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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

A small business is reliant on excellent customer service in a way that larger companies do not have to be. This is mainly because customers expect a more prompt and personalized experience when dealing with a smaller business. However, as smaller businesses often have fewer employees and are very busy, it can be easy to let some of your answering services slip.

Not being able to immediately answer any phone call that comes through in no way makes you a bad company. It means you are running a busy business with workers who are working on other things. However, it can make it difficult to please customers if you are not able to pick up the phone or call back promptly.

These are the exact reasons that PBX has been created. To give small businesses a converged technology professionals answering system that is easy to use and will please customers. Here are a few of the ways PBX can benefit your small business. 

What Is PBX?

The first step to understanding how a PBX system could help your business is knowing what exactly PBX is. Basically, a PBX system is a professional phone service that you can personalize to the needs of your business. 

This is incredibly helpful for both customers and employees as it leads your customers to the direct department they need instead of having to talk to several people to get the information they wanted. This helps you provide your customers with quicker, better, and more effective communication experiences.

PBX systems have been used in business for many years now to make it easier for customers to communicate with your business. These systems provide a professional greeting, your business information, and give the extension numbers to contact your employees. Basically, PBX is the name of the system that you hear when you call a professional company and need direction to the correct department.

1. Customizable

One of the best things about a PBX phone system is all the ways you can customize it to fit your business. These customizations allow your answering machine and phone system to give your customer any basic information they might need as well as direct them to the proper representative for the problem they need to be solved. It also gives your customers a clear, simple way to get in contact with you.

These messages can be as simple as the times you are open and your location as those are some of the commonly asked questions when customers call. However, the system can inform your customers of anything you want it to before listing extensions. Once it gets to extensions you get to choose how many they are and exactly who those extensions will lead to.

Customizations in your phone service provide the voice you want customers to experience when they call your company. It can set the tone for the interaction and provides the customer with quick access to exactly the person they need to talk to. This is one of the reasons PBX is so popular in small businesses. 

2. Different Avenues

PBX has been around for quite a while, but it has managed to keep up with technology. There are many different ways that PBX can be customized to meet the communication standards you are most comfortable with. This is especially helpful for small business owners who might be answering customers all on their own.

If you are unavailable, PBX systems can record a message for you to listen to later. You can also receive the message as a text if that is a more comfortable way for you to communicate. PBX can even be used to send a fax if there is no other way to get certain documents or information from a customer to you.

All of these avenues of communication are open to make the communication experience as easy on you and the customer as possible. There are many people who do not feel comfortable talking on the phone or are unable to understand you on a phone call. PBX has made communicating and getting service more comfortable as well as accessible in a way a small business might otherwise be unable to afford.

3. Cost-Effective

One of the main reasons PBX services are used so widely in both small and large businesses is the price tag. There is not a single company in the world that does not want to save money in order to grow their business. Fortunately, PBX can help with that. It is a service that provides easy communication at a great cost to you.

This is accomplished by using different carriers to direct phone traffic to the cheapest avenues. All of your calls are split and managed so the carrier that charges the least in that area is used to send the call through. This is a brilliant way to use modern technology to help save money on business phone calls.

Using a hosted PBX system is also a great way for startups or small businesses to save money. These systems help cut up-front costs while also keeping on-going costs lower than they would usually be through a different system. That makes PBX a great service while also keeping it cost-effective for small businesses.

4. Professional Finish

A PBX call system is one of the best ways to add a professional finish to your small or growing business. It can be difficult to make your company seem put together when you are still trying to grow or trying to keep a small-town feel. That is why all of the features included with PBX are so useful for businesses.

These systems offer a professional greeting, all the information a customer might need, and easy routes to the person they need to talk to. This makes calls easy and professional for both your customer and you. It is only made better by the accessibility and different ways to communicate that are offered through the system. 


There are several different kinds of PBX systems so every business can find one that fits for their individual company. Overall, PBX provides the professional, accessible, user-friendly experience that you want your customers to experience when calling your business. It also is cost-effective and completely customizable so you can feel confident using your PBX system. 

You will notice that implementing a PBX system can be a game-changer for your business. It will save you time, money, and potentially tons of headaches. It will likely quickly become one of your favorite and worthy investments!


Sophia Rodreguaze


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