CocoSign Reviews: Cost, Pros & Cons (Updated 2021)

August 26, 2021
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CocoSign is an emerging e-Signature company that is limited to attaching online signatures on documents and provides abounding features to create brand awareness and empower businesses.  In these crucial times of work-from-home, 

CocoSign has proved to be very beneficial for small-scale and big-scale businesses. Read the following article to get to know more about this all-in-one e-Signature solution.

Introducing CocoSign: An Efficient Online Signature Tool

CocoSign is a world-leading signature management solution that streamlines the business process by automating the paperwork workflow through digital signing. With a highly intuitive interface, it offers the most efficient and effortless signing services to increase your brand recognition further.

CocoSign is a time-efficient tool that has made it possible for people across the globe to sign documents right away through its lightning speed. This has not only accelerated the workflow but also reduced constraints. 

With CocoSign, the user can save his e-Signatures and embed them in documents whenever needed. The user does not have to follow up with the tracking status of his e-Signature status 24/7. Instead, he’ll be automatically kept updated regarding the documents that have been signed and the document that is yet to be signed. There’s no doubt that this tool has gained customer satisfaction in no time.  

Trusted by millions of users, CocoSign has always been on top in terms of ease of use, security measures, integration, document tracking, templates, and e-Signature generating. The e-Signatures of this solution are limited to personal use and can be helpful for legal activities. Hence, to make the best use of e-Signatures, get CocoSign and eliminate the need for wet signatures. 

What Options Do You Find Across CocoSign?

CocoSign offers several amazing features that have mainly added to its success.

  • Wide Range of Templates

The numerous templates that it offers differentiates it from other e-Signature tools. There are over 2000 templates arranged according to the business category, so the user may not have any trouble looking for his desired template. The user can make his customized professional template that will give his emails or documents an executive and reliable look and increase his brand efficiency.

  • User-friendly Interface

CocoSign has an intuitive interface for mobile and PC users that shows the features in the main dashboard of the interface. Now, signing, sending, receiving, and saving documents have also become a cinch through this user-friendly software.

  • Audit Trail

Speaking of the document activities, the audit trail feature keeps track of all your and your client’s information to avoid any trouble in the future. The user can also learn the process of transactions through this feature.

  • Secure Storage System

One can also store his documents in CocoSign’s secure storage system for some time to use later or export to another location. The storage system is very safe and secure, and keeps the documents until they get auto-deleted by the system.

CocoSign has amazed its users by providing a variety of customizing options to generate an appealing digital signature. The user is met by two options on the screen, Type Signature or Draw Signature. In typing the signature, one has several options of choosing the signature’s font, color, or style.

On the other hand, one can use his mouse, screen, or touchpad to draw the signature on his screen and choose the color according to his liking. Save your personalized e-Signature and use it later to embed on documents.

Why and Why Not Should You Prefer Using CocoSign?

CocoSign is a top-ranking software because of its exceptional features, but it also has its setbacks. However, the numerous pros outweigh the handful of cons and make up for these limitations, keeping the user satisfied.  


It has now become evident that CocoSign has numerous beneficial features, some of which are discussed below:

  • Versatile Signature Options

With customization options, series or parallel sequential signing, and a wide range of fonts and colors, one can easily personalize his digital signature instantly to empower his business.

  • Keeps PDF in its Original Form

Only a few solutions in the market can sign a PDF and retain it in its original form. CocoSign is one of those few solutions that sign a PDF without making any changes to it.

  • Security Protocols

User’s security and priority are the top priority of this renowned software. It fully complies with various security standards, including 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA Compliance and GDPR Compliance, etc. It also has a fingerprint and password verification system and advanced SSL encryption to ensure the confidentiality of the user’s sensitive data. Therefore, such security layers leave no room for leaks.


Like every other software, Cocosign has some cons as well, discussed below.

  • Free-Version Restrictions

There are certain restrictions for the users using CocoSign’s free version. The most important features like payment collection, branding, in-person signing, multiple senders, template library are only available to the users who have subscribed to the monthly premium subscription.

  • No Application on Mobile

CocoSign has no dedicated application on Google Play Store or App Store. It still works immaculately on the Web, but still, this is a turn-off for some users.

Cost Price Offered in CocoSign Packages

CocoSign offers different packages with different specifications. Every package has options of signing unlimited documents, customization, notification, and cloud storage integration, but the main variances between the packages are described below:

The ‘Free’ subscription is for single users only, which allows you to download 3 signed files and create 1 template only, which you can use repeatedly.

The “Business” subscription is also for single users charging $8 monthly. The user can download 15 signed files and create 5 templates with seamless integration, audit trail, and signer authentication.

The “Business Pro” subscription supports 1-20 users for $15 monthly.  The user can download unlimited signed files and create unlimited templates, integration, audit trail, and signer authentication.

The “Enterprise” subscription is for $25 per month for 1-50 users. The user has access to nearly all the features in this subscription-like, like downloading unlimited signed files, creating unlimited templates along with integration, audit trail, signer authentication, and custom branding.

Closing Words

The free version may not have all the features, but the paid versions are still relatively affordable than other e-Signature solutions that don’t even offer half of it. CocoSign is, without any doubt, an incredible management software that uses advanced technology and flexible functionality, making it feasible for man from every walk of life.

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