How to Do Dialogue in an Essay

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Updated: Sep 03, 2020

An essay is an interesting example of academic writing. It has so many sides and can feature a lot of topics. When students get a task to write an essay they face challenges sometimes. Essay writing isn’t about bringing the information to the reader. It is also a dialogue. This is what makes an essay sound more alive. But the true thing is that many writers are afraid of using dialogues in the texts. They either don’t know the rules and punctuation or have little experience with dialogues in the essays. Time to correct the situation. You can either turn to DoMyEssay or learn how to do dialogue in an essay on your own. 

What Is a Dialogue and How to Use It in an Essay

In short, the dialogue is a conversation between two people. This is a common way to depict communication between people not only in the essays. Dialogues are highly used in books, plays, and movies. Dialogues aim to create a more intense atmosphere and add volume to the text. From the first sight, there mustn’t be any problem. But writers happen to confuse dialogue with a direct quote. For this reason, you need to learn when it is appropriate to use dialogue in the text. 

First and foremost, you need to remember that a dialogue aims to give more weight and drama to your words. It serves just fine in books and movies. But when we talk about essays, a dialogue can appear only in a narrative essay. This type of academic writing is perfect for featuring dialogues. In an argumentative or expository essay, for example, you need to claim something to someone. If you insert a dialogue here it would look awkward and contradict the rules. In a narrative, you tell the story and communicate with the reader. Therefore, conversation in the form of dialogue will fit just fine in the text. 

If you decide to insert a dialogue in an expository essay it won’t do any good for your paper. It neither strengthens the arguments, not prove your professional approach. In these cases, it is better to use direct quotations. They will make your text sound credible and trustworthy, and the reader will treat the information as a scientific one. 

Reasons to Use a Dialogue in an Essay

We have already figured out that dialogue is perfect for a narrative essay. But what are the reasons to use dialogues? In most cases, it comes naturally. If the story needs to feature a conversation between two people, the writer needs to insert a dialogue. With the help of dialogue, the story becomes deeper and develops more tension between the characters. It is also a great accelerator to the turn of events. Readers like dialogues in narratives. They convey the emotion of the event and help better understand the mood of the characters. Thus, don’t be afraid to use dialogues in the narratives. They will surely add flavor to your stories and make them more captivating. 

How to Format Dialogue in a Text

Formatting dialogue can be a real struggle. If you know little about it, read carefully the following paragraphs. There are some basic rules that you need to use when working with dialogue. If you violate them the reader will still grasp the main idea of the conversation. But if you want to be a professional writer you have to minimize mistakes in your texts. 

  1. If a character says something you need to convey the exact words with the help of quotation marks: “Come here!” asked her little brother. You need to follow the same punctuation pattern with the questions, as well. 
  2. When the speaker changes you need to begin his line with a new paragraph. Otherwise, the reader can be confused with an abundance of lines. 
  3. Try to always make it clear who is talking now. You can write the name of the character or use pronouns. 
  4. Be careful with punctuation marks. Each dialogue quote has its own punctuation while the whole sentence has its own punctuation, too. When the quote has no question or exclamation, in the end, you need to put a comma before the second quotation mark. 

Essay writing isn’t a complex task if you know the rules. The same is with the dialogue. If you know where to insert it and how to format the lines, you won’t find it difficult. But what if you don’t want to learn all the rules? If you don’t want to risk your grades it is better to ask for professional help. DoMyEssay is a perfect choice for you. This is a credible online service that helps students with academic writing tasks. If you don’t have time to learn the rules DoMyEssay will do the work for you. The company deals with students’ assignments on a professional level. You shouldn’t worry about the quality of the papers. It is always the best. Therefore, if you are reluctant to format a dialogue on your own or need expert help, make sure to turn to DoMyEssay service. Writers will help you format the conversation and naturally insert it into the essay. 


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