How NAKIVO Can Help SMBs to Protect Their Microsoft Office 365 Data

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Updated: Jun 09, 2021


The ability to quickly and efficiently recover your business’s critical data in the event of a disaster or breach is essential. Data stored on Microsoft 365 is no different, and taking an incremental backup of it has many advantages.

NAKIVO Backup and Replication is built specifically for the Microsoft suite to provide the ability to seamlessly backup your data and rapidly restore it to where it needs to be.

This article outlines the advantages of backing up Microsoft Office 365 data above and beyond the standard functionality in the Microsoft product. It also provides an overview of the NAKIVO solution.

Why backup Microsoft Office 365 data?

Although the Microsoft Office 365 suite comes with some backup capability, relying only on the built-in functionality comes with some risk. Some organizations will not be comfortable with having all their data protected by Microsoft since there is no native backup functionality, only a limited data retention policy. The difference is that while data retention policies are required to satisfy regulatory compliance to ensure data cannot be deleted until a set time, it is not backed up in another location.

A major advantage of specialized third-party backup products is the functionality of data restores. Being able to restore data uninterrupted onto users’ devices and into Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, OneDrive and SharePoint are vital for business continuity.

The ability to restore files from specific points in time is another important factor. This functionality assists with recovering file statuses and data from before a ransomware attack or a Microsoft outage. It also enables recovery if a user’s account is accidentally deleted or the emails of a departed employee need to be accessed.

NAKIVO Backup and Replication for Microsoft Office

NAKIVO’s backup and replication solution for data on Microsoft Office 365 satisfies all the business continuity, file recovery, and regulatory compliance requirements. Microsoft’s own built-in solution does not fully address these requirements.

The NAKIVO solution runs efficient backups by initially taking a large backup of all the organization’s data. To optimize efficiency, after this point, only incremental backups are taken of new data.

NAKIVO’s backup solution facilitates the recovery of entire user mailboxes, emails, site data, folders, and individual files. This recovery can either be to the item’s original location or a different one. If a user’s laptop is stolen, lost, or another reason why the original location is not desirable, the data can be restored to an alternative location.

The solution also enables businesses to create cloud-based backups of all their data from Microsoft 365. Rapid recovery is enabled by setting recovery points. Regular backups ensure that regulatory compliance and data protection laws are met in accordance with the company’s data protection policy. The functionality also ensures that backups are carried out out-of-hours or staggered to guard against network disruption while backups take place.


NAKIVO Backup and Replication for Microsoft Office 365 contains the following features.

  • Small and frequent backups: Data is backed up incrementally from across a company’s Microsoft Office 365 suite
  • Rapid recovery: In the event of theft, fault, or outage, documents and folders can be restored almost immediately to where they should be
  • Enhanced search capability: Full e-discovery across all Microsoft Office 365 data to satisfy regulatory compliance and internal audit requirements
  • Flexible licensing model: NAKIVO’s backup licenses are designed with scalability in mind to enable users to be created as required.
  • Full 24/7 support by live chat, phone, and email as required with all levels of license

Another major benefit of the NAKIVO solution above the standard features in Microsoft 365 is the user access controls it provides. Hackers and cybercriminals are the most high-profile threats to an organization’s security. But naive or disloyal employees can also cause significant damage if they have sensitive data.

This is particularly important for critical business financial data, product developments, intellectual property, HR files, and payroll data. By controlling which users can access backups and sharing responsibility for user access across IT teams, NAKIVO backup helps to guard against malicious intent from users within the company.


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