How To Use Python Scripts To Improve Your SEO

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Updated: Nov 01, 2021

There is a proven way to increase profitability in any business and be one step ahead of the competition. The idea is to learn how to do more in the same amount of time. Marketers can call automation with Python scripts a trend, but boosting SEO programming is a necessity.

Advantages of SEO Automation

The question is more about what exactly to automate and what tools to use for it. Automating tasks and processes provide many undeniable benefits:

  1. Speeding up your work. The most obvious point, and it is. The amount of work that the same semantics clustered will do in 2-3 hours.
  2. Increased profitability of the business. Reducing the cost of person-hours for a particular task allows you to earn more for providing such a service.
  3. Elimination of typical mistakes. Especially relevant when it comes to the human factor.
  4. Reducing routine in your work. No one likes to spend hours doing the same thing.
  5. Reduced operational workload. If the processes are carried out in automatic or semi-automatic mode, you don’t need to run a chain of task approvals between a dozen people each time.
  6. Control is facilitated. Reporting, analytical summaries — all this is at hand and allows you to analyze the situation quickly.

And now, let’s talk more about what can and should be automated in search engine promotion. More advantages you can look here.

Tasks For Automation in SEO

Marketers will appreciate these opportunities. It will help learn the target audience, boost conversion rates and attract more customers from Google. Most of the work on search engine optimization is in collecting, processing, and interpreting certain information. And in the area related to data, it is usually possible to automate most of the work without any problems.

Collection and Processing of the Semantic Core

If the project is planned large, and the subject is wide — manually, it can take a long time. But in addition to obtaining a list of requests, they still need to be properly filtered, sifting out the unnecessary and clustered into groups. You can also get backlinks automatically.

Only after that, in the final step, you should additionally go through the list manually. In this way, you will make sure that there are no errors. Tools you can use:

  • SEO script for collecting semantics;
  • analysis of the visibility of competitors;
  • keyword clustering;
  • key.

Use different ways for link building.

Technical Audit

All efforts to promote the project are not without eliminating technical errors (at least the most critical ones). Therefore, a technical audit conducts for each site. It is important to ensure that all quality requirements are met. Previously, for such purposes, we used desktop programs. But, recently, there has also been a development of Python for SEO scripts. 

Analysis of Competitors

One of the most important stages of work allows you to obtain important information and create the site and its further improvement. It is always better to conclude other people’s successes than to learn from your own mistakes. Such parameters analyze other people’s sites as visibility in search, specific structure, link profile, keywords, landing pages, etc. Collecting most of the necessary information can be easily automated online using Python scripts.

Project Management

Managing multiple projects and storing information in Google Docs is common practice. But when there are many projects, chaos ensues. It is necessary to move to a centralized project management system to assign roles to users, connect clients, etc. Any universal CRM will do. But on the market, some options were originally for the needs of SEO agencies. Python best complements the necessary functionality for SEO. 

Monitoring the Condition of the Site

Even if you fix all the bugs found during the audit, it does not guarantee that the problems will not appear in the future. After all, almost any modern website is a complex technical system. It can fail in the process of generating garbage pages, incorrect server codes, etc. It happens that even meta tags are lost during the next plugin update. Therefore, any site should be constantly monitored. It is better to use a Python script. It is also necessary to monitor the state of the site in search, for example, changes in positions, the dynamics of which can also signal possible problems.

Reporting to Clients

Quite an unobvious point and many pros overlook it. In this way, it seems that it takes an hour or two to prepare a report, and there are no problems. Now project this on dozens of projects across the company, and imagine the loss of time. This time is better spent on more productive tasks. Special Python SEO scripts allow you to generate SEO and contextual advertising reports with a single click. It is enough to make the settings once.

Possible Risks and How to Avoid Them

Automation also has its disadvantages. It would be better to call them risks:

  1. The cost of tools. Individual scripts cost hundreds of dollars. Add here other services and software, and it becomes clear that not everyone can afford it. In that case, we recommend testing more affordable alternatives.
  2. Incorrect interpretation of information. Some tools can give you a huge amount of information. To interpret them correctly, you need to have some experience and knowledge.
  3. Ignoring manual analytics. Automation will not replace analytical reasoning and decision-making. It is rather a successful supplement, so you need to combine it competently with manual analysis.

In Conclusion

There is a fairly simple criterion for defining a task that you can automate: it does not require a strictly individual approach and is repetitive from project to project. Working in these areas most often takes a lot of time. But there are already enough tools to optimize it. And the time resources that you can free up, as a result, can be devoted to experimentation and training. It is a much more useful activity.


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