Game Development: Is it Worth Becoming a Game Developer?

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Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Video games have always been big business ever since the early days with laughably amateurish graphics. These days, games compete with movies for top acting talent as they offer an immersive experience that is lifelike. Since games are now very complex and sophisticated, it takes a lot of people to put them together. This provides a great opportunity for a developer with creativity to break into the video game industry. 

The sector is growing and is expected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Game developers make great salaries and benefits so it makes sense to think about focusing attention there. In this article, we will go over a few scenarios and give you something to think about if you are thinking of becoming a video game developer. 

Work with your passion

Most programmers are passionate about creating good code and solving problems. However, they are rarely passionate about the products that they create since many of them are simply practical and boring. However, a video game is something different so game developers are usually very passionate about the subject as well as the work. 

Those that work in the industry are usually very determined to hone their skills by doing things like Unreal Engine development which teaches the latest advances. Staying up to date with skills is easy since they usually want to be able to create the best visuals for a game that is possible. It isn’t just the motivation to stay relevant. 

The idea of worldbuilding and creating something unique that people are enthusiastic to play is something that creates a lot of passion. 

You should specialize

The best way to be able to get a job in the gaming industry is to become a specialist in a certain area. You should start out by narrowing down your options and then focusing on one area in particular and mastering it. It is better to be seen as an expert in a field than a generalist. 

Think about the platform that you’d rather work with and then start from there. For instance, you have a choice between creating games for smartphones, consoles, and computers. Pick one and then dive deep into that since each has its own environment that makes it unique from the others. 

Start out small

If your skills don’t match your ambitions in the beginning then you should start out small. It is a good idea to get a start in the QA or quality assurance testing and work on finding ways that a game can be better. This will help you build some skills that will help you as a developer later on. 

You’ll have a perspective that is difficult to get when you are working on the code. Seeing how the product is when it is about to launch and what the defects are will allow you to avoid making those same mistakes when you are developing the code. Seeing both sides of the coin is invaluable.


Sophia Rodreguaze


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