How Technology Hastens the Divorce Process

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Updated: Oct 05, 2020

We have used to think that the legal sector is conservative, and the many changes that occur in the world impact every sphere but not the legal industry. However, nowadays, the latter experiences a great digital transformation where tech advances promise to introduce automation into routine duties, commoditize simple services and empower legal experts and their clients to benefit from many innovative solutions. The current changes in the legal sector encourage lawyers, businesses, investors, and academics to focus their effort on searching for effective ways of using cutting edge digital tools to bring the legal services to the next level.

When we speak of the programs that are used by law firms to manage their legal practice, store documents, issue invoices, do the bookkeeping, perform e-discovery, etc. we refer to the legal technology. Also, this term is often used to determine the technology that is meant to reduce or even eliminate the need to hire an attorney, connect clients with legal counsels through various online marketplaces, and so forth.

Nowadays, the role of legaltech continues to grow by leaps and bounds, no matter the area of law. While some tools are designed to help legal service businesses win more clients, others are meant to help them enhance the quality of their services and reduce the time required for rendering a particular service. When it comes to family law, there are many legal tech websites that specialize in divorces. Usually, they focus on amicable cases and provide online tools that are meant to speed up the process while reducing legal costs significantly.

Traditional Procedure vs. Online Divorce

Once a divorcing couple has hired and paid for an attorney to help them interact with each other and settle their financial issues it is only just the beginning of a long process. Probably, these people will have to request for an unscheduled vacation to go to meetings and attend a court-house. It can take many years for them to come to an agreement, and before the one is reached, they will have to deal with lots of complications first.

Lucky for most divorcing couples, there is a great alternative to a traditional procedure and it is all about using digital tools. Rather than hiring a lawyer to prepare their Missouri divorce documents for them, people now can employ many legaltech services to get the necessary forms, fill out and even file them electronically. This is how many divorcing couples, which can come to an agreement without any legal support, can drastically simplify and speed up their divorce.

Nowadays, on the Web, there are lots of platforms trough which people can get ready for divorce and manage their financial issues. They can land a particular website, create an account, and buy the service. After they answer a series of questions, a system prepares their divorce packets and sends them to the clients.

There are also platforms with Al chatbots for those who need answers to their basic questions immediately. These chatbots are continually trained to be able to answer as many questions as possible and in a fast-track manner so that people can get minimal legal help for free and at no time. Also, there are many apps that are developed to help divorcing people collect information before they file for divorce online (

If something cannot be solved through chatbots or apps, people can contact a real lawyer through one of the many websites via email, video or phone call. However, this sort of service usually comes at an extra cost. Nevertheless, it is much cheaper to consult a lawyer through a website than hire one and meat him or her in person. One must understand that far not all cases can be settled digitally. In the cases, where marriage misconduct, domestic violence, and other complications take place, a court and a judge play an extremely important role.

When it comes to technology that speeds up a divorce process, then we also shouldn’t forget about social media that now serve as a great source of evidence. Messages, pictures, and comments, which can be easily and quickly found and retrieved from Facebook or any other similar platform, can prove adultery, abuse, etc. as well as disprove them. Given the said, digital innovations can greatly cut the time required for a divorce process to be completed. Today, unhappy couples can end their marital relations on paper much faster than they would do a few years ago, for obvious reasons.


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