Best Web Design Ideas of 2021: Motion Effect, Minimalism & Mixed Techniques

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Updated: Dec 14, 2021


It’s a pleasure to keep track of how web design trends change. The emergence of new technologies and techniques encourages designers to come up with unique features. However, they are unique not only in that they are beautiful and unusual but also in that they enhance and facilitate the user experience.

The world of the Internet is changing at the speed of light and every day pleases users of sites with usability, clear and understandable navigation, data protection, and fast page loading. Fashion trends change every year. Sometimes professionals come up with new concepts, and sometimes they present improved versions of old trends.

Web designers have a great opportunity to create incredible solutions and improve the visibility of websites from a variety of options.

Today we will talk about the best web design concepts of the past year, their features, and subtleties.


Minimalism is one of the most sophisticated trends that is not going to leave the trend lists. For many years now, web designers have been using this technique to focus attention on the most important details without overloading users with unnecessary information. It is quite simple and easy to understand for users who, entering the website, can easily navigate and do what they went to the website for.

Its peculiarity lies in the strict parameters of the visual presentation: the absence of a distracting background for website, simple forms and descriptions, complementary color solutions, and an increase in space.

Using this technique, web designers strive to create simplicity, functionality, and ease of perception.

Dark color superiority

Black on white has been a popular web design technique for many years. Now the professionals decided to change the color scheme and it turned out to be successful. Black and other dark shades give websites an elegant look and also create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. This technique has become popular not only because of the atmosphere or emotions but largely because users are trying to reduce the percentage of battery consumption of their gadgets. Also, dark colors have less impact on the eyesight of the users.

Black in the design of websites, as well as in clothes, the color of gadgets, cars, has always been more advantageous than light shades. Such a backdrop allows you to focus attention on details, emphasize perfection and make things more sophisticated.

Many web designers have gone beyond just one dark background. Some have decided to leave a choice to the user. So, many site visitors can independently choose which background is preferable for them: light or dark.


Web designers decided to remember childhood when we created collages for presentations at school to showcase our hobbies, family, or favorite books. Now this concept has gained popularity throughout the digital world.

This trend is characterized by many piled-up elements that fit together perfectly. Texts, illustrations, fonts, animations, design elements are used that do not create the impression of chaos, but, on the contrary, look aesthetically attractive.

By default, this trend adds brightness, freshness, and a catchy impression to your website. You can embody your most daring ideas by correctly combining them.


The reluctance to conform to generally accepted web design norms has also become a trend in recent years. Its peculiarity lies in the violation of principles, the creation of opposed images, incongruous elements, and the induction of chaos.

It urges us to abandon clear and strict lines, beautiful proportional fonts, and elegant details. Sophistication, distorted shapes, ugly details, and asymmetry are offered to users. This technique is aimed at amateurs and not every user will like it.

This is a kind of riot and rebellion in the world of the Internet. These sites are no less effective or functional.


Web designers keep up with the environment and bring their ideas to life by creating organic website images. The main challenge is to raise people’s awareness of protecting what we have in nature. Nothing lasts forever and many resources can run out. As a reminder, web designers opt for warm earthy colors, natural shapes, and raw organic textures.


Instead of using beautiful photographs and images, it has become fashionable to use hand-drawn illustrations. Many companies, artists, and bloggers use this concept for their websites to add originality, uniqueness, and naturalness.

Such a technique fills the website with coziness and warmth. Often, illustrations use the style of odd bodies, which depict characters with non-standard proportions of bodies, body parts, and heads. Moreover, such images amaze users and create a humorous atmosphere or an atmosphere of magic and fairy tales like in cartoons.


Web designers began to pay great attention to making websites accessible to all people. The task is to create a website where you would not have to read the instructions for use but easily understand the navigation, sections, and functions.

A clearer, more inclusive design is important for good customer service. It also increases conversions, promotes your website, and gives you more audience reach.

On many sites, you can see progress in creating contrasting colors for readability, emphasis on key details, unique content, and a simple interface.

Movement of shapes and objects

Attracting attention also lies in the creation of interactive sections and a variety of video content. Web designers began to create websites that display moving objects and animated images that mesmerize viewers.

Users stay on such sites longer and they have the interest to explore the site and see interactive objects. Polls, quizzes, contests make users spend more time on the website.

With the help of such tools, site owners can get to know their audience and, based on this data, offer personalized recommendations and suggestions.

3D and geometric design

Simple geometric shapes have evolved into moving objects and three-dimensional shapes. They create a mesmerizing atmosphere and a futuristic look. The unusual play of shapes and patterns is a great tool for creating videos and promotional offers.

These techniques are designed for people who prefer the absence of chaos and the presence of structure and order in their lives.


This year has delighted many Internet users with innovations in the field of web design. Many trends have remained relevant for many years. Others appear suddenly and gain the attention of specialists.


Sophia Rodreguaze


Sophia is the contributing editor at She writes about anything and everything related to technology.

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