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Updated: Jan 08, 2022

The Science Olympiad Foundation hosted the “IMO,” a well-known Mathematics Olympiad with two phases. Logic and mathematical questions make up the first level. Pure mathematics is the second level. The second level is not held for classes 1 and 2. Only 5% of students go to the next level.


Section – 1 :

• Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Section – 2 :

• Knowing our Numbers

• Whole Numbers

• Playing with Numbers

• Basic Geometrical Ideas

• Understanding Elementary Shapes

• Integers

• Fractions

• Decimals

• Data Handling

• Mensuration

• Algebra

• Ratio and Proportion

• Symmetry

• Practical Geometry.

Section – 3 The questions in this section will be based on Mathematical Reasoning and the syllabus will remain the same as in Section – 2.

Section – 4 This section will include Higher Order Thinking Questions based on the syllabus as per Section – 2.

How to register

·    Foundation for the Science Olympiad students also can apply as individual participants through the SOF official website.

·    IMO registration is processed through the registered schools, but students can even apply as individual participants through the SOF official website.

·    When it involves school registration, school coordinators/authorities must ensure that each registered student’s form is distributed to the SOF office by the IMO registration deadline.

·    The SOF IMO registration for 2021 is only eligible to kids in grades 1 through 12.

·    The Science Olympiad Foundation hosts a number of prominent Olympiads, including the International Mathematics Olympiad.

·    To enroll for SOF IMO, each student must pay a cost of INR 125.

·    Students can either enroll through their school or as solo candidates for the SOF IMO exam.

·    Every year, the Science Olympiad Foundation publishes the dates for the International Mathematics Olympiad on their website.

·    On the official SOF website, students may see all of the exam dates.

·    Students can register for the SOF IMO Olympiad exam through their school. Every registered school will receive a prospectus with the registration form for the SOF IMO Olympiad exam.

The steps for completing the IMO application form at the school are outlined below.

1.  Students must give the school coordinator the essential information and registration payments.

2.  The combined form will be filled out by the school coordinator for all of the children.

3.  The school coordinator will send the completed form to the SOF Foundation, along with the joint registration cost.

The steps for submitting an Individual registration application to the IMO are outlined below.

1.  Go to the official SOF website.

2.  On the SOF website’s home page, students can see “Online Registration for Schools and Students.”

3. “Read more” can be found by clicking on the link. The student will be directed to the registration page.

4.  On the registration page, candidates can see school registration, student registration, and school registration forms.

5.  Click on “Student Registration,” which will take you to the individual registration form.

6.  In the individual registration form, fill in the school and student information.

7.  Please reread your application form before submitting it.

Information required to be filled in the SOF IMO application form for the student is,

1.  Student name

2.  Gender

3.  Class and section

4.  Student mobile number

5.  Student email id

·    Except for kids whose parents were martyred during defense operations or students with any serious physical disability, each participant must pay INR 125 (including 18 percent GST) for the examination cost for schools in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal.

·    In addition, each student will be charged INR 25 for honorarium in charge, teacher remuneration, and guidance using SOF-supplied study materials, as well as other charges.

·    Students will be charged $9 for registration and an additional $2 as an honor and recompense to teachers who will teach and lead them through the SOF IMO procedure in international schools.

How to prepare

·    70% of the syllabus from the prior session is covered in the first level exam.

·    You should practice using IMO previous year papers.

·    IMO Class 6 2014 Question Paper is a great resource. 

·    Examine the syllabus to determine and locate the resources you’ll need to learn about the various IMO subjects.

·    Prepare your study materials ahead of time. Don’t waste time looking for study resources at the last minute.

·    The IMO level questions are conceptual, in the sense that they do not need direct knowledge of concepts, but rather a grasp of how concepts are used.

·    You also need to know how to apply the concepts, which you can do by going through the Achievers Section, which has questions based on the advanced-level application of principles.

·    You should be familiar with the concept and pattern, and you should practice Mathematical Olympiad sample problems based on the precise pattern of the level 1 IMO question papers from the previous year.

·    Comprehending Olympiad Success, understanding concepts, strengthening concepts in your mind, and understanding advanced level concepts in application to increase your skills and quality-based application-based problems and extensive explanations.

·    All of these improvement plans, adaptive tests, and advanced applications may be done in a smart way using concept-based applications.

·    Make a schedule and stick to it. Practice with a variety of questions. Work on the areas where you’re lacking. If you don’t want to overwork yourself, start planning ahead of time.

·    In any industry, including IMO, success does not happen overnight. It necessitates a great deal of effort and perseverance. Do not give up if you do not see success right away. Continue to put in the effort. The outcomes would soon improve.

·    Mathematics is what you should focus on. Only by working hard and covering every area of the subject will you be able to grasp the principles. It installs confidence and improves one’s ability to solve problems.

·    Your talents will be improved to a greater level as a result of your competition with yourself. So, challenge yourself regularly.

·    Don’t waste your time by being distracted by other things; instead, study with full concentration and attention.

·    It’s critical to understand where you stand and where you want to go, so keep track of your progress.

·    The mind must be calm, composed, and relaxed in order to tackle hard mathematical problems.

·    Do not give up before the exam. Before the exam, have a good night’s sleep.


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