions, utilities, etc. and feeds you with the fundamentals of the language.

Lecture videos day1, day2 – Not the reading kinds, no problem, you can go through the video lectures divided into day1 and day2 and grasp the fundamentals of the python language.

Python Exercises – This is what makes python learning interesting. There are basic exercises, an exercise around baby names, and one for “copy special” feature, and one on the log puzzle. You need to get your head around to understand and get these exercises done.

You can download the Python code used in the exercises and run locally on your machine. You can also ask questions to clarify your doubts in google groups.

5. Python Tutorial – Python for Beginners – Learn Python Programming [2020]

I love this guy, Mosh. Amazing video on complete python programming and that too free of cost. Available on YouTube, the video length is around 6 hours 15 minutes and you can, of course, continue at your own pace. Being on YouTube, you will see ads, but everyone needs a break, I won’t mind that. This course covers everything you need to learn Python including setup, writing your first program, variables, functions, math, if-else, while loops, for loops, tuples, return statements, comments, classes, constructors, inheritance, and much more. The best part is the hands-on exercises, while watching videos and learning the basics, you would end up making a simple guessing game, a card game, and an emoji converter. This free Python tutorial ends with three projects, as below: 1. Automation with Python 2. Machine Learning with Python 3. Building a website with Django My personal recommendation for anyone starting with Python would be to spend time watching this video even when you are feeling lazy and don’t want to code for self. Watch it when free, on the go, or whichever way. It is free. Good luck.

6. Learn Python the Hard Way – eBook, Beginners

Learn python the hard way is one of the sure-shot ways to get on-boarded to Python programming. As per the official website, 1.5 million people read this eBook every year and the book is the most successful beginner programming eBook in the market as of today.

The paper and digital versions of the book come at a cost but you can read the online version of the complete book, for free. Arguably the best Python tutorial out there in the wild.

7. The Python Bible™ | Everything You Need to Program in Python

I love the way Zyad Yehia teaches depths of Python programming, he just nailed it. My personal favorite for the simple reason that you learn everything by coding a project, you get to build 11 different projects as you keep learning following this course. Given below is a brief overview of the projects –

  • Project 1: Crafting a Health Potion – You deal with numbers in Python
  • Project 2: Hello You! – You learn strings manipulation and much more
  • Project 3: Email Slicer – You deal further with text and strings
  • Project 4: Travis the ridiculous Security System – You deal with data structures here
  • Project 5: Cinema Simulator – More of data handling
  • Project 6: Baby Conversation Simulator – Loops in Python
  • Project 7: Pig Latin Translator
  • Project 8: Tic Tac Toe Game – Learn functions in Python
  • Project 9: Make your own Coin – OOPS (Object-oriented programming in Python)
  • Project 10: Make all the coins – More of OOPS, getting practical
  • Project 11: Make your own bank – Even more practical programming

The above projects cover the language fundamentals very well, you get 9 hours of on-demand video, 4 articles, downloadable resources, entire code of the projects listed above, and a lifetime of access to the course on Udemy. Enjoy!

8. Python.org – Online, Beginners Python Tutorial

This is the official Python guide and is best suited for those who need a comprehensive tour of the Python language. Official python documentation is a complete reference to the language and always updated with the latest features and release notes.

It is always good to skim through the official guide at least once to ensure that you are not missing anything basic. The official Python guide covers what is new in Python, Python installation guides, library references, python how-tos, embedding, extending, and distributing Python modules.

9. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming 

This Python tutorial is available in multiple formats. you can read the content online for free under creative commons license, or buy a kindle, PDF, or epub book format available on Amazon which is paid but worth it. Another option is a comprehensive video course available on Udemy. The Video course is very well made and worth spending a few bucks to learn Python at a fast pace. All of this material is created by a very special software developer, AI Sweigart, AI Sweigart’s core focus in this book is to automate tasks using Python. This free Python tutorial, if you reading, is specifically useful for those who are looking at web scraping, reading/searching file contents, update and format data in excel, playing around with PDFs, sending automated reminder emails, automatically filling up online forms, and much more. While you learn the basics of Python, you do get to automate a lot of boring tasks.

10. TutorialsPoint.com – Beginners, Online

Want to learn Python from Scratch? Tutorialspoint.com hosts one of the most comprehensive tutorials for learning Python basics and fundamental concepts. Anyone who is totally new to programming can also start learning with Tutorialspoint Python tutorials. It starts by giving a high-level overview of Python, talks about environment setup, basic syntax, and variable types, operators, decision making, loops, etc. and the depths of the language.

Tutorials Point also talks about advanced concepts like CGI programming, database access, multithreading, XML processing, GUI programming and Networking etc.

11. PythonChallenge.com – Advanced, Interactive

Love challenges and also want to learn the depths of Python programming language, there is no better resource on the internet than PythonChallenge.com. This one of course is not for the absolute beginners and also not for the kids who just take notes in the classrooms for overnight cramming/reading without bothering their brains much.

Visit this website, if you want to keep your creative juices flowing. There are 33 levels at the moment and the very first one itself has the potential to get you engaged and addicted to the website.

12. LearnPython.org – Interactive Python Programming, Intermediate

This website offers interactive python tutorials to master the syntax of python programming language. The current interpreter runs Python 2 but the tutorial highlights key differences between Python 2 and Python 3 programming.

The tutorial starts off with Hello world, explains variables and types, lists, basic operators, string formatting, basic string operations, loops, functions, classes and objects, dictionaries, modules, and packages. You also get exercises at the end of each chapter to get your head working around with the depths of Python web programming.

13. Dive into Python 3 – Beginners, Online

This is one of the good reads for beginners as well as for those who already know Python 2 and want to move to Python 3. The author clearly highlights differences between Python2 and Python 3, wherever applicable, and ensures that readers grasp the concepts by citing relevant examples.

14. A Byte of Python – Free Online, PDF

A byte of Python is for an absolute novice in the world of computers and programming. It is written by Swaroop and is loved by beginners all over the globe. The language used is simple and the contents are organized neatly. You can read the book online or download the python tutorial pdf copy.

15. Think Python – Free Online, Python Tutorial PDF

This one is another beginner’s book and the author has made an online version as well as the pdf version freely available. You can buy a paper copy from Amazon as well. The author’s main intent in this book is to teach computer science fundamentals and Python happens to be the programming language used to do so.

A good read for all the students enrolling for computer science disciplines.

20. Python Playgrounds – Coding in Python, Online

Tutorials based on interactive coding playgrounds let you try and learn the language without the hassles of setting up your system for development.

You may not grasp the depths of the language but definitely get to understand the basic concepts. Here are the Python playgrounds to make your learning fun –


The growth of Python in recent times is the biggest driver for the development of excellent Python learning resources. Online Python tutorials, eBooks, PDFs, and interactive learning resources are available for the beginner programmers, a computer science student, an expert programmer, and also for those whose carrier is not directly linked with programming.

Every tutorial teaches you something about Python but the idea is to learn Python programming language by spending minimum effort and time and for that, selection of the right tutorial or learning resource upfront is the key.

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