Hiring Development Team in Ukraine in 2023: What are the Pros and Cons?


Looking at the current conflict situation, what are the pros and cons of hiring development team in Ukraine.

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Updated: Dec 16, 2022

A team of individuals collaborating to produce software is known as a development team. It isn’t straightforward, creative work that requires agility as technical challenges occur and business objectives grow. A development team is a group of people who work together to create software, a product, and occasionally a service.

A development team in Ukraine is a business arrangement that calls for a client and an external dedicated development team to work together over the long term. The dedicated team’s specialists are picked based on the expertise or experience that the client requests.

Planning, testing, analysis, programming, and many other tasks are among the essential duties that development team members carry out during the project. It’s unlikely that every team member will possess every ability required to finish a task.

One of Eastern Europe’s software talent hotspots is thought to be Ukraine, and it has to do with Ukraine’s low demand for custom software development because it is costly. Although Ukraine continues to develop much more slowly than other countries, such as the USA, the level of service quality is still very high.

Pros of Hiring a Development Team in Ukraine

1. Programming Language

The Ukrainian IT skill pool for programming languages is continually growing. Right now, JavaScript is the most widely used programming language. To stay competitive, committed Ukrainian developers are immersed in learning cutting-edge programming languages. The three main coding languages are Python, Typescript, and Kotlin, which is why we’d like to include them. When discussing popular frameworks, it’s crucial to mention Node.js, React.js, and Agular.js. You should find a way to hire a dedicated development team because of this.

2. Knowledge

A dedicated software development team can boost your chances of receiving a high-quality solution that will satisfy your end users and generate a steady income stream.

The problem is that these experts have already created solutions of a similar nature. Therefore, they know the technologies, strategies, and functionality to provide. Additionally, when you hire a dedicated team Ukraine, they can add unique concepts to your product to make it stand out from the competition.

3. More scalability and adaptability

Another compelling argument for why a dedicated development team is the ideal choice for projects with shifting scopes is seamless adaptability. The team size can be changed to better suit your business requirements.

4. A favorable business climate

Ukrainian developers and IT outsourcing firms continue to work, pay taxes, and support the economy despite the ongoing conflict in their country. The IT outsourcing cluster is one of Ukraine’s most strategically critical developing sectors.

Given the government’s support for quick digitalization, the ease of the tax system, and the conducive business environment, Ukraine presents a welcoming business environment for potential Eastern European and Western investors. Hiring developers in Ukraine is more accessible because of this.

5. Cost-cutting edge

Hiring a dedicated development team will be less expensive than setting up and running an internal team. Salary, sick leave, holiday, and compensation payments are not required.

Leasing office space or investing in expensive technology and software is no longer required. The cost of hiring developers in Ukraine is relatively cheaper.

6. Efficient and straightforward taxing

The taxation of the IT industry in Ukraine has been made simpler. The single-tax and traditional employment types are available in Ukraine’s tax system, along with numerous VAT exemptions. For instance, in a typical single-tax model, IT companies hire IT, specialists, as independent contractors who only pay a monthly unified social tax and 5% of their salary.

Therefore, employing developers in Ukraine is a significant inducement for many businesses to explore partnerships. For IT professionals, simplified taxation and lower personal taxes create a desirable economic zone in Ukraine.

Cons of hiring a development team in Ukraine

1. Insufficient face-to-face communication

There is no room for in-person communication when working with a remote development team in a different location. You must therefore rely on chats and emails. Although they are quick and practical means of communication, there is always a chance of misunderstanding

2. Time zone differences and cultural distinctions

By identifying the overlapping times when the vendor and your team are available for communication, the time difference problem can be resolved.

Regarding the cultural differences, make sure that the development team in Ukraine working on your solution is culturally compatible with your business culture and the culture of your target audience before you begin working with an offshore software development company.


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