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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Online faxing allows you to send a receive faxes seamlessly on your digital. It eliminates the worries of running out of ink or paper jams. Thanks online fax services like CocoFax, you can send and receive faxes online. 

Best of all, online faxing integrates email and eliminates the need for a fax machine. What’s more, the process of sending and receiving faxes online is fast, simple and paperless. 

So, CocoFax is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. Also, CocoFax provides a self-maintaining, cost-efficient way of sending and receiving faxes. Above all, you can send free fax online by using CocoFax

Benefits of using CocoFax to fax online

  • No installation of software or hardware necessary 
  • Changes your mobile device, computer and smartphone into a premium fax machine
  • You can send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously 
  • It allows you to send and receive faxes from anywhere provided you have internet access

What makes CocoFax different 

CocoFax has many features and capabilities that make it better than any other online fax service. With CocoFax, your smartphone or computer turns into a hi-tech fax machine. To know how to fax without a fax machine, visit website.  

Below are some of the reasons CocoFax is the best online fax service.  

Permanent storage 

CocoFax permanently archives all your faxes online. This allows you to access them remotely provided you have access to the internet. Provided you don’t delete them, Cocofax will archive all your sent and received faxes. 

Besides, CocoFax provides you with a neat way of storing and accessing your faxes online. The faxes are kept in their respective folders. Your sent faxes will be in the sent folder and the received faxes will be in your inbox. 

Even your drafts will be in a draft folder. 

Safe and secure

CocoFax safeguards all of your faxes through encryption. It uses the latest security protocols. This way, your faxes are safe and secure online during transmission. 

Fast and reliable 

With CocoFax, you get notifications for both sent and received faxes. This way, you will always know if your fax was sent successfully or not. Also, you won’t miss any incoming fax. 

Also, with CocoFax, you no longer have to wait to send or receive faxes. The service allows you to send and receive faxes simultaneously. 

Fax online through a web browser using CocoFax

The process of sending and receiving fax online is straightforward with CocoFax. On your computer or mobile device, you can use your browser to send and access your faxes online. 

Below are the steps involved when sending and receiving faxes: 

Step 1: Sign up for a CocoFax service by visiting the official CocoFax website. During the registration, you will get to choose a custom fax number. Also, you will receive your 30-day free trial after sign up. 

Step 2: After successfully signing up for the service, CocoFax will take you to your dashboard. In your dashboard, click the ‘New Fax’ button to compose your fax. A pop-up window will appear. 

Step 3: In the pop-up window, fill in the necessary details. Provide the recipient fax number in the ‘To’ field. To include a note in your fax, fill in the ‘Subject’ field. 


Also, you can add a cover page by entering its content in the body section of your fax. As well, CocoFax allows you to attach files such as png, jpg, pdf, doc and xls. 

Step 4: When you are done composing your fax and verifying its contents, click the ‘Send’ button. 

CocoFax will instantly send your faxes online to your recipient. You will receive a delivery notification shortly to establish if the fax was sent successfully. 

Receiving faxes: It is even easier to receive faxes with CocoFax. CocoFax receives faxes automatically 24/7. With each received fax, you will get a push notification in your dashboard. All incoming faxes are found in the inbox folder. 

Advantages of using CocoFax

  • CocoFax allows you to choose a custom fax number free of charge
  • Provides 24/7 customer support 
  • Offers the most affordable pricing of any online fax service


CocoFax features and capabilities make it the best online fax service in the world. All of its faxing activities take place online from any device. To try CocoFax, have a look at the guide above. 


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