Class 6 English: Study Timetable To Score 90

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Updated: Jan 08, 2022

With a few more months to go for the final exams, students need to buckle up and start preparing for English. While there is time to prepare, use it to study, revise and practice. Follow these simple steps to become an exam superstar. To help students, here are a few steps to score 90 in English. Try not to panic and keep studying.

Ncert solutions

Students should pay special attention to NCERT solutions. Each concept and logic is explained straightforwardly. Solutions to these problems are essential for getting good grades in exams and improving understanding. Just download by clicking the below links to get NCERT solutions class 6 for English. You can refer to NCERT Books for Class 6 English for guidance. 

Managing your time is the first golden rule of all time for any subject.  Use all the time you have. Take the time to read a chapter a day. If instrumental music interests you, you can listen to it, draw, paint, or watch an information channel or watch some videos related to English

Learn new words as it enhances readability

You grow as a person as you read more. Students who take English are tested not only on their reading skills but also on their writing skills.  In English grammar, creativity is what counts. The more a student reads, the better his essay will be. The key to writing an amazing essay is to begin by analyzing the question. Be inventive and most importantly use good vocabulary to impress your examiner.

 If you get tired of reading, make flowcharts. As well as relaxing, it will teach you about the subject. Making a flow chart will allow you to figure out what you missed and correct it accordingly. Small lines can sometimes be found before or after a chapter. They can be potential questions. To achieve top marks, one must not miss anything. Those who score high ensure everything is covered.  

Sleep properly

When you are a student, you must be fresh throughout the day, and for that matter, you must sleep well. Rather than spending your time reading textbooks and making notes, what you should strive for is eating, sleeping, studying, and relaxing after a long day. But, before you go to sleep while lying in bed, you can go through all the information you learned that day. Make a mental note of which lesson needs some more attention so that you can plan your study for the following day.


The brain becomes more active when it is physically active. Walking, running, jumping, skipping, hiking and biking are just a few examples. Students’ brains become more active when walking for 20 minutes as opposed to sitting quietly. Meditation increases concentration power, IQ level, helps to focus better, reduces depression, anxiety, and stress. By following these habits, you will remain physically and mentally healthy when studying and preparing for exams.

Mentally associate concepts with each other

Examine how all the things you’ve learned related to other subjects. You will have an easier time retaining information. One of Steve Jobs’ most famous quotes is, “Creativity is just linking ideas.”. Creative people often feel guilty when asked how they came up with an idea because they didn’t come up with it; they just saw it.

Use Mnemonic Technique

For complex data, frame your tricks

For example; My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles. The initials stand for all the planets in our solar system, mercury, venus, earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

Group study

Learning from your classmates helps you gain new skills and learn. Your educational experience is enhanced in this way. Group studies involve sharing resources, interacting with co-workers, and discussing ideas together. Group studies enhance your learning abilities.

Take the time to watch a documentary

Whenever possible, watch videos of lessons or topics you are studying if you want to learn the material quickly and easily. Pictures facilitate better retention. Through animated videos, interactive study with mentors, and adaptive learning, BYJU’s video tutorials help you learn enjoyably.

Studying for an exam should not be done late at night. The day of your test should be calm. Be prepared by reading the pertinent materials. Take note of what is the most important section of points. You should sleep appropriately well. You should prepare your clothes, stationery, and exam admit card the night before.

There are many students nowadays who try to get top marks in exams but the reason why many students do not get high marks in exams is that they don’t focus on NCERT books and if you don’t like to read books then you can download free NCERT solutions. You can learn the basic concept and summary of the chapter by studying the NCERT solutions so that within a very short time, you will be able to cover all your NCERT CBSE syllabus easily, however, remember to only download the latest NCERT solution.

There is no way students can overlook the importance of English as a subject and language. You must have a strong command of the English language if you want to stand out from the crowd.

You can score full marks on every correct answer in the English grammar and vocabulary section as it is the most scoring section.

As most questions are based on the identical references in NCERT books, you should prepare from them.

Study each section in turn and do not start a new chapter on the day of the exam.

By concentrating on grammar, it is best to study English. In your paper pattern, you have to write comprehensions, letters, essays, etc. Learning new words by reading many books is a good way to improve your vocabulary. Practice is the key to understanding a language. Knowing the language well starts with speaking it. All of these elements, including punctuation marks, adjectives, nouns, the arrangements of sentences, matter. You can benefit greatly by reading books and newspapers. If we want to be excellent at English, we need to be not just good speakers, but also good listeners. We must pronounce words correctly to spell them correctly.

If you read the chapters of the English textbook for class 10 deeply and honestly, you can score well on these questions. For this reason, during February, you should read every chapter and poem at least once with full concentration and answer all the questions given at the end of each one. Become familiar with different authors and characters. There is no need to read the chapters that have been excluded from the CBSE Class 10 English Revised Syllabus.


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