How Big Data is Transforming Web Development for the Better?

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Updated: May 21, 2020

Web development is undergoing a significant revolution.

Until now, web developers used to build applications on the basis of research and surveys. But this method became outdated ever since businesses started generating a large amount of data.

For example, it is now impossible to browse through millions of Google search results to find the best deal for hotel booking.

This is where Big Data steps in…

Big data has opened new doors for extracting useful insights and build data-driven apps using modern web development technologies.

Take ClearTrip for example. The company leverages the power of big data analysis to help consumers find the best travel deals across the Internet in a matter of seconds.

What is Big Data?

Big Data basically means a large volume of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data, which is impossible to process using traditional methods.

Today, more and more businesses are using big data in different ways to gain quality insights in order to serve their customers better, reduce costs, and so on.

Convergence of Big Data and Web Development

Majority of startups as well as enterprises are still not comfortable in using big data for their web app design and development.

But today, web development is no longer just about writing code based on surveys and predictions. It is more about curating insights through big data analysis to build dynamic, data-driven applications that never fails in engaging users.

Simply put, Big Data can help companies make strategic adjustments according to customers’ demand, which can maximize profits and minimize expenses.

In this article, we will discuss 4 major ways in which Big Data is transforming Web Development.

Impact of Big Data in Web Development

As stated earlier, the significance of big data does not lie in the volume of data collected but how a business utilizes the stored data.

Whether you’re building a software product or a web app, here’s how big data is impacting the future of web development.

 1 – Faster Development

In the old days, web developers used to design a webpage layout using their own creativity or guessing what the users would prefer. Today, that is not the case.

Web developers, nowadays, use advanced analytical tools to analyze large volumes of data that provide precise recommendations about specific functions or features that are popular among users.

In addition, the big data analysis also facilitates faster web development which can help you meet the ever-changing demands of users.

2 – Update Automation

Big data will soon bring a big change in which the updates will not have to be administered manually.

This is possible mainly due to the big data analysis tools and machine learning which will automatically compile data and make version upgradation when users demand.

As a result, web developers will no longer have to guess what would users like the most or what improvements they want to see next. Instead, Big Data will bring all these insights using data science and machine learning so that they can make their web app self-learning.

Simply put, through big data analysis, it will be possible to make web apps enhance themselves at regular intervals to meet the changing demands of its users.

3 – Cost Reduction

If your business involves manufacturing or stocking products, knowing when and how much stock is required can prevent waste and save a lot of money.

With Big Data Analysis, it is possible to make predictions as to how much amount of stock will be needed to fulfill the customers’ demand without wasting stock.

Pepsico, for example, does the exact same thing. Using Big Data Analysis, the company has minimized waste and reduced costs significantly.

Mike Riegling, the Customer Supply Chain Analyst at Pepsico, shared that through big data strategy, the company was able to predict which retailers need which products, the volume they needed, and the time they needed, saving Pepsico lots of money and wastage.

4 – Personalized User Experience

Big Data will help web developers to identify UX shortcomings and provide valuable insights for creating more interactive designs. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), developers can easily track users’ behavior, their likes, dislikes, and make appropriate modifications to better engage those users.

This will help companies customize the user experience in such a way that fulfills the specific needs of their users.

Take Netflix for example. The company uses big data analysis to understand their customers’ behavior and provides personalized suggestions on the basis of their viewing history. As a result, they’ve gained immensely high brand loyalty.


From the above examples, one thing is clear. – The possibilities with big data are endless.

The only thing that matters is how web development companies can leverage the power and possibilities of big data to help you create an innovative web application.


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