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Class 9 is a very important stage in a student’s life as it forms the basis of everything taught in future classes. It is the foundation of higher education and hence students should not take class 9 for granted. In order to understand the basic concepts of classes 10th, 11th, and 12th one should clear its class 9th fundamentals. Class 9 also helps in cracking competitive exams like NTSE and Olympiads as most of the questions are based on class 9 concepts. Students usually find class 9 difficult because of its advanced and huge syllabus but students can pass CBSE class 9 with flying colors if they understand all the concepts well.

For CBSE class 9 preparation students don’t need to take coaching. CBSE class 9 preparation can be done by studying from NCERT only. Students can also study from reference books for subjects like maths and science. These subjects may require extra help for getting a deep understanding of concepts and for doing more practice.

There are 5 main subjects in class 9- maths, science, social science, English and languages. Students find the three main subjects, maths, science, and social science the most difficult to score. English and languages mainly are scoring. Subject-wise strategies that can help in scoring well in exams are given below.

1.  Maths – The best way to study maths in class 9 is to study from NCERT textbooks. NCERT books are the best for CBSE syllabus and contain the right amount of knowledge a student should get. The main chapters in CBSE class 9 are algebra, geometry, basic arithmetic, and mensuration, and probability. These chapters are the most scoring and should be prepared well. Algebra is a subject that is easy for many students as it is based on algebraic identities only but can be a little tricky if all the algebraic identities are not memorized well. Students can find chapters like mensuration, statistics, and probability a little tough than others. Students should practice questions from these chapters to score well in the CBSE class 9 exam. Students should also practice Class 9 RS Aggarwal Solutions to clear any doubts and to practice more variety of questions. Practicing from reference books like RS Aggarwal and RD Sharma can help them in scoring well in exams. Students should also practice examples given in NCERT before starting the exercise to get an idea of questions asked in exercises. Learning all the formulas and theorems is also important.

2. Science – For science subjects, students should understand each and every concept from the NCERT textbook. Class 9 science is divided into 3 sections, physics, chemistry, and biology. Students should focus on physics, chemistry, and biology equally. Students should make their own notes from NCERT or from any reference books to understand the chapter well. Some tips to prepare well in all the sub-subject of science are given below-

a) Physics

·        Students should focus on all the concepts. All the topics are interconnected in some way, so if students try to skip any they will not be able to understand further concepts.

·        Students should avoid memorizing topics and should understand them by regularly writing and practicing.

·        Learning and understanding formulas is also important. Students should write and learn all the formulas with their variables and SI units. SI units are very important in physics, writing the wrong SI units can cost you 1 mark alone.

·        Students should focus more on chapters like laws of motion, gravitation, and work, power, and energy.

b) Chemistry

·        Students find chemistry quite easy. Learning all the definitions, valencies and chemical reactions can help you score well in class 9 science exam.

·        Chemical formulas can be learned by practicing them regularly. Balancing should be done right to not lose any marks in questions containing chemical reactions.

·        Solving as many numerical questions as possible from the Mole Concept chapter is necessary as the chapter can be understood only by doing numerical questions. Students should remember all the theories related to atoms.

·        Chapters like atoms and molecules, and the structure of atoms are important in class 9 chemistry.

c) Biology

·        Students should learn all the topics well and should practice diagrams as much as possible. Diagrams can enhance an answer’s visibility and can explain it in more detail.

·        In class 9 biology, application-based questions are expected from topics like diffusion and osmosis.

·        Students should try to remember the scientific name of organisms.

·        Important chapters in class 9 biology are tissues and diversity in living organisms.

3. Social Science – The class 9 social science syllabus is divided into 4 sections- history, civics, geography and economics. All the subjects are important and should be prepared well. Some tips to prepare well in all the sub-subject of science are given below-

a) History – Students usually find history boring and lengthy. To learn it in an interesting way students can take help from images and videos available online.

History involves a lot of memorizing stuff. To memorize all the important events, dates and names students should learn them by writing and making a timeline of important events. Some important chapters are the French revolution, the Russian revolution, and the rise of Nazism.

b) Geography – Maps are really important in geography. Students should practice marking locations exactly on maps till they memorize them well. Making self notes from NCERT or any other reference books can help students understand the topic well. Important chapters in class 9 geography are Physical features of India, and natural vegetation and wildlife.

c) Civics – Students should civics by making short notes and flashcards of important definitions and terms. Writing major events in chronological order can help students learn topics more easily. Making a timeline would also help students to remember important events. Important chapters in class 9 civics are democracy in the contemporary world, and constitutional design.d)     Economics- From class 9, students are taught the importance of economics in their daily lives. Students usually find this subject easier as compared to others because in class 9 economics basics are taught. Students are advised to read each and every chapter carefully from NCERT to score well in economics. Some of the important chapters of economics are the story of village Palampur, and people as resources.


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