21 Best YouTube Channels for Learning, Knowledge & Development

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Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Have you been searching for YouTube channels that will motivate you to develop yourself and learn something new?

Now you can find almost any video on YouTube for every taste, because it is watched by more than 4 billion users every day.

To find a video on the right topic, you don’t even need to use anything other than YouTube. Everything is there. YouTube is now home to more than 8,000 creators of video content. The YouTube partner program has helped bring a lot of high-quality videos on completely different topics to the platform. Among this video content, there are also many videos about education, self-development and motivation. These educational videos are really high quality and have a high educational value. But let’s be honest, it’s too easy to get lost in such a variety. But at the same time there are excellent YouTube channels that really deserve your attention, and they should be given your free time if you want to engage in education and self-development. YouTube is full of not only makeup lessons, game reviews, and collections with cute animals. More and more channels are taking up scientific topics. We decided to collect the most impressive video blogs that can make us a little smarter.So if you want to watch video everywhere and anytime offline you can use this program and getting smarter and smarter.

21 best YouTube channels for self development

YouTube has a huge selection of videos and channels on this topic. This is what makes it harder to find really worthy videos. You can just get lost in such a huge selection of content. As a result, you can simply waste time searching for worthy videos. So that you do not waste your time, we have compiled an optimal list of the best YouTube channels, the main theme of which is learning, self — development and growth.

TED Talks Director

This is one of the most popular and admired YouTube channels. There are videos of completely different topics: art and sports, self-development and motivation, business and finances, time management and marketing, health and physiology, all topics are covered on this channel.

On the TED channel, some of the most successful and influential people share their thoughts, they will definitely teach you something new and change your mindset.

MIT OpenCourseWare

This is one of the best educational channels. Here you will find educational videos on any topic, from simple algebra to quantum physics. If you want to arrange a University course without leaving your home, then this channel is exactly for you. The channel presents videos in which real professors from the best universities will teach you various Sciences. MIT is one of the best channels for self-development and home learning.

Kurz Gesagt — In a nutshell

The project of German designers and science popularizers began as an Amateur channel, which the authors engaged in in their spare time, but became so popular that the creators decided to hire staff and even opened their own design Bureau. The authors talk not only about science (for example, how evolution works or how the living differs from the dead), but also raise such topics as the problem of overpopulation.

This is the best channel if you want to understand different things, from military coups to black holes.

Khan Academy

This channel often leads in the top of the best educational channel. It is not surprising, because it has everything! You can find different topics there, from simple algebra and quantum physics to human history. Channel of mit graduate Salman Khan, a man who decided to make education accessible to everyone. In his videos, Khan explains various sections of algebra, physics, and biology in human language without any special effects or entanglements.

Choose the topic you are interested in and get new knowledge right from home.


YouTube-channel of canadian video bloggers Mitchell Moffit and Gregory brown, which publishes weekly animated videos about science and education. The authors raise both large — scale topics like human aging, and more mundane ones-for example, whether you can erase your own memories, what happens to the brain under MDMA, or how smartphones change the body and brain.


The channel is simply amazing and not only we think so. Unsurprisingly, their videos have almost reached one billion views. The channel’s founder, Michael Stevens, talks about various scientific phenomena in his comedic way. This kind of feed really makes boring things very interesting.


Another channel that explains the structure of the world and various phenomena using fascinating animations. The channel is very well-known among users for its videos that explain complex phenomena very simply.

It’s not surprising, the channel already has more than 200 million views.

Sick Science!

The channel has a lot of videos with various fun experiments that you can easily perform at home. After watching the video, you will definitely be able to surprise your family and friends. On the channel, experiments are conducted by one of the most popular teachers — Steve Spangler.

CGP Grey

This channel explains a lot of things related to different topics, from culture and politics to physics. Their videos are always very succinct and at the same time with their trademark humor.

Life Noggin

Another great channel that explains the things we face on a daily basis. They always explain everything very simply and succinctly, even when they talk about complex things. They cover a variety of topics, from politics to pop culture. Animated videos about popular science and education. For example, the authors explain what our planet will look like in 100 years, how to understand that our memories are real, or how laughter helps to fight stress and survive.


This is one of the best channels if you have a little engineer inside you. They will definitely not make you bored, using a vocabulary that is not clear to the common man. After all, they always use extremely clear terms, without complicating the information. They bring a bit of fun to engineering. The channel belongs to a fan of scientific experiments, who knows his business very well . He is highly respected by the audience and enthusiastically tells how different things work. Fascinating demonstrations of the laws of physics are mixed with interviews with scientists and discussions about the problems of science. In the videos , for example, you can see the roundest object in the world , an anti- gravity wheel, experiments with non-Newtonian liquid , sharks, boomerangs, and other interesting things.


This channel contains only videos on the most interesting topics. They want to simplify your life and explain all the initial phenomena very simply. They explain the phenomena from a scientific point of view, so that you no longer have questions.


This is a channel that hosts the most interesting videos about world history. But in addition to this, you can also notice videos on other topics. For example, biology, chemistry, and even politics. Green brothers channel with “a ton of awesome courses” in philosophy, world history, literature (there are also physics and chemistry). Its creators are fascinating and consistently laid out on the topic and do not let the audience get bored. YouTube channel with videos in which authors talk in simple language about complex scientific theories. Videos are released on courses: filmmaking from idea to finished film, astrophysics and cosmology, or even criminology.


If you have always dreamed of becoming a programmer or are interested in computer science, then this channel is for you. There’s also a video about coding, so if you’ve always wanted to dive into it, go ahead. This channel has everything on this topic!


If you always wanted to surprise everybody at the party, then this channel is definitely for you. Their channel has a lot of videos with various scientific experiments and tricks that you can then show to everyone.

Applied Science

This channel is perfect if you have too many questions in your head at night. They have the best scientific videos that explain how some high-tech devices work. These videos will definitely answer your questions. So the channel will satisfy your thirst for knowledge.


This is a great channel that explores this world from a scientific point of view. Their videos will definitely add to your knowledge about this world. The audience just loves this channel.

Mental Floss

Mental Floss is everything at once: a YouTube channel, a popular blog, books, t-shirts, and, of course, the magazine that started it all. After a couple of weeks of regular viewing, you can easily flash interesting facts at a party.

If you like to learn even about small things, then this channel is for you. They talk about different life hacks and seemingly insignificant details. So if you are a fan of this, then welcome to this channel.


I bet you’ve heard about this channel more than once? And all because this is one of the most popular training channels on YouTube. When you watch their videos, you feel like you are combining business with pleasure. This is true. After all, their videos are very funny, but also incredibly useful. There you can find answers to almost any of your questions.

PBS Space Time

Do you like everything related to space? Then we found a great channel for you. Here you will find everything about space, gravity, astronauts, and so on. At the same time, they provide information in a very interesting way.

Education channel (Discontinued)

This is the first channel that you should visit if you are new to this topic. This channel contains a huge number of educational videos from all over Youtube. It is awesome that the channel contains videos of completely different topics. From education, business, culture to engineering.

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