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Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Comics lover looking for online comic book store, of course! I am sure that comics have been an inseparable part of your childhood, and maybe they still are. While TV, movies, iPods, Netflix and mobile games etc. have become the primary mode of entertainment these days, there is something about reading a comic of our favorite characters which is irreplaceable.

It used to be quite special to go to a comic book store, and be surrounded by all sorts of comics, and to check out many comics before purchasing one, but many of the dedicated comic book stores have closed now. Furthermore, with the advent of digital formats, many of us have started to like reading comics on Kindle, iOS, Android, Window etc., ditching the age-old paperbacks.

From Where Can I Buy Comics Online?

Even if it does not provide the joy of holding and skimming the comics before buying, the best places to buy comic books are online stores, unless there is any comic shop still in business near you.

You might want to check out comics at Amazon as well, great collection I must say – Comics at Amazon.

There are many online comic book stores out there in the wild that host thousands of comics both in digital as well as paper formats. You can find what you need irrespective of whether you are buying your kid’s first comic book, keeping up with your own favourite series or just buying a few for nostalgia’s sake.

Out team has looked at some of the popular place that host biggest collection of comics and listed below are the best online comic book store –

1. Custom Anime Goods Online

Of course, in addition to online comic books, you might be interested in comic goods, such as comic stickers, posters, lapel pins, etc. You can buy all kinds of them on online stores such as Amazon & Esty. You can even customize them on your own on online platforms such as, GS-JJ.COM, etc . You can design the custom stickers or the custom lapel pin with your favorite comic elements. That would be unique comic collections, decorations for your laptops, as well as special gifts for comic lovers.

Link –

2. Comixology – Buy Digital Comics

The world has moved to digital and so have comic books. Comixology is the biggest online platform for buying and reading comics in the digital form. Once you buy the comics from Comixology, you can read those on any device including Kindle, Fire, iOS, Android and Windows.

Although there is an app for every major OS, you can still get online and use their online viewer to access and read your comics, in the browser. What I love about Comixology is the Guided View Reading Technology that makes reading experience an absolute fun. Guided view reading is specifically designed for comic lovers and it works well on all devices.

Comixology catalogue is huge and features over 750,000 comics from large publishers as well as small independent artists. If you are a fan of a specific series, you can subscribe for it and get the new issues delivered to you automatically.

Another great thing is the ongoing sale on Comixology, where you can get comics for as low as 99 cents, new comics are added every week.  You can also find many free comics, not the latest and the greatest ones as free, but definitely a few that you might like.

Comixology platform also has a feature to track delivery of physical copies to your nearest comic stores so that if you need to buy good old physical comic books, you will know where to get one.

Comixology is an Amazon company, and you know Amazon makes it big, whatever it does. Rest assured, you are guaranteed to get the best of comics reading experience with Comixology.

Edit – Comixology is now integrated with itself rather than being a separate website.

Check out more here at – Comixology Digital Comics Book Store

3. My Comic Shop – Buy, Sell and Trade Comics Online

My Comic Shop is the best place to buy, sell and trade comics online, you can head down to their online auction house and meet some like-minded people, bid in the auction or find about other comics. It is a great place to find modern age new comics as well as those from dark ages – comics from the time when there was no internet or even digital media.

What I love about My comic shop is availability of back issues, you can definitely find those classic and old-time comics that you don’t find anywhere else, with ease.  At My comic shop, you can pre-order upcoming comics at a good discount rate, order new comics as well as add difficult to find comics in your Wishlist, as soon as there is a seller or a trader available, you get the notification.

My Comic Shop (Lone Star Comics originally) was started back in 1960 by a comic lover Buddy Saunders, who started a physical store in 1977 and a fully functional online comic book store in 1997. Ever after the online launch, My Comic Shop grew in popularity primarily due to their meticulous care in packaging the merchandise and good customer service.

Check out more here at – My Comic Shop

4. Things From Another World (TFAW)

TFAW or “Things From Another World” is a great place to buy new comic books, they also sell more of another world stuff, like action figures, toys, Funko pops, graphic novels, statues, related graphics and much more.

Whether you are looking for Marvel’s Venomverse, DC’s Dark Nights: Metal or The War of Jokes and Riddles, you will find these on TFAW at a good discounted price. You can also find comics from their own publishing house named Dark Horse Comics, as well as from other indie publishers like Zenescope, Fantagraphics and many more. website offers subscription feature to automatically purchase new releases of your favourite series. You can also use the watch list feature to be notified of new updates to your favourite series.

TFAW was started back in 1980 as a single store, which expanded to several physical stores across USA and finally to the online world in the form of, which as of today is among the top three comic retailers in the world.

Official Website – Things From Another World

5. Buying Comics Online at Amazon

When it comes to retail, Amazon is the big daddy in everything, including comics. Amazon already has a robust logistics and IT infrastructure in place to ensure that your shopping experience is smooth and there are no troubles with delivery.

While Amazon is not specialised in comics, or even books for that matter, but it is so huge that its smaller looking section around comic books too is much bigger than many of the dedicated online comic book stores.

Amazon also has Kindle under its belt, providing digital formats of comic books for easy reading on Kindle devices or mobile devices. All the comics on Amazon and Kindle are well sorted by genres, publishers, series, heroes and even some event specials. If you are not sure what to pick up, you can check out the best sellers for a safe bet.

Check out more here at – Comics at Amazon

6. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is one of the best places to buy books of any kind online in digital as well as paperback format. They also host a great comic book collection from a variety of genres such as superhero comics, alternative comics, mystery and thriller comics.

Their comic books section is pretty well organised, and you can sort by genre, subject, publishers, prices, special collections etc. to easily find what you need. They also have a good list of best sellers if you are not sure what you want and would like to pick up something that most people like.

Check out more here at – Barnes & Noble.

7. Midtown Comics

Midtown Comics has an online store that offers back issues of the comics as well as newest issues of modern age comics, Midtown comics also offers related merchandise such as graphic novels, toys, action figures, statues etc.

Midtown Comics began operations in 1997 and later expanded with three stores in New York City. They carry comics from all major publisher including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, Independents, Vertigo, Dynamite, IDW and many more.

Midtown Comics online also has a subscription service for automatically purchasing the latest releases of your favourite series. Most items on sale are offered at some discount, generally 15%, though there are other deals as well such as Deal of the Day, for an even better discount.

You can also find comics by year of release, for example comics from 1950, 1960, 1970, 2000s etc and even those that existed before 1940s, the various genres include scifi, sportslad, crime Sci-Fi, superhero fantasy, Horror, Crime Incentive and many more.

Official Website – Midtown Comics

8. ForbiddenPlanet

Forbidden planet is one of the best comics stores catering to the needs of comic lovers from UK. Do you love Game of throne? if yes, you would get      Game of Thrones illustration edition, a song of ice and fire, storm of words and everything else game of thrones on this site.

Forbidden Planet has many physical stores throughout United Kingdom but their online comics are shipped across the globe including USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries.

Check out more here at – ForbiddenPlante Comics

9. Mile High Comics

If you look at their website, you might think that someone forgot to update their website since the 90s, but fortunately, that is not representative of the treasure you can find here.

Mile High Comics has about 5 million comic books available, the founder has been selling comics since he was 14 years old in 1970 and is very passionate towards comics. They are not mainly focussed on selling brand new comics, rather they specialise more on back issues and used ones.

Mile High Comics also take special requests to procure any specific comics, they do this by holding auctions where people can buy, sell and trade comics. This makes it a perfect place for comic book collectors.

The pricing usually fluctuates depending on demand, so it is hard to predict how good of a deal you can get. If you are lucky enough, you can easily get cheap bargains, just keep an eye before you buy comics online.

Check out more here at – Mile High Comics.

10. eBay

eBay is another e-commerce giant that doesn’t specialize as an online comic book store but is a great place to buy new as well as second hand comics online. eBay presents a much lower barrier to entry for sellers, allowing various smaller sellers to sell comics on eBay.

While there are many comics listed on eBay, searching comics can be a little bit of a task when compared to the likes of Amazon, Barnes & Nobles or any other specialized comic store.

Check out more here at –  Comics at eBay.

11. Comics Price Guide is not exactly an online store, but an online community of comic lovers with over 700,000 members, which was started back in 1995. has been a great online community to seek information about your favourite comics and get in touch with like-minded people. The online community platform also supports classifieds and auctions, with no limit on buying even with the free account. The online community platform uses proprietary value algorithm to enable a good comic book marketplace within the community.

Official Website – Comics Price Guide


The options mentioned above are only a few of the many places you can buy comics online. Before making any purchase, make sure to compare prices and checking shipping policy and rates.

While searching for your favourite comics online, don’t forget to check out still operational physical stores in your area, any auctions, comic-cons and gatherings of comic lovers. These events may not match the convenience of ordering a comic online, but still, they can provide great comic buying experiences.

Return of the Jedi on the day of the Dark Knight is inevitable and even with all the force Spiderman will not be able to stop it. I have learnt that there are folks who have gone mad reading comics. Be careful!


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