How to Build an Effective Sales Funnel Using Clickfunnels

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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Nowadays more people are online than ever before! This also means that it’s a great time for businesses to target customers online and convert them to leads/sales.

By the end of 2020, eCommerce sales are expected to reach a whopping $4.2 trillion, more than triple the number that was recorded in 2014!

When you are marketing online, people may see online ads and the first thing that they are going to do is visit your website. Websites are more than just online placeholders for your business. They are very effective at converting leads or generating sales if used properly.

And this is where many businesses struggle. They don’t have a good landing page to attract visitors and entice them enough to make an action on the website.

What is a sales funnel?

Ever wonder why your website is not generating leads or making sales even when you have run ads to it. People from Facebook, Instagram, or google do visit your website, but no actions are happening.

Effective sales funnels generate 50% more bottom of the funnel leads at 33% lower cost. – Forrester

This is because your website doesn’t guide them towards making an action on the website. Yes, your website might have a ton of content and multimedia elements, but that doesn’t mean it makes a point to the user!

A sales funnel is a method used to guide a customer into making a purchase or performing an action like giving their contact details. The core objective of a sales funnel is to ensure the visitor doesn’t feel lost or confused when they are on a website.

There are different ways we can achieve this, we will discuss a few below.

  1. Intuitive design

The website visitor should not be overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the website design. Yes, it is a fine balance and it is hard to get it just right.

  • Easy to use layout

Often we overdo the website layout in order to make our website stand out. Unnecessary transitions or animations may work again the very thing that we want the website to do. Each section should be clearly defined and must have its purpose.

73% of consumers report feeling frustrated when your website offers content (ads, promotions, etc.) that has nothing to do with them – MarketingBlender.

  • Quality content

Content plays a great role in converting a visitor into a customer. Again, how you structure the content is very important. Too much of a salesy content can deter the visitor away. What we always recommend is precise content that helps the visitor understand the business and the product/service that you offer.

  • Actionable elements

When a visitor visits your website, you need to make sure that there are elements that they can interact with. With can be a lead form, a cart option, or a download button.

By melding these elements, you can create a solid sales funnel website.

How ClickFunnels helps

When you own a business, you may not have the time to invest in curating your webpage. Therefore it is best to leave for the pros. And this is where ClickFunnels come in.

ClickFunnels is a service that provides beautify created sales funnel for businesses. All you need to do is provide the right information about your business, and the page will be created for you.

With ClickFunnels you can create all types of websites like landing pages, membership sites, webinars, squeeze pages, etc.

The main idea behind ClickFunnels is to make the process of creating an online sales funnel page easy. You don’t have to build it yourself or hire a developer, nor do you have to set up any hosting or web development stuff.

With just a few clicks, you can get your page online.

Features of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels takes great pride in saying that they have simplified sales funneling through an all in one platform. When you look at the feature list of ClickFunnels, it is easy to see why. ClickFunnels comes with a lot of features that you would have to set up individually otherwise. We will go through some of them now.

Ready to go landing pages

This section needs no introduction. You already know that ClickFunnels can create landing pages fast. There are a lot of designs to choose from and you can add on your customized too. You can customize the page using a casual builder, making everything that much easier.


Forms are great at capturing leads on a website. When the visitor feels like they need to get in touch with the business, forms are the interactive element that they use.  A webpage with forms has more chances to land a lead than a page that don’t.

Order forms are another feature in ClickFunnels that will land you sales. Order forms help the visit place an order through the form.

Email marketing

You can send emails to your customers or leads through ClickFunnels. You don’t have to set up another email marketing platform. Again, this helps you to cut costs and save time. Also, email retargeting is a powerful marketing tool.

How to create your own Click funnel strategy!

Let’s get into the building a sales funnel plan with ClickFunnels. The platform comes with two price options. The base option costs $97 a month. You can go for the costlier $297 option if your page has more than 20,000 visitors a month. They also provide a 14-day trial to new customers. Grab your free ClickFunnels trial to test out the platform for yourself.

The next step is to create your page. You can choose your industry and specify what type of funnel you need to create. You will be given 4 options:

  • Generate Leads
  • Sell A Product
  • Create an Event
  • Other

Create your sales funnel page using the ClickFunnels page editor. Add your content and personalize your page with brand colors, images, and unique elements.

Once you have the page as per your requirements, you can make the website live. Since the backend functions are handled by ClickFunnels, you do need to spend your time with the server-side of things.

Is ClickFunnels the way to go?

ClickFunnel offers entrepreneurs and small businesses with powerful tools to get their business online in no time. However, you also need to understand that they also have their weak points, mainly two! One is that ClickFunnels support is not always the best, and the two, people may not be happy with their pricing strategy.

This is why you should use the 14 days trial to see if it’s for you. If you like it, join the list of over 125,000 active members who have made their business online with ClickFunnels!


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