Career Path for an AWS Certified Professional

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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

The growth of Cloud Computing has bought a range of industry innovations. The Cloud has been a reliable alternative, and several organizations have recognized the true capabilities of Cloud and how it can help their enterprises. Organizations define to adopt Cloud strategies and shift their whole infrastructure systems into the cloud ecosystem. Within the cloud computing market, AWS has served a hugely influential role and has become a significant revenue earner for Amazon. The cloud business is rising exponentially and provides retail and IT companies with a substantial opportunity.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing infrastructure that provides customers with a wide array of cloud services. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a secured cloud services platform, provides customers with a wide range of cloud services. The cloud computing platform offers processing power, database storage, content distribution, and other functions.

What is the Need for AWS?

In reality, AWS is useful for creating a firm from underneath as it provides all the resources required to launch for companies with the cloud platform.

  • AWS provides a wide variety of essential services, including computation and storage networking, to enhance image processing, CDN, machine learning, and robots.
  • AWS is also a pioneer in the area of cloud infrastructure certification.
  • It is recognized as one of the most coveted IT certifications globally and has the opportunity to govern the cloud profession.

There are many highly paid and rewarding career opportunities requiring AWS expertise. The great thing about getting certified in AWS is that there are no specific requirements for attending the training. Anyone can start their journey with the Cloud by having a basic understanding of infrastructure and networking. It is always good to have previous professional experience and knowledge of all programming languages, but while learning AWS, it is not mandatory to have these skills.

Top Career Paths for an AWS Certified

AWS Certifications pave the way for many top paid jobs.  It will help you overcome the risk of career fluctuations. There are a few job roles you can claim if you are an AWS certified. Here are the top five Career Positions dependent on the AWS certifications.

  • AWS Solutions Architect

AWS Solutions Architect (SA) will help you build innovative cloud-based technologies and convert current workloads to the Cloud with your know-how and experience. You can plan, develop, and scale AWS cloud implementations using Amazon’s best practices.

AWS SA directly connects with clients and engineers, providing an interface with technical leadership and stakeholders.  The cloud architect delivers leading deployment strategies and technological frameworks, ensuring that the interspersion of emerging technologies is being used.  They should have a comprehensive background in programming languages like Python, Ruby, and Elixir.

  • Cloud Developer

Many cloud developer job roles demand an additional focus on cloud security. Cloud Developers should design and build cloud apps with security concerns in mind.  They should focus on developing security frameworks for their cloud projects and ensure regulatory compliance requirements. Cloud developers are in charge of emerging cloud applications and technology solutions for companies.

  • Cloud DevOps Engineer

A Certified Cloud DevOps Engineer guarantees reliable architectures that combine stability and deployment speed. They use Google Cloud Platform to build software delivery pipelines, deploy and monitor services, and manage and understand incidents.

A DevOps Engineer would collaborate with IT developers to enhance the better collaboration between roles, development, and testing functions by automating and streamlining processes for integration and delivery. DevOps seeks to connect IT operations and businesses more closely.

  • SysOps Administrator

AWS SysOps Administrators are in charge of the efficient deployment of virtual systems, applications, relevant infrastructure, installation or configuration, and operation and maintenance. They also build dashboards for reporting and maintain Analytics software.

The primary responsibilities of AWS SysOps Administrators are to configure and monitor AWS Cloud Management and its services carefully. They do essential tasks with high priorities and perfection. The SysOps Administrator’s roles and functions are daunting because of AWS cloud’s flexible and on-demand framework. From company to company, roles and responsibilities may vary.

  • Cloud Software Engineer

Cloud software engineers are responsible for monitoring the development of these systems, managing and ensuring that they work effectively. They may build or update systems.

There is a chance for improving your career with Amazon Web Services, if you have a Software Engineer programming skills of Python, Ruby, JavaScript, or C++.  If you gain the capability of designing, building, and deploying system/software on the AWS framework, you will have more chances to get AWS jobs. Boost up your software design and development skills with AWS certification and stand out from the crowd in the modern workplace.

  • System Integrator — Cloud

As part of a team, System Integrators should work to support diverse deployment and troubleshooting efforts. The role needs a strong knowledge of cloud computing and information systems.

To support system issues, they require a comprehensive understanding of cloud services. They perform a significant role in maintaining and installing of complex configurations and various cloud modules. Good practical work experience and certification in AWS will prove your exposure and make you fit for it.

How to Step in AWS Career?

AWS left behind all its competitors in the race for market share and became the top growing cloud provider. It has enhanced AWS professionals’ value and demand.

  • To start a career in AWS, a bachelor’s degree in computer or related technology will help. As for the professionals, a degree is not just about knowledge but also improves the required skills.
  • AWS provides enormous learning options both within conventional educational systems as well as beyond them. The professional trainers assist the aspirants in grasping better AWS course concepts such that taking the certification test effortlessly.
  • There are a vast number of credentials available to gain the latest skills and knowledge in the cloud computing field.

Wrap Up

In cloud computing, AWS is a pioneer. Whatever field you are now, there are currently opportunities to use the AWS service. The certification supports you in pursuing the career paths mentioned above. The training equips candidates with the best industry practices, cost-effectiveness, and qualifies them to be more efficient in the crowd. Within a short period, the AWS certified professionals rank among the highest-paid IT certification holders.


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