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Updated: Nov 23, 2019

These days, virtually anyone can start a business. And this sort of behavior is heavily encouraged due to digital services and the overall trend of spending more time on the internet.

The most difficult thing is finding something that interests you, and thinking of it as a starting point. After all, most people tend to fail with their first idea and get discouraged whereas it should be a learning experience and one to think of as a positive rather than a negative thing.

If you have been looking to make a change in your life as far as your work goes, you will definitely appreciate these ideas. 

Print on Demand

Dropshipping has exploded in popularity recently. It has become a great alternative for a regular e-shop because people behind the venture do not have to deal with inventory and other problems. Automation takes care of most things, allowing you to focus on marketing.

The biggest challenge of starting a dropshipping website is finding a profitable niche. And even if you do, competition is inevitable. But you could always look to be a bit more unique. Perhaps print on demand is up your alley and would work better? If you think so, be sure to check out Printify website for a detailed guide on print on demand drop shipping.

Virtual Assistants

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There are plenty of people on the internet who would be more than happy to hire someone reliable as their virtual assistant. It mostly happens due to a lack of time on one’s hands.

You can find such job offers on freelancer websites like UpWork or Fiverr. But keep in mind that you will have to build some trust before the money you make is decent. 

AI Developing

The future seems pretty bright for those who are in the AI development business. In fact, it would seem that more and more opportunities are going to appear and specialists in such skills will always have enough work. 

Affiliate Marketing

You can always find a product or two on Amazon and build a website around it with the intent to start an affiliate marketing website. The premise is quite easy. Every person who gets redirected to the original store and purchases something will give you a percentage-based commission. 

Proofreading and Translating

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If you can speak a foreign language, landing a job should not be that much of a problem. There are plenty of translation agencies that are always looking to hire new employees. Or you can always work freelance, depending on what you want.

The same thing applies to proofreaders. While this job might not seem that difficult on the surface, a lot goes into preparing certain types of text, and there are individuals who are in charge of this.


Online education is picking up more and more momentum with each passing year. So many people are not happy with their education and are looking to make a switch in their careers. Be it SEO, graphic design, or anything else, if you have the skills and are capable of creating courses that could teach others, making money on platforms like Udemy and Skillshare is a real possibility.


The biggest video platform in the world always has room for new and creative content creators. And while the income of YouTube channels is not as great as it once was due to the change in their ad policy, most channels rely on their supporters on Patreon and other crowdfunding networks.

Flipping on eBay

If you have knowledge about specific objects like used car parts or computer parts, you can make a steady income by flipping this stuff on eBay. Even if you think that most people are always purchasing brand-new pieces and avoid second-hand at all costs, you are extremely wrong. Not everyone can afford it and when there is a cheaper option, they will go with the latter.

Writing E-Books

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Amazon’s self-publishing program allows everyone to write a book and publish it. You will not have to deal with annoying publishers who tend to reject most works anyway. Instead, write the book, get a great-looking cover, and spend resources on marketing to sell as many copies as you can.

As you can see, there are plenty of ideas out there and if you are serious about starting your business, you need to take that first step and simply try whatever you feel makes the most sense and interests you. And even if the first idea does not meet your expectations, move on to the next one until you land on something that truly works.


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