How to Drive Traffic To Your Online Store

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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

With the current pandemic going around, e-commerce websites have become somewhat in demand as more and more consumers are relying on online shopping. Competition has never been so fierce, and in order to survive in the online business market, well-thought-out ideas need to be strategized and marketed through the right kind of portals that’ll reach innumerable customers.

The main point is to plan, plan, and plan. Planning out how your site will help your customers, what product or service will you provide them, and why they should choose your product or service above others should be on your list when opening an online store.

If you are a beginner and opening an online store or probably already have one, and you are desperately in need of customers, here are some ideas of what you can do to attract them. In addition, you need to do your homework thoroughly about the market you want to enter and know more about the tips and tricks that you can use to boost your website.

  1. Linkup with friends & relatives

Connect with your friends and let them know about your new online venture. Persuade them in purchasing, reviewing, and promoting your products to their friends and relatives and also encourage giving out discounts, if possible. Word-of-mouth has been and still is the cheapest and effective strategy when it comes to marketing your product.

  • Use Sales & Promotion campaigns

This is an attractive way to catch the shoppers’ eyes. Usually, when customers see the sale sign, it means they may get a good bargain for the products they want to purchase. This strategy is essential for new ventures as customers want to try out the product they are getting at a lesser price. If they are satisfied with it, then you’ll have retained a loyal customer or otherwise an angry one with a negative review. So make sure the product or service you want to sell is of good quality rather than focusing on quantity.

You can also use BOGO (buy one, get one) to increase the chances of sales and for stock clearances.

Another tactic is to use a “time limit” strategy. This creates an urgency to get the products at a discounted rate, or for instance, free shipping,  for a limited time.

  • Use Social Media portals

Social media is all the rage these days and a number of online entrepreneurs started their journey from there.

Facebook, being the number one online business portal, has seen the outcome of a number of successful businesses thriving online. Create a page and display your product or service, adding your website URL for customers to check out prices and to order purchases. Facebook Live also provides the opportunity to display your products and have a rapport with your customers live online. This strategy is effective to drive traffic straight to your online store. In addition, if you have a new product or shipment coming up, you can display them on the Facebook stories to let the customers know what to expect.

Instagram is another social media outlet you can use to showcase your products or services by providing the images of your products and the URL through which they can reach out to purchase at your online store. Just like Facebook, Instagram also carries a story option where you can display your latest or upcoming products.

Another way of marketing your products is through email. Gather emails of your old customers and send it to your friends, colleagues, relatives and ask them to forward it to their known acquaintances.

  • Develop intriguing ADs & SEO

Advertisements play a huge role in the sales of your products or services. Place ads at various social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google Ads, etc. Before that, you have to make sure that your ads are short, creative, and full of essential information that you want to convey to your customers. Avoid long ads, more likely people will just scroll down or skip it.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is where you can make sure your website comes up on top of the list when people search for a particular product. You can ensure this by framing specific keywords related to your products and services, that you know the customers may use, and give you an edge and draw traffic to your online portal.

  • Provide Feedback scope

Provide the opportunity for the customers to leave reviews of your products or services. This will let you know about the quality of your merchandise and how you can improve it if it requires improvisation. At this stage, you need to be accepting of not only the appreciation but also of the criticisms, and provide polite replies to their queries. Customer service at this point needs to be taken care of sensitively.

You can also provide your customers with a short survey about the quality of your product or service and ask for ideas to improve and how to better attract more customers.

  • Start Networking

Connect with influentials from all over the nation as well as worldwide. Go to conventions and try to connect with other business entrepreneurs and get tips on how to direct more traffic to your website. Celebrities and personalities can also attract customers if they vouch for your product. It is usually their words that make the customer feel at ease and relatable and make them want to try out the product too.

It is a long process of trying to attract customers, but all that is needed is careful planning and implementation. Opening up your own business is not a piece of cake when you have to think about suppliers, the quality of your products (if you manufacture them), the amount of budget required, web designing your online store, etc. It’s tedious and requires an immense amount of time, especially when attracting customers.

Every customer is different and there are a number of ways to approach each of them. From using the above ideas, you can be sure to direct traffic straight to your online store. All that is required is time, patience, and lots of planning.


Sophia Rodreguaze


Sophia is the contributing editor at She writes about anything and everything related to technology.

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