10 Superlative Templates for Enthralling jQuery Mobile Solutions

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Updated: Feb 21, 2022

best jquery mobile templates

Creating a remarkable mobile presence is as essential as embracing an online identity, or I should rather say, it is more eminent than a web solution. The ongoing trend represents an incessant increase in the number of mobile users who not only prefer using mobile applications on a regular basis, but also like to access the Internet from their handy devices instead of large screen desktops.

This is certainly encouraging businesses to invest in a suitable mobile development service and create a noteworthy mobile solution, thereby, leading to a burgeoning mobile development industry.

With this market trend, we have myriads of mobile app frameworks and platforms that support mobile development and jQuery Mobile is one of those. JQuery is a popular JavaScript library that is developed to aid web development.

If you want to captivate your potential mobile visitors of your website or application, jQuery Mobile offers an incredibly useful solution. Fortunately, there are truckloads of beautiful templates available out there to support the jQuery Mobile.

You can easily find a suitable template to generate an exquisite mobile presence that can rivet your viewers and encourage them to further interact with the design. To help you make an optimal choice, I have enlisted a few worthwhile jQuery Mobile templates.

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Let’s ponder into them.

1. Mobile Portfolio Site Template

mobile portfolio

An online portfolio has become quite indispensable these days. There are many employers that give a great preference to a well-designed portfolio. Thus, if you want to make sure that you get hired in a particular organization, you must have an appealing portfolio.

And, endeavoring for a mobile portfolio can make your candidature a notch higher. Here comes the Mobile Portfolio Site Template as a handy tool for creating quality portfolios with a flair. This template lets one design his portfolio in a requisite way while ensuring its high end quality and rich aesthetics.

It offers impressive and legible results that make it easier to entice mobile viewers, and augment the career in a suitable direction.

2. jQuery Mobile Flat UI Theme

JQery Mobile Flat UI theme

With the flat and minimalist designs in vogue, it is worth choosing a template that augments flat interface design. JQuery Mobile Flat UI Theme can offer an admirable UI design that can help generate positive perception among the viewers.

It includes subtly-designed textures, sharp typography, decent drop shadows for gradients, a list of accent colors, and several other design attributes. Thus, you will surely get an outstanding theme to adorn your mobile web solution.

While it ensures an attractive design, it also makes it pretty easy for one to configure the theme and implement it in a desired fashion. You can integrate this theme in your project in a hassle-free way.

3. Stroller


Stroller is one of the best-selling sidebar templates that offer an exquisite mobile solution to proficiently target mobile users. This responsive template is designed to ensure a flawless and smooth performance of the product irrespective of the device used.

It supports the homepage web application development with a stunning design, and immersive look and feel. This template, thus, delivers a fabulous user experience that can add to the retention rate and conversion rate. Stroller also offers a great navigation ease accompanied by the touch-optimized interface. It certainly ensures slick user interactions.

The template is HTML and CSS compliant and backed up by jQuery. While embracing rich typography and elegant color palette, it offers a legible documentation as well that makes this template a complete package.

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4. Chalis


Chalis is yet another prolific template that offers a blissful jQuery mobile solution. You can easily create a captivating visual appeal with your application by customizing its appearance in a desired fashion.

It comes loaded with a range of incredibly useful features, including a page preloader with fader, custom jQuery code, touch swipe image slider, Full retina support, and Google font integration, to name just a few. This premium template embraces a responsive layout that runs flawlessly and seamlessly on any device.

Moreover, the intuitive interface design makes it convenient for visitors to browse through the displayed information and perform a positive action.

5. Flaty Mobile Retina

Flat Mobile Retina

Jam-packed with a list of useful features, Flaty Mobile Retina template helps create a ravishing mobile UX. You can keep your users engaged for longer with an intuitive and enticing design of this template. Since, there are myriads of choices available with more than 800 retina icons and elements; you can tailor the visual appeal of your application in a fabulous way.

It comprises an Ajax/PHP contact form with validation, Photoswipe touch image gallery, Typography features, and a lot more that makes this template a notable piece.

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6. Shopey (Discountinued)


Shopey is an awesome jQuery Mobile template that makes a viable choice for eCommerce mobile solutions. It comes complete with all the pages that one needs to develop an eCommerce website. While offering a great solution to create an online store, it also supports portfolio site design.

So, if you are overwhelmed with its pleasing style, you can use it for creating an appealing portfolio website. To support a portfolio site, it includes five beautiful page templates. This HiDPI ready template delivers a flawless performance on any mobile device with high quality visuals rendered appropriately on the targeted screen.

It supports Ajax Contact form, valid HTML and CSS, liquid structure and various other resourceful features. Moreover, this paid template also offers six distinct color schemes, so you can choose suitable colors for your website.

7. jQuery Multi-page Template

jQuery Multi Page Template

If your jQuery mobile solution demands multiple pages, you can proficiently accomplish it via the jQuery Multi-page Template. It is extolled for its wonderful performance and offers brilliant results. To support the mobile solutions with multiple pages, it features multiple page containers.

While allowing you to integrate a desired number of pages in your mobile solution, it ensures a seamless user interaction through all the pages.

8. Mobilize


Mobilize might appear as an odd entry in this list, as it is a WordPress template. However, it is a great jQuery Mobile based WP template, so I can’t resist including it. It offers amazing touch-optimized mobile solutions with well-designed layout.

The home page comprises a responsive slider with social icons, 24 transitions, optional captions and a slew of other features. The support for the excellent features like short codes, gallery, contact forms, media files support, and so forth makes it a valuable template.

You can create a desirable visual appearance for your WP site and rivet your mobile visitors in a great fashion.

9. Circle


While offering a range of useful options, Circle is a great jQuery Mobile template that makes customization a breeze. You can choose among 40 different pages, 5 distinct home pages, and 5 navigation styles. It also features three sliders, including a Classic slider, a Fullscreen slider, and a Circular image slider. You can create a desired look and feel by integrating suitable elements.

This responsive template is lauded for its amazing performance on a range of devices. And, it also supports PhoneGap, Font Awesome+ Google, and touch and swipe gestures. While the template is developed with a precise coding style, it also comes complete with a legible documentation, so one can easily get his hands on it. Furthermore, it also offers the best support services to ensure a flawless and optimal experience with the template.

10. Native Droid2

Native Droid2

Designed with a great precision, Naive Droid2 is a wonderful jQuery Mobile theme that features a beautiful material design layout.

It is licensed under the MIT and available on GitHub, to make it easier for you to implement this theme in your personal or commercial projects. And since, it embraces an appealing list of accent hues; you can choose a suitable one to adorn your mobile solution.


JQuery Mobile offers incredible mobile solutions that are optimized to cater to the needs of mobile viewers. There is a plethora of well-designed, astounding jQuery Mobile templates that you can integrate into your project.

I hope the aforementioned list will help you choose a suitable one and enhance the visual appeal of your mobile presence so that you can drive greater conversions and thus, benefit your business.

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