App Maker: The 10 Best DIY Online Mobile App Builders

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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Do you want to start your mobile app development project, right now? The best way to quickly create a mobile app is by using an online Do It Yourself (DIY) mobile app development platform.

Developing an app from scratch has never been an easy feat and eats up good amount of time and effort, specifically if one is not into hard core programming. There were times when mobile app designers were totally dependent on programmers to get their dream apps rolling. But now a days, mobile app designers have an edge and it is much easier for designers to build mobile apps within no time and that too without the need to learn multiple technologies.

Thanks to the online app builder platforms like AppMakr, Appypie, ComoBizness Apps and Mobile Roadie etc. that can be used to build mobile apps even if one doesn’t know the basics of programming.

There are many cloud based DIY app development platforms that let you get started with your mobile application development without the hassle of setting up your system and offer easy to use and intuitive development interface. Call these tools as mobile app creators, app builders or app makers, these are popping up everywhere

Individuals as well as Enterprises are building mobile apps of all sizes and complexity by using these tools and getting good Return on investment and faster time to market.

Let us look at the best 10 online mobile app development tools that are feature rich, offer agile app development, popular among individual mobile app designers as well as enterprises and make it possible to build modern UI and feature rich mobile apps.


Appmakr is the big daddy when it comes to rapid mobile apps development by using any online mobile app creator. It came into existence in 2009, quickly became popular, and recently got acquired by another online app maker platform provider named Infinite monkeys.

After the acquisition of Appmakr by Infinite monkeys, these app making platforms never turned back and as of today they are among the best in the market. The popularity of these app makers is pretty evident from the fact that individuals and enterprises have created more than 2.6 million apps using Appmakr and infinite monkeys.

You can quickly build iPhone apps or Android apps using Appmakr, you can also build HTML5 mobile compatible websites. The platform is easy to use and equips you with excellent drag and drop features to build basic apps in just 20 minutes.

Platform has huge collection of ready to use app templates for bloggers, publishers, Restaurant, School, Mosq, Band , team, small businesses, non-profits, musicians, you name it. The only thing that you really need to work on is the innovative graphics that complement your brand and rest everything is taken care by the platform, out of the box.

You can read more about Appmakr at – – DIY App Maker.


Appypie is the most feature rich online mobile app creator out there in the wild and is the platform of choice for small and mid-size businesses. Ever after its release in 2013, Appypie grew rapidly in popularity and is competing with the top platforms like Appmakr, Como, Infinite monkeys, AppMachine, buildFire, Shoutem and

With Appypie you can build Android apps, iPhone apps, Windows and Kindle apps within minutes by utilizing ready to use templates and drag and drop functionality.

Another cool thing about Appypie is the option to build games without the need of any programming. You can select ready to use game templates as per the theme of your game and do the necessary customization and branding.

You can read more about Appypie at – – DIY App Builder


When it comes to Enterprise grade mobile app development and management, there is no match to what Como has to offer. Como is the popular choice among enterprises for the reason that along with apps development, it provides end to end customer loyalty management program to keep the customers engaged and interested in your business.

Many big brands like Coca cola, BMW and Burger King use Como platform to build apps and keep their customers engaged. Como’s DIY platform reflects its customer loyalty management expertise and offers relevant features that can be utilized out of the box to build engaging mobile apps.

Como ranks among the most used app makers and as of writing this article, more than 1 million apps have already been created using Como platform.

You can read more about Como at  – Como Enterprise App Builder


Native apps are always better than the HTML5 hybrid apps, isn’t it? AppMachine is the best DIY platform to build native Android apps, iPhone and Windows Phone 8 smartphones. AppMachine is a mature platform that was officially launched back in 2013 by Siebrand Dijkstra along with a very passionate development team.

App machine also offers platform named to build HTML5 mobile friendly websites using point and click features and without the need to write any code. They are also coming up with another product named AppMachine instant that promises to deliver instant apps for your business.

You can read more about AppMachine at Appmachine – The Native Mobile App Builder

Bizness apps

Bizness apps is based out of San Francisco and was started way back in 2010 by Andrew Gazdecki, one of the pioneers in the online mobile apps development market.

Bizness apps offers all the features required in a DIY platform including thousands of ready to use mobile app templates,  drag and drop app creation, submission to app stores, lifetime support, regular updates and CMS system to manage your mobile apps.

Bizness apps offer three different plans, Mobile Website, white label partner and mobile apps. If you are looking forward to build your own website or mobile apps then “mobile apps” is the best plan and they offer 30 days of free trial for you to build your mobile app.

You can host the mobile app on Bizness apps cloud and with just few clicks launch your app to iOS or Android app stores, or opt for HTML5 (mobile website) version.

With the analytics features that come with the Bizness Apps CMS, one can keep a close track on the performance of the app on app stores, which includes no of downloads, user engagement and other key metrics.

While the platform is easy to understand and use, there are still tons of articles and video tutorials and weekly webinars to help a novice get started on building mobile apps.

For enterprises and individuals who develop websites and mobile apps for other small businesses, there is white label partner program available from the house of Bizness apps. Being a white label partner, you can utilize all the features off Bizness apps app building platform and start your own mobile apps company or extend the reach of your existing mobile apps Bizness.

You can read more about Bizness Apps at – Biznessapps – App Builder For Small Businesses is the big daddy of enterprise mobile applications development and provides complete set of tools for rapid mobile application development (RMAD). platform is the rebranded name of visual mobile app builder Tiggzi and is the product of company named Exadel, Inc. gives complete flexibility to build native iOS, Android and windows phone apps, or hybrid apps using frameworks like Ionic, jQuery Mobile and apache Cordova or simple responsive web apps.

Visual editor offers drag and drop app building feature and supports most advanced UI frameworks like Ionic, AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile and HTML5 components. There are many ready to use existing app templates that can be used as well., however, doesn’t provide thousands of ready to use templates like BiznessApps, Appypie or AppMakr does, it is more like a platform that provides tools to build mobile apps rather than ready to use apps. is best suited for Enterprise grade applications where you need to integrate with backend databases and other enterprise backend systems. You may not want to use to build a restaurant app, a gym app or any other app that represents a small shop or service.

You can read more about Appery  at – – Enterprise Grade Mobile App Development


Shoutem is backed by RPG Capital and is giving a tough competition to the top app builder platforms like Appypie and Bizness apps. Shoutem mobilizer was launched back in 2011 with a target to provide a mobile apps platform to everyone at affordable price and without the need of coding.

Like its competitors, Shoutem too has many ready to use app templates for Restaurant apps, churches, Event, local, radio, music, news, shopify, loyalty apps and many more. You can try Shoutem for free and build app using drag and drop features.

Some of the key features include, easy to use app designer, content management system, Shoutem API for data sync with database, analytics to analyze user behavior, user management etc., push notifications, mobile advertising, deals setup, offering coupons to your app users, eCommerce and linking to iTunes.

You can read more about Shoutem at – Shoutem App Maker

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is my personal favorite and a much advanced and sophisticated platform for building Android apps, iPhone apps, iPad apps and mobile websites. The platform was officially launched back in 2009 by Michael Schneider and Brock Batten.

Mobile Roadies pricing plans are a bit on the higher side but it offers powerful features and tools to build apps, promote apps, market your business, music, videos, songs, media and everything else that breathes entertainment.

There is no match to Mobile Roadie when it comes to apps building and content marketing in the entertainment industry. You can easily guess the reach of this platform from the fact that big brands like Disney and San Diego zoo use Mobile Roadie.

Mobile Roadie platform simply rocks in the world of musicians with apps built for the likes of Taylor Swift, Pit bull, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bon-Jovi, Madonna, Adele and Katy Perry to name a few.

Mobile Roadie vs Bizness Apps

In short, Bizness Apps is for masses and Mobile Roadie is for classes. You do not build restaurant or church apps with Mobile Roadie.

You can read more about Mobile Roadie at –


IBuildApp is another Do it yourself mobile app creation platform that allows creation of android and iPhone apps within minutes. Ever since its launch in 2011, iBuildApp never turned back, and as of today, more than 1.5 million apps have been created using iBuildApp platform with more than 30 million downloads.

iBuildApp has more than 100 ready to use app templates that can be customized to suit your brand and app can be enhanced using out of the box featurs like Google calendar, shopping cart, social media integration, photos & Instagram, coupons, RSS feeds, contacts and eCommerce store etc.

It also offers analytics, promotional tools, notifications and ads activation to promote and grow your business or monetize your app.

You can read more about iBuildApp here at –

Mobappcreator is relatively new entrant in the game and secures a place in the top ten since it comes packed with powerful features and modern approach towards mobile apps creation.It offers drag and drop tools to build native android and iPhone apps and promotes itself as app creation and mobile marketing tool.

Platform takes care of apps submission to Apple app store and Google Play and lets you focus on the app creation. It also offers marketing tools for to market the app, monitor the usage of app and analytics around everything related to the app performance.

Mobapp creator has been used by some of the big brands including Telefonica, Holiday Inn, Kraft and Marriott.

You can read more about Mobapp Creator at – – app creation and marketing tool.


Phenomenon of DIY mobile app makers with drag and drop tools for rapid apps creation is not very old but has grown rapidly in the last year. Do-it-yourself, drag and drop tool-set based app builders have become the default choice for creating feature rich, engaging, interactive and modern mobile apps.

Different app maker platforms offer different style and set of features but all attempt to solve the common underlying problem of making mobile apps with speed without coding, with ease and at lightning speed.

The online mobile app development platforms listed in this article are among the best in the market as of today and I hope one of these is worth your mobile app development plans.

Thanks for reading, do provide your experience in building mobile apps using any DIY app builder, via comments below. Cheers.




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