How to Do a Background Check on Someone?

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Updated: Jun 01, 2021

A lot of people rely on official agencies to perform a background check on someone. However, this process is a bit lengthy and takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes, it takes more than a week or two.

Luckily, there’s another solution to perform a background check within a few minutes. The best part is that you won’t even need to contact any agency or go through any legal process to search people online. All you need is an online platform that will do the work for you.

In this article, we will discuss the easiest way to check someone’s history without letting them know. Also, we will review the most popular platform to provide this service online.

You will learn about:

  • How Online Background Check Services Work?
  • CocoFinder
  • How to Use CocoFinder to Perform Background Checks
  • What Is Included in a Background Check?

So, let’s start and cover each of these topics one by one.

How Online Background Check Services Work?

Online background check services are offered by public information platforms. These platforms have a large database of public information that helps in getting all the criminal records of a person. Therefore, you need to use a public information finder to access this tool.

This service works by matching your query with the information stored in its database and presenting the relevant information with a report. The process is similar to a search engine. However, it does not require you to check different links as you can easily read its report to find the information you were looking for. 

Some online platforms gather this information from police records while others use third-party credible sources to find this information.  

We love CocoFinder because it provides the most credible information for all the search queries. Here are a few things about this platform. 


CocoFinder’s platform provides information about a person, phone number, address, or email with a single click. It is the most convenient option to access any type of public information online. The platform offers this information through different tools.

The application has a large database that provides all the information within a few seconds. The most surprising thing is the fact that you don’t need an account on this website to use its advanced tools. Every single tool can be accessed by a first-time visitor without leaving any track of their presence on the website.

It has millions of returning users who trust CocoFinder with all the similar tasks. Therefore, you can use its tools and find any information you want.

Note: Background Check is one of the most popular features offered by this platform. With this tool, you can find someone’s past activities with a single search.

How to Use CocoFinder to Perform a Background Check?

Performing a background check with CocoFinder is easier than you think. All you need is to visit its website and use the Background Check option from its homepage. It will ask you to enter the first name & last name of the person.

Enter the name and city where the person lives. Verify the details and hit the search button to submit your query. According to the pending line, it will generate a report within a few minutes. Once the report is generated, click on the search results and you will find complete details of that person.

The report includes police arrests, criminal records, tickets, court trials, education history, and contact details of the person. Also, you can find out more details by extending the report generated by this platform.

Please know that the website takes this data from multiple sources. Thus, it is better to cross-check it with several search results. 

What Is Included in a Background Check?

A background check is an in-depth report of someone’s past activities. Here is everything that you can find in this report:

Criminal Records

The first section includes the criminal records of a person. It has all the activities including sex offends that a person has committed in his/her life. Also, you can find the complete details of these incidents with the help of the police arrest records.

This information is available for hiring agencies to make sure the candidate has a clean background.

Court Trials

If the person has any pending cases, you can check the court trials of such incidents. It includes complete reports that cover how the case was handled and the reason behind it. Thus, it can be an important part of the report. 

Civil Records

If you are looking for the civil records of an individual, this section of the report will help you out. Here, you check all the activities carried through legal procedure. It includes divorce, bankruptcy, and other activities that require proper investigation from legal authorities. 

Please check the privacy policy to know the right use of this data.

Education History

In a background check report, you can check someone’s educational history along with the public documents. In the hiring process, this section is the most important factor for every candidate. It includes every document from the primary school to the college graduation of an individual.

Tip: Perform a background check with your name and find out whether all the information is correct or not. It can help you when you apply for a job.

Employment History

The last section of the part includes the employment history of a person. Here, you can check the details of all the companies where that person has worked. It is used when you need to find the references from the old job of a candidate. 

Similarly, you can perform a background check on your profile and verify the information available there. If there is incorrect information, you can ask to remove it from the online server.

Final Words

The advanced way of performing a background check is much more reliable than the traditional one. CocoFinder offers background check services without even creating an account on its website. Thus, you can do this check on anyone whenever you want.

The platform has a web-based solution, accessible from all the web browsers. Also, the security of the platform ensures your privacy.


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