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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Whether it comes to clearing your boards or acing competitive exams, such as the RBI assistant exam, having a proper study plan becomes imperative. That’s always an important part of the process. Having a plan can help you understand where you stand at all times and tell you what, when, and how to study for the best results. In this article, we will not only provide you with the right study plan but also help you understand the details and give you all the necessary details you will need for your exam.

What Is the RBI Exam?

RBI exam is conducted by the Reserve Bank of India where they select candidates for the post of an assistant for several branches across the country. For the role of an RBI assistant, it is compulsory to give the exam and then go for the interview and crack it. Acing the exam will help you work for a renowned government organization, taking your career to the next level. 

RBI Exam Dates 

Online registrations are usually open from November to December. Therefore, keep an eye out for the same. The prelims are held in January next year while the mains are held in February. To clear the exam, you will first have to clear prelims and then the mains. If you crack your prelims, you will have only a month to prepare for the mains. So, when you are preparing, you must prepare for both prelims and main, and keep the remaining one month only for revision. 

How Much Do RBI Assistants Earn?

RBI assistants earn a handsome salary for a beginner along with several perks that can help them lead a great life. The average salary of an RBI assistant is between 14,000 INR – 36,000 INR. 

Syllabus of RBI Exam 


  • Reasoning ability, which comes for 35 marks and has 35 questions. To clear this round, you get 20 minutes. 
  • Numerical Ability is another topic for 35 marks and has 35 questions. Again you are given 20 minutes for the same. 
  • The English language has 30 questions for 30 marks and you have 20 minutes to clear the same. 


  • For your mains, you will again encounter Reasoning Ability and English language. Each for 40 marks where you have to answer 40 questions, in 30 minutes to each topic. 
  • Quantitative Aptitude is a topic for mains, which can award you 40 marks. You will have to answer 40 questions in 30 minutes.
  • Finally, you have General Awareness and Computer Knowledge where each topic comes for 40 marks and has 40 questions. You will be allotted 25 and 20 minutes respectively. 

Remember, each wrong answer will be awarded 0.25 marks. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully answer. Read ahead to familiarize yourself with an easy study plan. 

Study Plan To Ace The RBI Assistant Exam 

Understand the Syllabus 

Before you jump into studying, the main and the first step is to understand the chapters that you are supposed to study. Go through the textbooks and guide books for the RBI assistant exam. They are available in bookstores. Once you go through all the chapters, make a list of all the chapters that you are already well-versed with or you find easy and the chapters that are difficult for you. When you are making a study plan, do the difficult chapters first and then the easy ones, and remember to include everything from the main syllabus too. As mentioned earlier, you will not get a lot of time to prepare for your mains once you clear the prelims. Therefore, it is important to include them in your study plan now. 

Preparing A Timetable 

Let’s say, you start your exam preparation in August. You will have August, September, October. November should be for Revision and December must be for sample question paper and to take rbi assistant mock test online free. So, when it comes to preparing a timetable, take into account how much time you need for each topic. Don’t overdo things. Keep a realistic timetable as it will help you ace the exam. Let’s say, you are trying to study 5 chapters in a day. Maybe you will be able to accomplish it, but will you be thorough with them? Maybe not. 

Planning a timetable must be done according to your capability. Instead of 5, if you think doing 3 chapters a day will mean you will become thorough in those particular chapters then do only 3. Once you are done, if you have time, just keep revising. Also remember, don’t compare your study plan with a friend’s. Maybe your friend is able to sit and study for 10 hours a day and you can only do 5. It’s okay. Create a plan according to what you are comfortable with and you will definitely ace the exam. 

Make Notes 

Another aspect of your studies should be making notes. You cannot always keep referring to your textbooks whenever you want to revise. Instead, make notes and write down all the important points. This will not only help make revision easy but writing important points will help you remember them too. 

Take Breaks

Competitive exams are tough and it is important that you give your best. But that doesn’t mean, you study without a break or make your life only about studies. It is necessary that you take breaks in between and do things you enjoy. Maybe you enjoy sketching, do it whenever you find free time. Only studying will overwhelm you and that’s not good. 

Finally remember, at least 10 days before the exam check if you have all the necessary documents required for the exam. From admit card to ID proof, keep everything ready. And, keep calm. Have faith in yourself and you will be able to do it. 

All the Best! 


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