How to solve the Signal strength issue?

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Updated: Feb 09, 2021

Ever since technology has taken a boon, it has become very difficult or some may also say that it has become almost impossible to imagine a life without this technology. The introduction of the internet to the world has changed a gazillion things since 1983.

Talking about the internet, we all know that network is the base of all this. In today’s world when network has become a necessity, it creates problems in the daily routine when it doesn’t work as desired.

You all must have noticed that there are plenty of signal strength issues; almost everybody faces daily. But is there any method with the help of which we can get rid of this lower signal strength issue?

If you said no, then you are wrong. As here we will have a look at the most efficient method for locating a cell tower that is easy to use and reliable too.

How to solve the Signal strength issue?

As we have already discussed, there are several ways to get rid of your lower signal strength issue, but here we will be looking at one of the easiest to use and reliable methods that will never go wrong, which is by locating the cell tower.

If you can locate a cell tower around your house, this will help you a lot. This means you can directly get in touch with that particular cell tower service provider who is around your home.

Hence you will never face any lower signal strength issue.

But the real question is how can we find the nearby cell tower? If this question is also revolving around your mind, do check the coming section, as there we will be having a look at 7 tips to locate a cell tower easily.

7 Tips to locate a cell tower easily:

Although there are several cell tower locator applications in the market, while making the selection, you need to look at various factors with the help of which you can make the right choice of application for you.

Let us have a look at some of those factors:

  1. The first factor to have a look at is if that particular application is built for your region or not. It is noticed that such application developers create an app based on a specific location only.
  2. The next factor to keep in mind is have a look at the reviews of the application, with the help of which you can know how that application works and if it’s reliable or not.
  3. You should check out the features and figure out if they support the carrier service providers which you want to get in touch with.
  4. You can even check out if the application is offering you the exact information or not. For doing so you can check the reviews that will help you know about any type of bugs in the app.
  • The next method, with the help of which you can check out your cell tower’s nearby location, is by getting in touch with a high-quality cell tower locating a website. With the help of such websites, you can directly select the location or the service provider, with the help of which you can get a cell tower location map.
  • You can directly ask a friend about the nearby or best cell phone service provider; they will surely help you a lot in providing the right information.
  • The next method with the help of which you can find the nearby cell phone tower location is by directly calling the cell phone tower service provider.
  • You can move out of your place, and whenever you visit a new place around your home, you can check it on your phone. If the signal strength is higher, then that service provider will surely have a cell tower nearby.
  • In most Android compass apps, you are provided with additional information about the signal strength and nearby cell towers.
  • Get in touch with an expert; you can contact someone who is selling and offering cell phone number services; they can surely help you with that.

Additional Methods to Enhance Your Cell Tower Signal:

There are a number of ways using which you can enhance the signal strength of your cell phone network, in case if you are also facing some drastic lowering in the signal strength frequently then do follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You can take help from a signal booster, there are a number of products known as signal boosters who help in enhancing the signal strength. Along with that there are plenty of signal boosting applications too.
  • Directly contact with your service provider, they will surely help you in this case. They would be able to let you know about the signal strength, nearby towers and many more such things. Also, in case there are problems with specifically your device or signal strength, they will analyze the problem and help you to solve that too.
  • Try to downgrade your network during an emergency. You must have noticed that mostly we use LTE networks nowadays, in case if you are not getting proper LTS network then you should downgrade your network strength to 3G or 2G network for a better signal strength.
  • In case your sim card supports higher network range like 4G and your phone settings are set such that they support  only lower network settings, make sure that it is not the case. Set your phone sim card settings according to the required network range.
  • If you are having a cell phone with more than one sim slots then try changing the sim from one place to another. In this way you would be able to refresh the connectivity and it can help you in enhancing the signal strength.

This was all about some additional methods with the help of which you can enhance your cell tower signal.


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