Ecommerce Development: Factors of Success

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Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Building a successful business in any business requires constant development, testing of hypotheses and introduction of changes that could potentially affect its growth. Ecommerce trading is one of the most dynamic segments of the economy, showing growth even in times of crisis.

Of course, a lot depends on you and the team of specialists who help you at various stages of work. But we will help you understand what you need to pay attention to create a truly successful store.

Delegation of duties

Doing everything on your own is not a very good strategy. Of course, the rule “if you want to do well – do it yourself” has not been canceled, but the correct delegation is one of the key conditions for building a successful business. The manager should concentrate his efforts on strategic management and improvement of business processes instead of wasting time on routine work. In addition, it is impossible to be an expert in everything, without experience in developing at least dozens of other sites. Many tasks your employees or hired contractors can solve much better than you. A professional designer is better at drawing a banner or icons for the online store than its owner. A skilled programmer and layout designer – better cope with the technical part.

Proper delegation of work also allows performers to take the initiative and improve the efficiency of solving the tasks facing the business. Leave the general planning and key decision making to yourself. Leave everything else to other people.


Launching, debugging and setting up an online store in the technical part – a task that must be solved by specialists. It depends on the stability and correctness of the online store, which directly affects the business itself. Given the importance of this task, do such independently is not recommended, and the search for specialists should be approached carefully, making informed decisions. Internet shop is a tool for doing business, so the approach to working with it should be appropriate. Payment functions, basket performance, correct filters of goods – these and other components need to be well configured and tested to avoid errors.


By optimizing the site with the help of SEO Suite means bringing it in line with the current requirements of search engines. This includes work on the main and other pages of the online store, product catalog, filters, pagination, product pages, and others. Thus, all kinds of obstacles that can prevent the effective promotion of the online stores and get traffic from search engines are removed.

Qualitative SEO-optimization includes making changes on a large number of items, for example, the same audit can provide analysis on the check-list of about a hundred items. Therefore, it is necessary to delegate such work to good professionals in order to avoid errors that could prevent the promotion of an online store in the future.


The creation of an online store and completion of the technical part setup is only the beginning of a long way. Next, you need to bring visitors to the site and convince them to make a purchase, and ideally – and motivate them to repeat orders. Site promotion includes the work of many specialists whose efforts make the online store in the engine of a successful business. And the better for this purpose, using various tools online marketing, the more powerful you get the effect. Cases of our customers are an excellent confirmation of that.

Internet marketing in the field of e-commerce, depending on the wishes and possibilities of the business owner, may include work in such areas as:

  • optimization and promotion in search engines;
  • contextual advertising campaigns;
  • mailing list with promotions and offers;
  • promotion in social networks;
  • placement in price aggregators;
  • blog creation and content marketing;
  • teaser advertising networks;
  • and other methods.

The list may be continued, but in general, everything here is individual, and expediency of work in this or that direction is assessed by specialists in each case.


The first thing that comes to mind for many of us during the economic crisis is to save money. And in some cases, it comes to fanaticism, from which there is more harm than good. Instead of cutting costs, work to improve efficiency and optimize all processes. This will not only help you to survive painlessly the economic and demand downturn but will also protect you from possible future crises. If everyone works efficiently, you won’t have to reduce anyone. If business processes are maximally optimized, you can be sure that you don’t spend any extra money.

You can optimize logistics and delivery, try to negotiate more favorable terms with suppliers, review the product range, directing efforts to promote products that bring more profit than others. In any case, you can’t cut advertising costs, as sales may suffer as a result.


Manage an online store with several product categories, a dozen orders per week and manage an online store whose employees process hundreds of orders daily – not the same thing. What will you do if at one point you start to grow rapidly? Will the site be able to withstand the load of high traffic? Will managers be able to process many times or a greater number of orders? All these questions need to be answered in advance. After all, in some topics, one of the requirements for the sales assistant is a professional level of understanding of the niche.

The technical platform of the online store should allow you to realize all the necessary opportunities, the need for which may appear as you grow. That is why we use CMS PrestaShop – a world-class development, which is notable for its power and flexibility in terms of expansion. It also depends on the quality of the technical component and the resistance of the site online store to loads, which is relevant, given the seasonal spike in attendance in many subjects of goods.

Thus, you need to understand in advance how to change the tactics and strategy of your work if you need to scale or in case of intensive growth. And this applies to both business management and technical component. e


Sophia Rodreguaze


Sophia is the contributing editor at She writes about anything and everything related to technology.

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