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by Asim
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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

With the rise in usage of smartphones and tablets in recent years, mobile app development is in a boom phase. More and more businesses are driving to provide this ability of mobility to customers and employees. Mobile apps have become a popular channel for users because they address their concerns and needs in real-time.

According to App Annie, the global gross revenue from the mobile market is predicted to exceed $101 billion by the year 2020. It is double of $51 billion, the mobile market revenue in 2016.

These numbers tell the story of mobile apps and the tremendous growth of the mobile market. Android and iOS are two leading mobile app development platforms and just like Android, iOS app development market, with over 2 million apps available in the App Store, is highly competitive and difficult to penetrate.

iPhones are the most popularly used iOS devices, and iPhone apps can really help companies gain bigger businesses opportunities and increase their revenue. Let’s see how the expert services of an iOS app development company can help you expand your business and take you closer to your business success and goals.

High-security standards

Data security is always a big concern of businesses, whether they are developing their iPhone app for customers or employees. When working with your iOS app development company you would definitely want them to address your data security concerns. Fortunately, iOS is known for its high-level of data security.

iOS offers businesses with robust apps that deliver security against external threats, viruses, hacking, malware, phishing, breaches and other vulnerabilities resulting from the internet. Nothing is more important than data security, no matter what level of flexibility any other mobile platform may provide. IOS takes care of data privacy, user identity and app data in the cloud for businesses, and it also provides highly secured protection against data encryption, data duplication and other threats on your app.   

Incredible user experience

Your iOS app development company would tell you, Apple has very specific user interface guidelines that every UI and UX designer is required to follow to get the App Store approval from Apple. These guidelines are drafted in a manner that they help you develop an app that delivers an enjoyable interface and amazing experience. However, ignoring these guidelines will not only harm your user experience but it will also get your app rejected from the App Store.  

By focusing on UI and UX designs, you can not only retain the existing customer base and boost the sales funnel, but you can also engage new business prospects. Hiring an experienced iOS app development company can result in perfect cohesion between hardware and software and development of your performance-driven iPhone app.

Easy and effective testing

Every year Apple usually releases one update of its existing operating system. With Android, you have to comprehensively test your app for different versions of the operating system, to make sure your app runs smoothly on all on them. However, that’s not the case with iOS, because Apple has a limited range of iOS devices as compared to Android. This means that your iOS app development company will only have to meet the constraints of the prevalent iOS version. Hence, you need lesser time to test your iPhone app and you can speed up the product marketing time.     

Low fragmentation

Developing an Android app takes more time than one would think, you are required to invest a lot of time to figure out whether your app works smoothly on different versions of the operating system or not. According to statistics, only 0.7 percent of Android users are actually using the latest version while the rest of them are still using versions that are at least three years old.

However, on the other hand, around 76 percent of iPhone users are using the latest version of the operating system. This shows that Apple has a more consolidated market as opposed to Android. With iOS app development you can achieve your business goals and reach out to a large user base. Moreover, another advantage of low fragmentation is the scalability, it enables your business to develop new features quickly and integrate them into your existing iPhone app.

Brilliant quality

You will need the help of your iOS app development company to get your app registered in the App Store. You will need to experience iPhone app developers who can develop your app according to Apple’s defined quality standards. Developing an outstanding business app with an amazing user experience not only supports the devices but also supports the app ecosystem.

Furthermore, developing your iPhone app with respect to the highest quality standards will help your business enrich its brand identity. Even tough iPhone app development can be a bit more expensive than Android, but these quality standards are what makes Apple the prime choice for your business’s mobile app development.   

Less development time

Development of an iPhone app takes 28 percent less time than an Android app, even if the same development parameters are being followed. The android app requires more time due to testing on a larger number of devices, versions and screen resolutions. This time is saved with iOS app development and this is one of the most important benefits of creating iPhone apps for business owners.

Reach to a larger market

Apple products are very popular around the world, especially in developed countries like US, UK, Australia, etc. If a larger proportion of your target audience is located in these regions, then your iPhone app can help you expand your business reach with the guaranteed success of your app.

With a reliable and experienced iOS app development company, you can also create enterprise scale applications designed to meet your custom business requirements. The right company can develop and deliver an iPhone app with higher flexibility and scalability, which allows advanced integration and helps your business stay relevant with the growing competition.

Tech-savvy target audience

Most often Apple users are more tech-savvy and open to innovations. This works as a motivation for businesses to build highly dynamic iOS apps with rich features that stir disruption in the market. Your iPhone app helps you offer your products or services to a high-tech target audience in a superior and innovative manner. Your iPhone app with a user-centered interface and better device environment also helps you achieve higher business productivity and profitability to drive business growth.  

Provide secured transactions

M-commerce is no more a new concept, it is becoming more common every day, which means there are many online shopping apps available in the App Store. When it comes to online shopping, the security of users’ financial information is very crucial. The top iOS app development companies around the world make sure to secure in-app purchases and app-based transactions when developing iPhone apps. The higher transaction security measures have made it possible for users’ to use apps that provide quick and secure money transfers from the company’s or customer’s registered bank account.


Now you hopefully have enough reasons to consider iOS app development over Android and a better understanding of how your iPhone app can directly impact your business expansion, growth, and success. iPhone app development can help your business get an app that’s developed with some of the best industry practices. Make sure you reach out to a sophisticated customer base and address their concerns and requirements in a pleasing manner with the help of a well-designed iPhone app, which also gives you access to user behavior data and information that helps you deliver better products and services to your prospects.




Co-founder and CTO of Tekrevol LLC, Asim has over a decade’s worth of hands-on experience in development and enterprise digitalization and is an expert in next-generation technology and software solutions. As a methodical leader with immaculate attention-to-detail, his vision is to make a real difference in people’s experience of technology, through cutting-edge innovations and progressive approach.

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