Finding the Winning App to Create the Most Engaging Presentation

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Updated: Mar 05, 2020

Before I had a big presentation at work, I scoured the Internet for information about different apps that would help me create an engaging, informative, and entertaining presentation. Through my search, I came across this article with a lot of information. 

Easy-To-Use Presentation Apps

Check out the link to see if it can help you as well, but do keep reading to learn about the tips I discovered on my way to finding the best presentation for me. 

Finding an App That Fits Your Profession

Finding the perfect presentation app will depend on what kind of work you do. Your chosen software will depend on your job because your industry will most likely have a standard style of presentation, making it easier for you to convey your information. For instance, if you are doing a presentation with a lot of numbers or percentages, you will more than likely want a simple presentation so it doesn’t become confusing. Moreover, you will want to look for a presentation style that allows you to provide charts and graphs to make sense of the math you’re explaining. 

However, if you are in a more creative line of work, you will need very different tools than graphs and charts. Therefore, finding a presentation style that offers visually appealing options will be a necessity. That way, you can show off your creative side and impress your colleagues with something unique and creative. So, if you find an app that lets you customize your own slides and template, that will be a perfect way to display your business as a whole. 

On the other hand, if your line of work is in the public sector, or law, you will probably need something less artistic. Importantly, you would need something more direct and concise. Therefore, an app that is simple and you can trust to function well, will be more of a priority than one with creative features and designs. 

For Visual Aid, Find Multimedia Enriched Software

These days, presentations aren’t simple or made of just bullet points. Now, you can customize every single detail by adding pictures, audio, or graphics to make your presentation a multimedia experience for your colleagues. Of course, this is your goal if you want to create a truly interesting, entertaining, and informative presentation. Therefore, you want to find an app that includes these types of features. 

In addition, some apps allow you to edit video. If you want to be able to include videos in your presentation, you will want to find an app that has this feature built into its software so you don’t have to edit your videos on another platform and import them into your presentation. 

Ultimately, with technology these days, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination. If you want to impress, you can find a presentation app that features 2D or 3D animation. Although this may seem daunting the first time you try, you will soon realize that is fairly easy to achieve. Therefore, finding an animated presentation making app will be a helpful tool in making a visually appealing presentation. 

Work on the Go With an Online-Friendly App

Currently, we live and work in a global community that allows people to work with others all over the world. So, if you tend to travel a lot for work, you will indeed know the necessity to be able to work on the go at any time. Also, students required to do heavy research will find this to be true. Therefore, it would be very important to have an app that allows you to pick up where you left off no matter where you go. Basically, the app must have an online feature that lets you work on your presentation anywhere so you can improve your skills. 

With that said, you might also want to consider getting an app that features a password-protected option and cloud service. This way, you can feel safe about working on open networks or if the unfortunate event of your device getting stolen happens. 

In Addition, oftentimes presentations are team collaboration, which means you will have a part to work on for the bigger project of the entire presentation. Therefore, having an app that allows you and your team to work together, share notes and ideas would be a crucial part of the success of your project. 

In Conclusion

Presentations are no longer a boring speech with plain slides. With apps, you can design a visually appealing presentation or up your game with multimedia features. But, if your line of work depends more on reliability than creativity, some apps are designed just for that. In addition, you can find apps that are easy to work with others, like cloud-based software, that enables you to work with anyone in the world no matter where you are


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