Data-Driven Marketing Trends in 2020 and How to Use Them

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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Big data is a great insight and has impacted all sectors without an exception. Marketing experts can now smile because they have all the data they need to make decisions that will boost the sales and growth of the business. All they need is to have a strategy and the right tools to take advantage of the data streaming into their companies’ databases.

To understand more about data-driven marketing, it is prudent to understand the latest trends in marketing in 2020 and how to apply them to your business. Read on to learn more.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Sales and marketing professionals are already using AI and ML formulated by large companies such as Google to improve their marketing strategies. Google Analytics is a tool that is helpful to understand how your online marketing efforts are performing. If your company is big enough, you can apply ML for the system to use smart replies to take care of all of the queries sent by clients.

Accurate Marketing Predictions

Data-driven marketing provides experts with enough data to make accurate predictions. This is called predictive analytics, and it has taken an important place in the roadmaps of many organizations and businesses. They typically rely on past data of sales, market trends, and economic trends, among others. Marketers should embrace this trend at all costs to prepare for the future.

Personalized User Experience

Big data has been providing companies with the necessary resources to personalize sales and marketing to suit different people. Data is collected from points of sales and analyzed to understand buying trends, preferences, and the needs of buyers. Sales and marketing teams are given this data to strategize and plan a personalized user experience when doing marketing campaigns and promotions. If you are one of them, click here to investigate the resources that you and your team can use to get the data.

Omnichannel Marketing View

The more advanced the world is becoming, the more demanding customers are becoming. Likewise, marketers are becoming diverse through the use of multi-channel platforms to market their brands. The numerous social media platforms are no longer places for people to meet and socialize but also busy marketing hubs. Companies that are tapping the marketing potential of numerous marketing channels are better than those that use one or a few. First, understand all of the potential channels and then plan on how to use them to market your products.

Product Deliveries as a Marketing Strategy

Another weird trend in data-driven marketing is how entrepreneurs are using product deliveries as a marketing channel. Today, any business that is not doing home delivery is about to be doomed. Goods can be shipped from overseas to a local courier that will then deliver to the doorsteps of clients. It is through big data that marketers can succeed to target clients who are in various parts of the world and promote what products they want as well as how they want their packages to be delivered.


The list of data-driven trends in 2020 is even longer than this. People have become more innovative in doing business and handling customers’ needs. However, the list we have discussed above carries the major ones and how you can use them. Follow it religiously to see your business grow to another level.


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