HTML5 Games: 35+ Best Games You Can Play Online in Browser

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Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Whether you are a gamer or a game developer, there are hundreds of games available out there in the wild that can be played online, in the browser. In this article, we will look at some of the best games created using HTML5, including games like Angry Birds, Runfield, Cut the Rope, Hex GL, Cut Out, Swoop, Gods will be watching, and many more.

HTML5 games have seen a boom in the recent years due to advancements in the browsers and browser based technologies that include CSS, HTML and Javascript. Though it is difficult to say which one is the best, but our team of gamers have played many of the popular HTML5 games, and come up with a list of 35 top games that are truly worth spending time, addictive, and make you feel like playing more and more.

Games are like girlfriends, you love one for some time and then fall in love with another one, and many of us love playing multiple games during the free days. Ok, let us get to the point and see what exactly are the best games we can play in the browser.

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a very popular casual puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment. This game’s online version is powered by HTML5 and is supported on all major browsers.  The game takes gamers on an enthralling adventure on the fields where they can fight for the birds against pigs by launching birds on slingshots.

Angry Birds has a very creative concept, comical presentation and very cool graphics. This hit game is certainly one among the world’s all-time favourite games. There are about 16 games available on their online platform. Why don’t you just try them out with a single click Angry Birds HTML5 Game.

Angry Birds

2. Runfield

Runfield is a simple yet very popular game where you have to control a fox and run as far as you can while skipping holes in the field. It’s supported by browsers across all platforms. Thanks to HTML5, this game offers high-quality graphics that make it even more addictive. This game is certainly worth playing if you love score based games and are crazy about beating high scores of your friends!

3. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a cool physics-based puzzle game developed by a Russian company, ZeptoLab. The objective of the game is to ‘play with physics’ in order to feed a candy to an adorable green creature called Om Nom. The player can cut the rope in which a candy is hanging in a way that the candy reaches Om Nom. The game is now supported by HTML5 which lets you enjoy it on your web browser.

The game boasts of excellent concept, great gameplay and overall good sound and graphics to hook you for hours of entertainment. Check it out here – Cut the Rope Game

4. Hex GL

Hex GL promises an enthralling gaming experience with its fast paced gameplay and stunning graphics. This is a racing game in which the objective is to control a space ship, manage its speed and avoid collisions.

This game is sure to surprise you with the quality of gameplay and the beautiful graphics. Although initially developed by a computer science student, this game got great acclamation and was well received by gamers. The game offers stunning graphics which you may not have experienced on other online games before. Hex GL is a prime example of the limitless capabilities of HTML5 when it comes to gaming. Play this HTML5 game over here Play Hex GL Game Online.

hex gl

5. Roll it

Roll it is a fun-filled arcade game which features a carnival skeeball challenge. This game, supported by HTML5 makes good use of browser capabilities. The game offers options to pair your smartphone with an accelerometer to your web browser to get the best gaming experience. Multiplayer options are also available. Game is especially built for web, so you don’t have to download to play it. Try it here

roll it

6. Sketch out

Sketch out is a game powered by HTML5 with great visuals and beautiful music. In the game, you need to protect your planet and destroy the opposition by deflecting meteoroids coming towards your planet. Credit should be given to the designers of this game for such beautiful visuals and sound. Although the game may look very simple at first look, the quality of design will take you by surprise.

sketch out

7. Cross Code

Cross Code is certainly a game you can’t miss. This is a 2D game which showcases scenarios on the future. The game has different sets of puzzles, quests and lots more to entertain you for hours. Cross code is a game that has won a lot of acclimation and is still highly popular. Chek out this exciting game here  – cross-code

cross code

8. Bejeweled

Bejeweled is a classic game which had a great deal of popularity, is now powered by HTML5. The objective of this game is to match three gems to make them burst. This game displays how HTML5 can enhance classic games to give better graphics and gameplay. If you love puzzle games, this game is sure to keep you entertained for long hours. Follow this link Bejeweled and try to score max.


9. Treasure Arena

Treasure Arena is a multiplayer RPG/Arcade game in which you need to progress from level to level in order to find the treasure. The main objective is to find keys which unlock the next level and to protect yourself from enemies.

The game gives a retro feel of gaming in your childhood days and has loads of features which would surprise you. You will love how this game is intelligently designed to keep you on the hunt for the tressure without getting bored at any stage. Here you begin Treasure Arena.

10. Gods will be watching

Gods will be watching is yet another retro-styled puzzle game with pixelated graphics. The game features a crew leader of a research team whom you have to control. The team was ambushed in a very cold area. You need to keep your crew members alive for 40 days until help arrives. The survival is based on how you interact with your crew members and how you take decisions.

This game is sure to get your brain heated up. Forr all those out there who love finding solutions, this game is made for you! Check it out  – Gods-Will-Be-Watching

gods will be watching

11. Entanglement – Best in Lightweight HTML5 Games

Entanglement is a game which displays the capabilities of HTML5 in creating lightweight games without losing quality. In this game, the player must create a path using segments placed on a grid. The game offers multiple levels which you can play with your friends if you like, by choosing the multiplayer option.  The gameplay with its beautiful graphics is sure to offer you some quality gaming time. Play it here – entanglement


12. Swoop – Good Quality 3D HTML5 Game

Swoop is an arcade game which features a beautiful 3D world where the player can fly around. The objective of the game is to collect gems and stars to score maximum points. The game is top class when it comes to graphics and sound. This game is a classic example of what HTML5 can produce nowadays. Follow the link and fly around –


13. Nothing to hide – Online Game with Fantastic Gameplay

Nothing to hide is a marvellous game which offers fantastic gameplay, seamless mechanics and good graphics. The plot and theme of the game are also impressive. If you haven’t played this game, try it out to be immersed in a gaming experience that you never had before. Check it out  – nothing to hide

Nothing to hide

14. Missile Game

Missile game is a very simple game that’s capable of hooking players to their seats.This game uses a black and white minimalistic theme. But the entertainment that this game provides is not minimal. Missile game is engaging and challenging at the same time. In this game, the player plays the role of passing a missile through a tunnel. Play it here

missile game

15. Sinuous

This HTML5 powered game makes use of a simple concepts and minimalistic graphics but is sure to entertain you. The game has a seamless flow at a good frame rate. This game requires the player to move around a field of red dots and collect power boosts while not touching the red dots. Start playing one of the most simple HTML5 games here at –


16. The Wizard

The Wizard is a fun-filled arcade game which features dungeons and magical lands with monsters and spells. Your job is to navigate through the magical land safely. The game is challenging enough to keep you engaged and also offers a combat mechanism. Play it here – The Wizard

the wizard

17. 2048

If you think that entertaining games need a good plot and stunning graphics, you are wrong! 2048 is a classic example how games with simple concepts and minimal graphics can also turn out to be largely successful. This game has gained a great deal of popularity over recent years. It’s a puzzle game that’s most enjoyable for anyone who loves to play with numbers. The player must join tiles marked with different numbers to form the 2048 tile. Although the concept and gameplay are very simple, this game has the capability to hook you to the screens until you get the perfect 2048! Go on and play Play 2048 game online


18. Escape from XP

Escape from XP is a fun-filled game based on an interesting concept. This game is an action game which takes the end of Windows XP support on a lighter note. The objective of this game is to fight the Windows XP enemies to rescue the developer. Play it here

escape from xp

19. Word Wars

Word Wars is an exciting puzzle game which you would love if you like playing with words. The objective of the game is to find a maximum number of words from a scramble of letters within a period of few minutes. The game is super exciting when you race against the ticking clock to make a new high score.

20. Game of Bombs

Game of Bombs cool RPG game in which you have to play the role of a bomber and destroy your enemies. The players have to collect powerups and progress to more achievements. This multiplayer game lets you have an action packed gaming time with your friends. Play online  – Game of bombs

21. Cube Slam

Cube Slam is a multiplayer arcade game that features a brilliant redesign of the ping pong game. You can play with your friends and challenge them by sending the URL and see them face to face using a webcam. This game utilises the capabilities of HTML5 well, providing high-quality 3D graphics and fluidic gameplay. Check it out – Cube Slam Online

cube slam

22. Biolab Disaster

Biolab Disaster is a science fiction game that is sure to thrill all those geeks around. The game is built simple enough for uninterrupted gameplay. The game is set in a biological lab, where the players objective is to save yourself from mutated creatures and eventually escape from the lab. Follow the link to pay this exciting game

biolab disaster

23. Polycraft

Polycraft is an RPG game which promises to be super entertaining. This is a 3D game where the player needs to collect resources to complete different quests and build differently articles. The game has cool options and offers a polished graphics. The quality of sounds used in this game is also worth a mention. If you haven’t played this challenging game, Give it a try with this link



Pappu Pakia is a very cool arcade game created back in 2012. In this game, the player needs to use control a bird, named Pappu using a mouse or by tapping on the touch screen. The main objective of the game is to prevent Pappu from hitting the ground. You will love the much adorable Pappu and the incredible game mechanics that this game offers.
pappu pakia

25. Cookie Clicker

Cookie clicker is simple, fun yet challenging game that you would enjoy playing. In this game, you must increase the number of cookies you have with quite some effort. Check it out – Cookie Clicker

cookie clicker

25. Arena5

Arena5 is an engaging arcade game built with the very simple layout. In the game, you can fly around and fight geometrical enemies in the space. The objective is to blast all the enemies off to win the game. Even though this easy HTML5 game is very simple, it’s highly enjoyable and is sure to keep you entertained. Follow the link to have a try – Arena5


26. New Super Resident Raver

New Super Resident Raver is a zombie game which can really give you a chill. The game requires players to collect several weapons and resist the zombie invasion and save people from the zombie attack. The game has got pixelated graphics to give you a retro gaming experience. If you love zombies and some action, this game is built for you. Play this here New super resident raver

new super resident raver

27. Sand Trap

It’s a simple game which requires you to fill a bucket with sand. Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of the objective! It’s quite a challenging task. The task of filling the bucket with sand becomes difficult as there is a cube maze which rotates over the bucket. Play it here – Sand Trap

sand trap

28. Galactic inbox

Galactic inbox is a cool arcade game that’s thoroughly entertaining and surely one of the best HTML5 games you can play in the browser. This game gives you the role of Gmail and the objective is to fight off spam. This HTML5 game has a unique concept and is really fun to play. Experiment it here Galactic Inbox

galactic box

29. Connection

Connection is a simple but entertaining puzzle game. This game requires you to connect little monsters according to their colour. The game may look plain. But, you wouldn’t notice how time flies when you engage in connecting these adorable creatures. Play it here – Connection


30. Koubachi

This HTML5 game requires you to take care of plants. The objective of the game is keeping the plants healthy by dragging and dropping plants according to the requirements. You must make sure that the plant gets enough heat and light.


31. Cube

Cube game is a 3D virtual maze game released by Google. This game is based on Google Maps. The game involves various tasks such as reaching your friend at a particular destination and so on. This entertaining game gives you the chance to travel around various cities of the world. It’s thoroughly enjoyable and challenging at the same time.


32. Contre Jour

This one is a beautiful puzzle game that’s sure to challenge you. The game involves a blob whom you have to move around and get it to the portal. You must also try to collect all the blue orbs. This game is not available anymore!

contre jour

34. Tiny Monsters

Tiny Monsters is a fun arcade game. The objective of this game is to slice away polygons to contain the monsters. The game with its beautiful presentation is surely going to offer you some quality game time. Check it out Play Tiny Monsters Game in Browser

tiny monsters

35. Shell Heroes

Shell Heroes is an interesting puzzle game. The objective is to help the turtles create a way for their king. The game involves placing several boxes in the right place. Follow the link to have a try Shell Heroes Browser Game

shell heroes


HTML5, the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language is undoubtedly a boon for the tech world. HTML5 allows the seamless creation graphical and multimedia content for online publishing, to run in the browser and that too without the need of any additional plugins. Gaming is certainly an area where HTML5 proved its capabilities. Online game developers understood that HTML5 is the best choice for making captivating games with the best quality.




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